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One of the best movie in recent times...

Author: Dhruv Patel from New York, New York
10 November 2008

Although story line is bit old. It brings the value of feel good cinema. One might think otherwise, but It was very well told story. It is a simple story of a girl falling in love with a guy, and it was going amazing but one little incident turns everything around. and no there wasn't anything like objections from parents about the marriage or bad guys trying to blackmail. A sudden death.

Amazing music, at times it seemed like there are too many songs. But overall amazing story, music, Production, cinematography, and above all, Sonu Sood and Eesha Koppikar acted so well, never thought I would ever get to see them in these kind of roles. OUtstanding movie, and amazing performances from other actors as well.

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Good family drama

Author: dsptlfriends from United States
12 November 2008

Simply good family drama, which is now rare to see.

Some things can never change. And never will! One may have a very modern outlook towards life, but most of us continue to be very traditional at heart. Every Rajshri film is rich in emotions and mirrors the traditions and culture with utmost simplicity and understanding. EK VIVAAH... AISA BHI is no exception! The present-day adaptation of Rajshri's own classic TAPASYAR, starting Rakhee, Parikshit Sahni, EK VIVAAH... AISA BHI is a simple story of sacrifice that aims at pulling your heart strings. Every Rajshri film works for two reasons -- the storyline and strong emotions -- and EK VIVAAH... AISA BHI follows the tradition well.

I would recommend it.

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Good film, even in this modern age

Author: S20WAR from United Kingdom
5 January 2009

I have read the positive and negative comments made about this movie and some majority are too extreme.

I agree the film does have flaws especially in the beginning and the age factor where both leading leading actors don't seem to have aged a single bit although 12 years have elapsed.

I also read comments regarding the story being stolen from past hit movies such as Tapasya made in the 1970's. A film I probably wouldn't watch because it is too old, and thank the director for making an updated version of it.

I would say this generation of people engrossed in this materialistic world need a break from reality and witness the type of sacrifices are made in this movie by Chandni and Prem. Although in reality it might not happen, notice I didn't say never, by viewing it on the screen it gave me hope that there could still be people in this world who care about others more than themselves.

I watched this movie for what it is, not looking for realism, but to feel good about humanity. People always complaining about films not being real but also write good reviews about Batman, Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk.

Please watch the movie for what it is, a feel good factor, and you will not be disappointed.


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Great Movie

Author: ag ga from India
20 December 2008

EK VIVAAH AISA BHI : It is really a Magnum Opus This movie is really a heart touching movie and answer to all those film makes who are trying to derogate the Indian culture. I really want to salute the whole team of the movie for their excellent work and it is a gift for all those who are on the verse of obviating their value systems. The star casts have done great job and justified their roles. Sonu Sood and Eesha Koppikher were excellent in the role. I am surprised to see the role that specially Eesha had played. " Where were you Eesha yet now?" You are really a great actress. Beside this I want to thank the audio team for giving such a marvellous music. I have seen this movie 15 times in 10 days and again planning to see it soon and each time I am exploring the new and unique experience. And the music, that I can't count, how many time I have enjoyed. Speciality of this movie is that it is for all genre of people. It is really a MAGNUM OPUS. When I saw the movie first time, I found it best movie of the 2008. But after watching the movie some more time and enjoying its music, now I can say that it is the best movie I have ever seen in life. Arya Gaurav (MBA)

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi- Marvelous Romance /Family Saga

Author: zakali4u from United Kingdom
25 August 2009

This movie was superb from beginning to end. It is a masterpiece a true gem for all lovers and those who appreciate the acting and the suttle touches which enhance the scene.

The actors I have seen before but never noticed or should I say have never done themselves justice. Isha K looked stunning and her role was marvellous, she looked and played her part exceptionally. Sonu s was brilliant as the handsome, sincere lover who is just waiting for the one he loves.

