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Fails in every level, God can't even save this
ThatGuyGus16 July 2011
I don't even know where to began.

Every time when I'm watching a movie or a show on TV, I don't really give a damn about the acting, I don't care how good it is, or how bad it is, I just want to be entertained, but the Acting in "The rose of Guadalupe" is the the worst acting I ever seen, I seen drama clubs perform better, Its like every Character shifts from a happy over lighted character, to an over reacting whiner, People don't talk like that, period.

Secondly, my parents & aunts notice that I watch to many horror films, Horror films that aren't main stream, but I can escape from, such as Martyrs, The Descent, Inside Rec, Audition, Etc, & every time my family tells me something like "Man, your wrong in the head, stop watching to much of that crap because you'll go crazy, instead watch something beautiful the rose of Guadalupe" & thats when I go off, I tell them Watching The Rose of Guadalupe is like Watching an Abortion, Blood does not make a bad movie, TERRIBLE writing does. Just because a story has a "& they lived happily ever after" ending, that does NOT Make it a good film or TV show, because thats totally unrealistic, & thats what this show does, even when this show has problems, like kidnapping someone, or killing someone, or even getting into fights, its totally unrealistic, especially how the characters talk, they are way to cocky, way to enthusiastic, way too fake, NO ONE in the world is as happy as the characters hear, or as stupid.

I am Catholic, I go to church, I read the bible, I did my first communion, I will always believe in the virgin Marry, BUT, I don't believe shes the clown that is shown in this program. There is no such thing as fairy tales, & thats what they do in this program, everything shown in this program is FAKE, not the situations but the way its acted, the way its going, its all fake, this is something kids should see because it fails in every level, it acts like a program for kids. In reality, YOU gotta do things on your own, if your daughter gets kidnapped, praying wont get her back, its good to pray to have hope to keep you going, but you need to do everything you can, on YOUR own, help yourself, because no one will magically bring her back to you.

Also, its very pathetic how they try to imitate modern situations, such as Homosexuals, online Chatting, kidnapping, pregnancy, even schools, & they try to do it there own way. I remember seeing an episode called "El Secreto" about a gay who was "Gay" & at the end, he has sex with a girl, & he "Magically" became straight.....Okay, whoever said Being gay was a choice is WRONG, being gay just means your attracted to the same sex, thats it, it never changes the same person you were before, even if that kid was gay & he slept with a girl, that does NOT magically turn him straight, he wouldn't even like it, because its not in his nature, thats who he is. Also, when they have online chats, they try to make it seem like FaceBook, like they check in on it, every 5 minutes, & act like they don't got a life, especially teens, as a teen myself, that is not how people "chat" especially online. Also, when they do the kidnappings, the kidnappers kidnap the victim right in the middle of the street, where its opened to everyone watching...Like WOW. Also, I saw this episode, where a girls best friend slept with her best friends dad, & she got pregnant, 2 days later, & her belly look like she was about 8 months pregnant, AND the girl still had her friends with her....That is NOT how it works, when a girl becomes pregnant, all her friends hate her because they think shes a Slu+. & The bad guys shown in here are just bad guys, like they were Born bad guys & they rough in jail, it never shows them having any sympathy or remorse, they just aren't important characters in this show.

Overrall, Religion is a big deal, & in this show, they just use it to give incorrect hope to viewers, & its Sick that people are actually buying it, this is just Justin Bieber for adults, quite possibly the worst show ever made, next to Glee, I hate how unreal & pathetic everything shown in here is.

Also whats with the rose? It never explains its origin, just that it comes from the virgin marry, & then its gone after the problems are solved. Is it suppose to be a good luck charm, because if it is, why doesn't Japan get one?
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Pretentious, boring and overall awful.
Kaiser Naito6 February 2009
Disclaimer: I am a Roman Catholic, and a faithful one. But that doesn't stop me from hating this "show".

I am (in)fortunate enough to watch this series many times thanks to the fact it's at lunchtime where I live at. And oh good lord, where do we start? Well, acting: Dull, overacted, really stiff and annoying at best. Acting here comes in two flavours: Either overreacted to the point it feels overly feigned (and annoying also), or really stiff, almost woodlike. The acting would make any cheap amateurish Elementary School drama play look like the Lord of the Rings. Nominating these kind of acting to the Razzies (since I don't know which is the award to the worst of the worst TV series) would be a disgrace to the Razzies awards itself.

