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Season 1

2 Apr. 2008
Pebble Beach Motor Sports
The girls head out to Pebble Beach's annual Concourse de Elegance, a spot where the stars and the rich and the famous get their multi-million dollar exotic cars. Then the girls head to Willow Springs Raceway, the fastest track in the west for the Lotus Driving Experience with professional race car drivers. Featuring VH1 Star from "Rock of Love" Heather Chadwell, George Barris, creator of the "Batmobile" and scenes of Jay Leno as he auctions off cars for charity. Hosted by Celeste Thorson.
Apr. 2008
Dogfights over the Pacific
The girls head off for a daring aviation dog-fight in Russian Fighter trainers over the Pacific Ocean and we find out why those "doggie" bags are under the cockpit seat. Featuring AVP professional volleyball star and 'hottie' Suzanne Stonebarger. Hosted by Celeste Thorson.
May 2008
San Diego
The girls go to the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii and the vineyards of Temecula California for some horseback riding. Then they visit Trapeze High, home to stunt men and circus trainers. Hosted by Celeste Thorson.
May 2008
The girls travel to San Diego for lifestyle and adventure as they meet up with a luxury car club and head out for a ride in Lamborghinis and their favorite sports cars. Then they are off for to Mexico for mixed martial arts training with the men from "Cage of Fire". Hosted by Celeste Thorson.
Jun. 2008
From horse back riding in Hawaii, the girls discover the power of fast cars, and power boats that have more than 1000 horsepower, The girls head off to Pebble Beach to scout a sports car and meet car collector and owner of the legendary $4.0 million designed custom P4 Ferrari with car collector and Hollywood movie man Jim Glickenhaus. We meet model and professional race car drive Ashley Van Dyke. Guest Star Jordana does a super cool shoot with the Spyker Car for Euro Tuner Magazine. Lauren does an incredible exciting photo shoot with a Mig Jet Trainer and 200 mile an ...
Jun. 2008
Beverly Hills
Features top models, Lauren, Celeste and Jordana doing fabulous photo shoots in multi million dollar rare sports cars for Makes and Models Magazine as they share with us what it takes to not only look good for magazine shoots but tackle adventure around the world. Hosted by Celeste Thorson.
14 Jul. 2008
West Coast
The girls highlight all of their adventures from martial arts with "Cage of Fire", horseback riding and wine tasting in Temecula, then they head up to Big Bear for some snowboarding at the super cool Block Hotel. Then they head back down to San Diego for some underground fun with San Diego's illest band "Higher Minds". Featuring Maxim "babe" Tara Rice. Hosted by Celeste Thorson.
16 Sep. 2008
Meet Margot Christine
A 'behind the scenes' tour to discover what it takes to be a part of the Destination X team. We take a look at the many auditions where thousands of beauties have been turned away for a spot on Destination X. We travel to Hawaii and shoot on the beaches of Hawaii for 'Makes and Models' Magazine, and take part in some para-sailing and jet skiing.
30 Sep. 2008
The best adventures in California are highlighted by the girls as they show the best spots and activities that California has to offer, from Grand Prix Racing, motor sports drifting, racing experiences at the fastest race track in the 'west", to snowboarding, surfing and a stop for a photo shoot with a $1.8 million Bugatti Veyron sports car in Beverly Hills, shows us that California has it all for adventure seekers.
14 Oct. 2008
SW Superbowl
Goes to the NFL Super Bowl parties and meets up with Carmen Elektra, Filmmaker Michael Bay, Hollywood box office "A-lister" John Travolta, MTV Stars, Girls from "Deal of No Deal" and many more. Alycia heads off for adventure.
Nov. 2008
Celeste's Drifting Dream
Meet up with Celeste Thorson, Star of Destination X , and top Asian American Model as she highlights her favorite new adventure: Formula Drift and D1 Drifting, the newest motor sports craze that inspired Hollywood movies. Hang on for the ride as she slides down the track to prove you don't need an emergency to pull the e-brake.
9 Dec. 2008
Albatros Jets
Meet Maxim Model and babe Tara Rice as she hits it up snowboarding, takes us race car driving at Vegas' hottest new race track, and heads off with Celeste Thorson for some acrobatic flying in a L-39 Albatros Fighter Training Jet, the Czech version of a MIG!
10 Jun. 2009
Best of Destination X
The Best of Destination X: Go behind the scenes in the making of Destination X TV, cast, auditions, crew, and getting it all put together as we explore every adventure from jumping out of planes, diving with sharks, to learning how to take out the bad guys in a Mig fighter jet.

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