What a beautiful story... Marriage in Asian families is how you show someone you have committed to them and you will be sincere and devoted to them. Unfortunately they were unable to get married when they wanted but their love stood through the test of time.

I loved the simplicity of the movie and the slight touches. When Isha k decides they cannot get married, he understands it all and is not annoyed and then asks "give me the right to wait". These moments are bliss and just touch you as thats how love should be unconditional and patient.

Although this can be a tear jerker it is a movie that lovers would appeciate forever. The songs, the poetry for this particular film are superbly selected and have done justice.

I wish the production just paid allot more for advertisement or released this on valentines day. It would been a commercial hit.

This would be my favourite film but it is pipped by Hum Saath Saath Hain another Rajshiri production due to the cast namely Karisma Kapoor.

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Amazing movie!

Author: anytimeyael
26 October 2013

I have seen the film about 50 times by now. I'm not a follower of either of the lead actors just so you know that I'm not being bias here.

Here we have a film which is a musical love story which has clearly gone unnoticed by the opinion leaders. Over the internet, the film has been given negative reviews, something that it doesn't deserve.

We see stupid film with more stupid concepts these days but here we have a film which describes pure love without the need of unnecessary steamy scenes between the leads.

The songs and the ghazals are so heart-touching, at least for me. I'm that one person who didn't cry at the climax scene of Kal Ho Na Ho. Yes, I'm that cold-hearted. But Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi changed my perception.

A film like this cannot be understood by just one look. The more you watch this film, the more it draws yourself closer to itself.

The film is obviously not for the busy lot. Watch it if you like sitting back, enjoying the comfort of patience. This film is not for everybody.

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Another Rajshri Wedding...But It's Actually Not That Bad!

Author: Chrysanthepop from Fraggle Rock
4 April 2009

Rajshri films gets some Kaushik Ghatak to direct 'Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi'. From the title, it sounds like a sequel to their previous film 'Vivah' but 'Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi' is a tad more enjoyable. It's pretty much got the usual Rajshri formula of extended families, weddings, engagements etc The things I liked about this one are: A strong female lead. Isha Koppikar's Chandni is no spoilt retard like Sanjana (Cowreena Kapoor in 'Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon') neither a pushover weakling cow like Poonam (Amrita Rao in 'Vivah') nor an idiot like Nisha (Madhuri Dixit in 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun'). Here Chandni is a sophisticated independent woman, who teaches music in order to provide for her siblings. However, at the same time she is also portrayed as the typical Indian woman who sacrifices all for her loved ones (another trait of the Rajshri heroine). I didn't think Koppikar would manage to pull off playing the traditional Indian woman (having been disappointed by her performance in 'Darling') but she does quite a brilliant job here and she looks luminous.

The story mainly focuses on a sister's sacrifice and that was quite refreshing, even though it was treated in a 'filmy' way. The romantic track between Sonu Sood and Isha Koppikar and the interaction with their friends (except for the annoying clichéd Punjabi friend who happens to be called Happy Singh, surprised?) were quite enjoyable to watch. In addition, I thought the songs flowed well with the movie.

The streets weren't crispy clean. You actually see dirt and mud on the road which is something new for Rajshri.

The downside: -The lead actor is called 'Prem' (I'm beginning to despise that name). Moreover he is the typical (sorry for using this word again but you'll see more of it) Rajshri loverboy though Sonu Sood does turn in a decent performance.

-The usual Rajshri treatment of the stories and characters such as the demonization of the sister-in-law (which is usually the way modern characters are portrayed in their films).

-The typical wedding and engagement ceremonies. Though this one has something weird. The new bride washes everyone's feet (?).

-Alok Nath. He plays the same annoying Rajshri fatherly figure and I felt like beating the crap out of him.

-Yes, there are many more. Just think of all you don't like about Rajshri films instead of me having to list it here.

