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I do have to agree, this is better than Ben 10
TheLittleSongbird17 August 2010
Not that Ben 10 was a bad show, because it isn't, as a matter of fact it is actually pretty decent even if some of the stories and characters were lacking at times. The thing is Ben 10: Alien Force is more mature and somewhat cleverer too.

The animation I think is more detailed this time around. The character designs are eye-popping and pretty unique. The music is also an improvement, it is funkier and more memorable, the theme song in Ben 10 was good but it is the sort of theme song you love or hate, this one was more to my taste. The writing is strong, the story lines are more complex and surprisingly clever and I agree that the characters are much more mature here, especially Ben who is more likable than he was in Ben 10. The villains are also more interesting and the voice acting is very well done and dare I say more consistent.

Overall, an improvement and a solid show overall. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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An Awesome Show!!!
TheDarkGift16 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
first of all, id like 2 say that this is an awesome show! Ben, Gwen, and Kevin have grown maturely. having grandpa max die was bad, but was part of the characters growing up and Ben becoming a better leader.

the animation is way better,the old show's seemed 2 bright and 2 happy-go-lucky. the new show gives an eerie feel 2 it.

Ben's aliens are better and more worth watching. there aren't useless ones like wildvine and wildmutt.

Gwen's abilities are better. she can manipulate energy directly as opposed to spells, which really held her back if she couldn't remember them.

Kevin's powers are awesome also. it's also showing a development in character with him turning good.

the characters also don't just travel the world and danger pops up. the danger either finds the characters, they create it, or they locate it and try to stop it.

all in all, Ben 10 alien force is an incredible show and well worth watching. it's clearly the best show on carton network. and, by the show's ratings, i think others agree with me.
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Better Than The Original
Megatronika21 October 2008
Ben 10:Alien Force premiered a few weeks ago here in Australia and I'm really enjoying it. As a fan of Ben 10 from the beginning, I think it's a natural progression in the story. Unlike say Rugrats All Grown Up, for example, that simply made the characters older for the sake of it.

They wrote ten-year-olds rather accurately (and I would know,I have a brother that age). But now that the characters are my age I can relate to them and they're more interesting. Plus they are all drawn rather attractively. They can do things with the characters that they couldn't do before, such as the relationship between Gwen and Kevin (I especially love Ben's disapproval of it all). Plus they're on their own now, making their own decisions without Grampa Max helping them out.

I miss the old aliens, all of them had such interesting and unique designs. My favorites being Ghostfreak, Heatblast and XLR8 (don't you just love how they sound like they were named by a little boy?). Although I do like Big Chill, the rest of the aliens are unimpressive. But I think this new series is driven much more by plot than by the look of the creatures. Which reflects how Ben probably feels about having an Omnitrix at this stage. He's grown accustomed to it, the novelty of playing superhero has worn off and now he has responsibilities.

I hope this show runs for a long time yet, I hear there's even a live-action movie in the works.
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Surprisingly better than the first Ben 10
filmismagic12 June 2009
My little brother watches Ben 10 and Ben 10 Alien Force. I took a look at them myself and both are really good, but Alien Force has made a lot of improvement, I have to admit. Almost everything about Alien Force is better than Ben 10. Let me talk about it.

The characters have matured and that is actually a good thing. I often felt that the character relationship between Ben and Gwen in the original series was pretty over-done seeing how they treat each other. In this Ben 10 series, they are quite close and it actually works well. Kevin Levin was an evil brute who used his powers only for his satisfaction in the old Ben 10. Now, he is encouraged to work with them as they learn that Max Tennyson went missing on a plumber's case and they try to find him. The characters are a lot better than in the first and have far better design. The voices in this series is better than the previous as it makes the characters more unique and likable.

The stories in the episodes are much better as well. The episode's stories themselves prove that Alien Force is for older kids. The reason is that the plots may be a lot more difficult to understand and are a bit more complex. Nevertheless, just as the series and Ben himself have grown up, the targeting audience from Ben 10 has grown up as well. It is a bit less violent, but has a much darker feel due to the improvement in animation and tension and is more confusing for little kids.

This series also has better music than the original Ben 10 and more detailed fight scenes and even more unique and detailed alien designs. In Alien Force, Ben changes into totally different E.T.s when he is about to fight. Ones like Swampfire, Humoungosaur and Brainstorm all feel very original and more interesting types of aliens.

