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24 Mar. 2009
Birds of a Feather
Ben decides to help an arachnachimp on his lunar quest for a crystal.
25 Mar. 2009
The team hears of a creature on nightly rampages in the desert and investigates. They find the creature, and some DNAliens.
27 Mar. 2009
War of the Worlds: Pt. 1
Paradox and Azmuth arrive with grave news: The DNAliens are ready to make their move. While Gwen and Kevin gather help, Azmuth reveals some secrets of the Omnitrix and its true purpose.
27 Mar. 2009
War of the Worlds: Pt. 2
Though Ben's team fails to stop the DNAlien Fleet from arriving, re-enforcements arrive, but this battle can't be won on Earth. A small group goes to the DNAlien home world to force its leaders to stop the invasion.
11 Sep. 2009
Vengeance of Vilgax: Pt. 1
Vilgax has beaten the heroes of ten planets and taken their powers as his own. Now he's looking for Ben.
11 Sep. 2009
Vengeance of Vilgax: Pt.2
After their attempt to hack into the Omnitrix fails, the team must track down some of Ben's transformations that escaped before he must face Vilgax in a one-on-one battle for the fate of the Earth.
17 Sep. 2009
Grandpa Max asks the team to investigate some strange desert activity, leading them to encounter Vulkanus and his incendiary plans for Earth's future.
25 Sep. 2009
Fool's Gold
Alien Spring Break at a town's Popcorn Festival occurs every 17 years. When one alien goes missing, Max sends the team to find the wayward alien.
9 Oct. 2009
An alien girl asks for Ben's help to end a war that's lasted for years.
16 Oct. 2009
Vreedle, Vreedle
Ship's owner decides he wants him back and hires some repo men to retrieve him. Ben and Kevin go to court to take care of things legally, leaving Gwen and Julie to face the repo men.
23 Oct. 2009
A retriever who specializes in obtaining rare goods comes after the Omnitrix, dimensionally separating the Omnitrix and a part of Ben. Ben is sent elsewhere, fighting to survive, while his friends try to figure a way to bring him back.
6 Nov. 2009
If All Else Fails
A sleeper Highbreed awakens, unaware of the war's resolution, he begins his failsafe mission to destroy the Earth.
13 Nov. 2009
In Charm's Way
Charmcaster wants payback from Gwen. She plots to steal Kevin away from Gwen.
20 Nov. 2009
Ghost Town
Ghostfreak, loosed, takes over Vilgax's planet, leaving Vilgax to turn for help to only person who has defeated Ghostfreak before - Ben.
4 Dec. 2009
Trade Off
Kevin tracks down Darkstar. Darkstar asks for Kevin's help to retrieve an item that could cure both of them.
11 Dec. 2009
Busy Box
The team investigates some highly advanced alien technology. They find a box that is more advanced than the Omnitrix. Others desire this technology.

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