I'm not a a big fan of Rajshri films but I loved 'Hum Saath Saath Hai' mostly for its charm, the chemistry between the actors, the visualization of the songs etc. I didn't mind watching 'Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi'. I prefer it to the likes of 'Vivah' and 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun'.

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Worth watching !

Author: RAHUL DATTA ( from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
7 November 2008

Just came back after watching this movie at a local multiplex and must say , this movie is so refreshingly different in all respects. There were just about 20-25 people in the 170 seater auditorium for the 11pm show in a Dubai multiplex.

It's a film which is so unlike our times . You may not find such people in your neighborhood or in your friends circle as they are so much rooted in Indian culture and tradition.

The performances are first rate . It is Isha Koppikar's best performance of her career so far. She looks gorgeous through the movie. Sonu Sood is fine , though I feel he could have been much better. Music is seeped in Indian classical / folk music and 2 songs deserve a special mention " Jhirmil Megha barse" and 'Mujhme Zinda Hai Woh" .

The situations in the second half of the movie will bring tears in your eyes. Such is the power of any Rajshri production that without making the scenes overtly dramatic , they are capable of making anyone's eyes moist.

Cinematography could have been much better . In this day and age the look of the film is important and in this department this film certainly scores very less. Dialogues are apt and powerful. Go, watch this movie if you want a slice of Indian culture and want to peep into the lives of noble , morally upright and virtuous people.

Highly Recommended !

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The film seems to exist in a world far away from the one many of us occupy

Author: sumanbarthakursmailbox from India
19 December 2009

There's only one reason I can think of for you to watch Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi, and that is Isha Koppikar. I've always felt she's got leading lady charisma and she's a competent actress too, but few films have exploited that. In Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi, she's cast as a dutiful elder sister who puts her own marriage and singing career on hold so she can raise her two younger siblings when their father passes away suddenly. Cast opposite her is Sonu Sood, who plays her patient and good-as-gold boyfriend who stands by her through these trying times and never once complains in the 12 years that he waits to be married to her. This plot is peppered with what must be more than 50 songs, very few of which you're likely to hum even moments after you've finished seeing the film. Produced by who else but the Rajshri banner that seems to have more or less cracked the formula of making successful small-town marriage dramas, Simplistic and sincere, the film's bursting at the seams with old-fashioned plotpoints and characters. Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi seems to exist in a world far away from the one many of us occupy. It's idealistic and uncomplicated in its plot, its characters are all good or at best misunderstood, and in the end everyone goes home happy and without any complaints. Does a world like that still exist? You can't be blamed for asking that question considering Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi is a faithful remake of the 1976 film Tapasya starring Raakhee and Parikshit Sahni that the Rajshri banner itself produced. But, do the same values hold true 32 years later? That's the question. Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi is not so much a bad film as it is a film that's filled with too many impracticalities given the times it's made in. Would the heroine really need to scrape and scrounge to make ends meet when she's got a well-off boyfriend who's only happy to help? Would she really be left with no option but to put her marriage on hold for 12 years so she can stay home to raise and tutor her siblings? Has no one heard of boarding schools? You see, my problem with Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi is that it's a film that wants its audience to celebrate the heroine's nobility and sacrifice. My argument is she didn't need to make that ridiculous sacrifice -- she could've just been practical! Watch it if you must for Isha Koppikar's confident performance, she's in very good form even though the film isn't.

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Too Predictable, Not Something New!

Author: creedreaper from United States
18 January 2009

Sonu Sood is a good actor but this Movie was very weak, all actors spoke for 2-3 minutes and a 10 minute song over and over throughout the movie. Ishika did well too, although she's not the best but she did quite good. And the Music was Soooo Weak, only usage of tabla and no other instrument. Shaan and Shreya were the only damn singers, it felt as if they were the actors. Lyrics were utter crap! This movie would've been taken to a whole new level but it failed miserably. Storyline was so predictable, nothing new to watch! This story has happened a million times in real life and seen it many times in late old classic movies. I just yawned through it!

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