Though I was originally a fan of the first Ben 10, I have changed my mind for Ben 10 Alien Force. Ben 10 is good for kids to start off with then, and Alien Force is good for them to view when they have grown out of the original Ben 10. I will definitely say that Ben 10 Alien Force is better than the first due to its improvements.
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Way better than the first series
bobojiggler6 September 2009
The characters, action, and villains are way better in this. Gwen is hot in this and Kevin isn't a villain anymore. Ben's girlfriend is hot. This is one of the few good shows that are on Cartoon Network (who are they targeting anyway?). My favorite aliens that Ben is able to turn into is Big Chill and Humongosaur. My favorite episodes is the War of the Worlds second season finale. My least favorite episode is the one with Alien X. I don't see why Cartoon Network hyped Alien X up so much when Alien X is frozen for most of the episode and never appears again. I'm looking forward to the live action movie of this called Ben 10: Alien Swarm which looks way better than the previous film Ben 10: Race Against Time.
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Ben 10: Alien Force is better and more mature than Ben 10
bluhmfamily29 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When I first heard of Ben 10: Alien Force, I though it was going to be a stupid show because it was introduced to me in early 2008, when I still followed the original Ben 10. When CN said that Ben 10: Alien Force takes place 5 years later after the original series. This probably means that Ben 10 takes place in 2005 and Ben 10: Alien Force takes place in 2010.

The plot is better that Ben 10's due to it being more mature. The original series had better villains and Omnitrix aliens though.

In the first season, Ben gained 10 new aliens such as: Goop, Swampfire, Chromastone, Big Chill, Humungousaur, Brainstorm, Jetray, Spidermonkey, Echo Echo, and Alien X.

In the second season, Ben used three of the original aliens, they were: Cannonbolt, Upchuck, and Waybig.

In the third season, Ben gains lots of aliens, more originals and few new ones such as: Diamondhead, Lodestar, Ghostfreak, Nanomech, and Rath.

The third season was really different from the first two, it was brighter in some episodes and lots of transformations and come cheesy episodes. The last episode introduced a new watch called the Ultimatrix, that led to the third series, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

I give Ben 10: Alien Force a 9 out of 10.
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A more mature and clever TV show than the original
Like I said about the original, it wasn't a masterpiece, but at least it was a very amusing show to watch, but I agree that Ben 10: Alien Force is more mature and clever. Ben and Gwen in the original series were developed seeing how they've treated each other despite them having annoying moments in the episodes. In this series, Ben has now matured dramatically and is now close with Gwen. In the original, Kevin 11 wants revenge on Ben for turning him into a deformed combination of his aliens from the Omnitrix. In this series, he has changed from bad to good and is now helping Ben fight off new evil doers along with old ones. And the part where Ben finally has a girlfriend named Julie was amazing and their romance was developed enough. That's it for the contrast of this show and the previous. The animation is pretty detailed and the character designs were unique with some new talented voice actors to make them likable. The new aliens from the now altered omnitrix (now a watch, which was totally cool) were amazing with their new super powers. The sci-fi action is amazingly intense and the stories for the show are much darker than the original thanks to its clever writing. Ben 10: Alien Force would always be recommended to fans as one of the greatest TV shows ever made.
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Awesome childhood show
DCfan17 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This show is very successful series after the first series. I must also say this is much better than the first series.

Ben Tennyson is now 15, with his cousin Gwen and a reformed Kevin are on an adventure to stop the Highbreed.

Okay, I must say when I first saw this, I wasn't very interested until season 3 started and they brought back familiar faces from the first show from villains like Charmcaster, Dr. Animo, Ghostfreak and Vilgax and aliens like Upchuck, Cannonbolt, and Diamondhead.

After when I finished season 3 I went back and watched season 1 and 2 and I must say it was amazing. My favourite episodes are the first 2 episodes, the war of worlds arc and majority of season 1 and 2. Season 3 was okay but episodes like Fools Gold, Busy Box and Verdlee, Verdlee put it down.

I also liked the art style that this show had and the show had so many like able characters although it did take time for me to accept that Kevin is a good.

Don't listen to the haters this is a good show.

==Edit 31/01/2018== If you come across a person claiming this show is too dark for children pay no attention to him/her because say this show is dark for children is just like say Star Wars the clone wars and Teen Titans is dark for children and at the end of the day when kids get older they would be watch stuff like this. Plus because of this persons complaint saying this is too dark children of today are stuck with dumb down shows like Teen Titans Go! and Ben 10 2016.

I was like 8 when this show came out and my parents nor my sister thought it was dark.
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A better way of continuity.
Jake Daniels28 May 2017
I just recently completed the Ben 10 alien force show and all I can say is that man of action unpredictably put on a splendid performance.