Thematic: All of the episodes are too repetitive and formulaic: Problem A happens, it goes rock bottom, a white rose appears sent by the Virgin of Guadalupe, and the problem is solved by magic, everybody lives happily ever after. Wait, does that ever happens in real life? As far as I know, the Virgin (and the saints in the Catholic traditions) plead to God for the miracles to happen. But leaving the religious themes aside, the whole "Virgin ex Machina" theme is just annoying, since it gives people the false hope of leaving it all to the Virgin to solve their problems. A really lazy, and downright stupid, solution. There's an old saying, stating "Help yourself so I can help you", which is the real way on how do miracles work. Seconds, the series is promoted as "stories of love and redemption." Lies, there's neither love nor redemption on those stories; while the stories try to entangle with the emotions of the viewer, the horrible acting, weak scripting and downright dumbed down characters don't help at all. Third, the writers didn't do any research regarding some of the thematics, which is grating and offensive, considering several episodes took on fashion trends (like the emo subculture, for example) and made them look downright offensive; Another one I can think is one of a teen aged girl who got pregnant and then she got dumped by her boyfriend, and suddenly wants to try abortion before her parents realize she is pregnant, but sorry, at a certain phase of pregnancy you just can't do that if you don't want to end jailed. And there are more examples, but the whole wrongs done by this program make me too lazy to list them all.

Music: Corny and melodramatic, usual in any soap opera. But here's the only salvageable point: the ending, a beautiful version of "La Guadalupana" pointing you out that you just lost a valuable hour of your life trying to figure out what did you just saw. At least that ending actually points out something good about the series.

And oh joy... let's go for the dialogues! Completely unreal and stupidly idealistic.

Overall, this TV show sucks. Avoid it like a plague.
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So bad it's good
Zapruder31320 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
To all the negative reviewers, you are absolutely right. But on another level, you'll *never* see anything like this on prime time US TV. It's just so over-wrought, hyper-emotional, and goofy-religious that most American WASP viewers would just run away screaming. It's like a broadcast from another planet. Whatever your religious proclivities, here's a cultural artifact that is worth watching for its own sake. You'll get a dose of folk-religion mixed with bad novella drama, and, in my estimation, that's a rare and wondrous thing. Enjoy this for what it is. Is it post-modernist art, or just the worst TV show ever made? Only you can decide. And yes, I am a true believer in La Virgin. Whether you see her cultural significance as a holdover from previous goddess religions or a much needed female version of a patriarchal male God, she's not going away. The spooky moving clouds and faces of everyday Mexican people in the beginning credits say it all: She's been a part of the Mexican heart and soul since 1531, and she still is.
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As Emotionally Manipulative As It Gets
Venus-2511 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This anthology series could be called the religious version of MUJER, CASOS EN LA VIDA REAL; the situations and stock characters are about the same. Each episode features an emotional and/or dangerous situation whose protagonist prays to the Virgen de Guadalupe for a miracle. Which is always granted at the end.

Overly simplistic; these stories are resolved in an hour and designed to play on the emotions. A recent one concerning a pregnant teenager featured the voice of the fetus begging her to not have an abortion as she visits questionable clinics while trying not to tell her parents. Of course the story ends with her telling her parents and having the baby.

The episode airing as I am typing features a young woman who was never loved by her father because her mother died in childbirth. Grossly mistreated by her father, stepmother, and half-siblings, she attempts to take her own life only to be saved by a sweet young man... and afterwards discovering that her father needs a liver transplant. Despite his abuse of her she donates part of hers, to the selfish relief of the stepmother and the fear of the loving nanny, the one person who loved this girl since birth. She finally gains the love of her father while suffering the aftereffects of the surgery. All stories close with a close-up of the white rose as it vanishes into a puff of smoke during the final prayer.

Many of Televisa's second-string actors and minor players take on these extremely melodramatic stories in between novelas and they do the best they can with them. I guess they have to pay their dues somehow.
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Fantastic Way to Build Up Your Spanish and Have Fun
abelincolnparty23 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
None of this dragging from one soap opera story increment to the next, everything and the kitchen sink is throw into one episode.

I saw only one show, the "its so bad its good" claim is true. But it is complete classic telenovela fun.

Spoiler: If the following episode I saw is typical then it is the most fun way to extend your Spanish studies (set your TV for captions).

Boy A meets girl B but this girl is his English teacher, sparks fly, but Nancy (a mousey, studious hot chick) who loves boy A is not amused.

Son of Girl B does not like it either, and tries to break A and his mom B up. Deeply religious mom of boy A wants it broken up also and pray to the Rose of Guadalupe. Meanwhile some parents are looking for their child stolen from them at 5 years of age.

End up stolen child is "son" of teacher, but they are lovers and his little sister is his daughter. Son reunited with his true parents, teacher gets busted by the police, and the mousey girl nancy get her ideal love boy A.
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Virgin Mary's Rose
cheetah_lover_life2 October 2010
To tell you the truth, this show basically does suck. Okay, I'm a Catholic, and I truly believe in God and the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. But the drama plots are technically dumb. The actors/actresses (especially the teens) suck at acting. They laugh mechanically, like without feeling. If they're "insulting" another character in the drama, their "insults" aren't very insulting. They seem too stiff and the teens in the dramas are the ones who especially seem to be way stiff. I find myself criticizing the drama shows all the time or find myself laughing at the horrible acting. I tried watching it a few times, but it comes on at 10 pm where I live, and I just fall asleep instead of watching the show because I know I would end up rolling my eyes.
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Cute idea with horrible acting and cheesy plots
J-Sosa9 August 2013
The show follows the typical formula of other Mexican dramas such as ''Mujer Casos De La Vida Real'', ''Como Dice el Dicho'', and others. Like those dramas mentioned, ''La Rosa De Guadalupe'' usually does not feature or focus on one cast throughout the series, it also does not follow any formula of continuity instead they feature a new cast and setting every episode. Each episode aims to tell a different short story each time, that aims to teach emotional life lessons, which are usually resolved through someone praying to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The show seems to be aimed at children and teens, since most of the problems revolve around the problems of stereotypical teenagers, and sometimes children. Common problems such as bullying, teen pregnancy, alcohol abuse, gun violence, etc. Others seem to focus on more domestic issues that some how have effects on children and teens, such as a mother being abused by her alcoholic father, abusive parents, etc.

The premise of the show itself is fine, but it's lack of focus on plot, it's bad scripting (filled with butchered Spanish, Mexican slang, and English-isms), and horribly bad acting kill the show for me. The show has many sub plots within itself that are sometimes filled with complete plot holes (never fully explaining what the life lesson was for the episode for example, other than the Virgin's fairy dust randomly appearing and fixing everything). Or another case, never fully explaining what happened to a character or what happened in the plot to fully cause the problem. The acting is over exaggerated at times, as well as some of the story lines themselves, even for the theme that it's trying to preach. I've caught myself asking at times, who seriously acts like this in real life or who says this kind of stuff, yes it even fails at making common issues seem unrealistic and even stupid at times.

The bad acting and the bad writing and the bad plot make this show a disaster along with the other factor I've mentioned. I only give it a 2 because hey it's at least better than some of the other garbage that's on TV these days. Since La Rosa targets a younger audience, it uses more upbeat rock music and pop music that appeals to Mexican children and teens, instead of orchestras or ballads like Novelas. The music itself however, just sounds like random stock music that was composed on a cheap budget. If anything they could at least get a better music producer or use actual bands.

So if you like cheesy plots, with horrible scripting, and terrible actors, mixed with a cutesy religious theme then this show is for you. There is a rip-off version of this on Telemundo as well, which is much better FYI.
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rplacenc11 January 2018
Bad acting, bad plot. Don't watch this serie please. It's an insult.
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The best show ever made
mendozabeto15 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This show is the best show I've ever seen,i can't thank the people who made this beautiful show about LA VIRGEN DE GUDALUPE,even though it shows the bad things in this world it shows that someone will always be on our side helping.This show is like the shows Mari mar,Maria la del barrio,María Mercedes because those tele novelas were the best at the time they aired with great actors and plots,everything got lined like everything flowed,everything made sense.Even though they never aired any more tele novelas like that which Thalia starred in those were the best,but now the greatest show on television is La Rosa De Guadalupe and hope fully this programs never ends and I ask of all the people who have the time to read this to watch this show and to rate it here because I wouldn't want this show o end and thanks if you rated this show
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Prominent, Popular, Cross-Generational Programing
jessicabazan4 August 2016
There is only one other review on here that gave a very popular TV show a 1 star rating, compelling me to write this review:

This is a classically melodramatic (as are most novelas and Spanish language series) series that follows the novela plot set up.

It is targeted towards traditional Spanish dominant, Catholic Mexicans and is a foreign made show. Currently in its 9th season, it has achieved extreme popularity in this demographic by combining a faith based program with modern moral issues and providing a moral solution in the end.

Obviously, we all know the miracles are fake and the stories are fake; it's a scripted TV show... It's a light hearted family program that facilitates conversations about sex, drugs, internet dangers, etc. between parents and children.