This is because, the only hit man of action made was the original Ben 10 so lot of people including I myself thought a sequel which takes place 5 years later might lack its originality. But it seems I was wrong. This is even better and much more maturity making me feel like I'm the character himself. On top, I also like the new aliens as well.
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Ben 10 alien force is a very good show
dannylafontaine1324 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Ben 10 alien force is a very good show. but its more aged up. it is very vilonte. a alien bleeds and ben says your waters dripping and the alien holds it and says thats not water. and falls over and dies. a guy gets disinigrated into dust. and it just has a more sophisticated mature plot to it. with that being said i think Ben 10 alien force is not for little kids. and is for preteens and teens. and is a very good show for preteens teens and adults.
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Ben has grown up; So has the series.
Admiral_DongSmoker_III8 November 2008
Ben 10: Alien Force, in my humble opinion, is entirely superior to the original. As the characters have matured, the story has followed. The series has grown much darker, and it fits in surprisingly well, considering the general lightheartedness of the original series.

The characters have not only aged, but they've developed quite well with their surroundings. The formerly goofy and energetic Ben is much more collected (aside from the many situations where his powers take over). The villains are much more sinister, but balanced, showing signs of weakness in many situations while remaining incredibly intimidating.

While the name puns are still rather weak, it's a staple in the series, and just feel in place.

Ben 10: Alien Force is one of those rare gems that shows that great effort is put into making every episode. A must watch if you liked the original, worth looking into even if you didn't.
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It's the Batman Beyond to the Ben 10 Franchise..
adonis98-743-18650325 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
15-year-old Ben Tennyson must utilize the Omnitrix yet again in order to locate his missing Grandpa Max, accompanied by his cousin Gwen and former enemy Kevin 11. Ben 10 Alien Force is a sequel to the Ben 10 Original Series and this time the original characters (Ben, Gwen and Kevin) are all grown up and this time around? Their working together to save the Planet from Enemies beyond their imagination. The animation is great and the New Characters that Ben can transform are terrific especially the Humungousaur also some of the videogames that it got were good too and fans of the original series will definitely appreciate what Ben 10: Alien Force brings to the Table and it's sad that this show doesn't play on TV anymore and instead we got the New One which looks Awful and it is to be honest.
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Action Packed Thriller & My Kids Love it! :D
officialvibgyor11 November 2017
This is one of my favorite cartoon TV series... why? because my kids enjoy it like nothing else and with them I get glued to the TV too! Haha.. but yeah it's true.

I like the characters - the aliens, the plumbers, the Vilgax and all. Especially Humungousaur, my younger one's favorite! My kids are so addicted that even after watching the episodes, they have to play Ben 10 Games too! Hats off to the creators.
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Lost all the original charm
wakemeup3615 November 2010
Now, the original Ben 10 series isn't exactly a masterpiece. But it was definitely an interesting watch because of quite a few factors. The childish, yet still enjoyable humour, the funny ways that Ben handled the aliens, the different grandpa and the annoying naggy (in a good way) Gwen, it all made a good cartoon. Not original, but good.

Now with this sequel series, the production team has attempted to 'mature' the characters and the cartoon itself. Perhaps they have been somewhat successful in that regard but at the same time, everything that was enjoyable about the original series is gone. The cool grandpa's missing, Ben's all sobered up and gentlemanly, Gwen's an innocent angel now, Kevin's a good guy and the humour of the show now mainly depends on him and he isn't funny at all. In fact, all the humour in the show is just... bad. The villains are much less diverse than in the original series. The only kind of bad guys that are given much importance throughout the whole series are the 'highbreeds' and I become quite tired of seeing them episode after episode. The romantic element they tried to introduce between Kevin and Gwen and Ben and whatshername is insanely annoying and dumb. Other than that, the flaws that were present in the original series are still present. Overstretched, boring action sequences, plot holes, lazy animation etc.

On the positive side, I guess some of the aliens are crafted interestingly, the theme music isn't that bad, the story looks somewhat good on paper and... ummmm... yep, that's pretty much it.

I'm not sure why this cartoon gets so much praise. In the end, all I can say is that they butchered an already not so amazing cartoon and thus made something really boring and bland.
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Ben Ten Alien Force - Spoiler
christian-970626 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am not a fan of this series at all. First of all, the original series is a lot better then this series. Second, I don't like that the writers chose to not follow the original story line in regards to Gwen and Kevin. It caused the rest of the series to end up being distorted. Why in the world would Gwen all of the sudden have powers without realizing that she wasn't citing spells in order to do her those things? That whole concept is stupid. Gwen is a lot smarter then that. And the whole magic isn't real concept put in this series is stupid as well since one of the main concepts in the original series was to prove that magic exists within their world.
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finaldishonored21 May 2017
not the best version of ben 10 but it is great I loved how they added Kevin into it as a good guy with a dark past his powers were great and Gwen was good but i felt like ben was a secondary character in this version they are much older and ben is more serious which was a bit boring at times but i enjoyed it overall
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