It is so popular that it is aired on various network and airs currently on the most popular Spanish TV network (Univision) 3 times a day. Its prominence has sparked a number of memes and pop culture references among Latin@ millennials today.
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Overrated and just plain stupid
bigg346922 May 2016
La Rosa de Guadalupe,at first I thought that it was about the testimony of the miracles of The Virgen de Guadalupe the Patron saint of Mexico, but it's nothing but a overrated idiotic soap opera that doesn't make sense at all! A lot of the plots are poorly written and doesn't make any sense at all. Drama Queen bawling their heads off in pure ape**** hysterics,plot lines that have huge holes that you could drive a truck through really bad acting by the cast members of this show. And a whole lot of plots that are ripped off for the worst novelas that were ever produced. Like I don't know if the Catholic Church in Mexico approved or appreciate this shameful exhibition of using the beloved patron saint of Mexico and Latin America as part of a hokey piece of garbage that they try to pass as entertainment. The only miracle that I hope if that they cancel this piece of garbage that they pass as entertainment!
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One of the worst shows ever,with some average episodes
cerasmo118 September 2014
Wow,just...where to start with this show?

First of all,the acting is terribly unnatural,seriously,what kind of normal person acts like the characters in the show?.The plot is heavily clichéd,and its supposed to represent real life problems,though this are usually solved via Deus ex Machina,which is NOT how real life works,They want to teach people lessons,then at least show realistic portrayals of the situation.Also some of the episodes are offensive,like those featuring otakus,emos,gay people,etc are so full of stupid stereotypes that the message is gone.There are some episodes with good Aesops and heartwarming moments,but most of them are ruined by the horrible acting.

While I am not a Christian myself,I don't see the point of the virgin being there other than to make miracles at the end of each episode.This is supposed to be a religious show,yet it fails to appeal even to its target audience.

So,basically,this is one of the most clichéd,offensive,and boring shows out there,with some episodes with good intentions,but absolutely terrible execution.Just don't waste your time with this show.
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kacevedo-19 March 2009
This show is just great. If only they'd actually air it. I never know when its going to be on TV. Its all you want in a soap opera with plenty of drama and love and morals, actual Morals. This is one of the few times that I have actually enjoyed and been satisfied with the behavior of a main character on a soap opera. I love it and that magical rose is such an adorable basis for a plot narrative. It definitely stokes the reverence for the virgin that Hispanics have. The message of this show is I guess that the virgin always listens when your intentions are pure, and when times get tough. For the sad and unemployed, this show is just what the doctor ordered.
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Changed my life- must watch if u want to go to heven
Yeezus Kumamoto8 May 2017
Wow. Our lord Jesus and his mamá Guadalupe truly are alive and whale.i cry all episodes, and watch with my girl friend Bernicia Jones. Truly inspire, and give me hope in live. Especially episodes, there with girl that looks like cabbage patch kid, she truly amazing acter. Please keep making this episodes to allow me to enjoy world. Thank you Jesus for making this show and allow for watch. Amen
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Wonderful though other episodes could be better
whiteling_digiwinx12 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In my personal opinion, it's actually a good show that tries to teach the whole family morals and it greatly shows many themes that are actually happening in life. Although I do sincerely wish it had more Aesop tropes for EVERYONE = as in the spiteful sibling (or the occasional idiot friend) gets a much stricter punishment or that the hard-hearted learn their lesson the hard way.

Okay, I 'll acknowledge that some of the episodes are too obvious or has too many loose ends, but that doesn't mean there aren't some episodes with good twists or great prospects. I too sincerely hope they bring out the DVDs soon.
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*SPOILER* Sweet family show with good morals and a religious themes.
smogkills3 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show. It reminds me a great deal of 'Mujer Casos en la Vida Real'. It is a family type show that I don't mind watching when my children are present. Most novelas aren't like that and it is nice to not be so worried about this one. I love that the faith the characters have in God and Guadalupe get them through their hard situations.


Last night's episode was a sweet one where a woman's mother died and she had to take her mentally retarded brother home to live with her. She had a husband and two sons. The oldest son did not like his uncle and called him bad names. The mentally retarded uncle prayed that the Virgen would help him find a job and he was finally able to get one. He used the money from his new job to help the older son go to a school he wanted to attend and mended their relationship. Very sweet!


I really hope they start to release these on DVD in the states soon!!
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Can It Get Worse Than This!?
Deniz11 March 2017
I have to say that this has got to be the worst acting I have seen, right next to Telenovelas. The stories portray things that can and have actually happened in real life but definitely not worth your time. It's not necessarily entertaining or educational. Episodes are about "miracles" that occur thanks to Guadalupe (the Mexican version of the virgin Mary).
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