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14 Sep. 2008
Health and Beauty
This week, Steve and Kathy take a hilarious look at health and beauty. The "Whatever Ails Ya" preacher offers a health product for every ailment, and then a visit to the plastic surgeon's office yields a surprising outcome. The fun continues as Vera Finklestein shares an exclusive Barbie collection and our own "Sandbox Kids" answer the fat question.
21 Sep. 2008
Marriage and Relationships
This week on The Steve & Kathy Show, Steve and Kathy show you how to be happy and married! First, find out how to put new zing in your marriage with the Song of Solomon "natural marriage enhancer!" Then, the laughs continue as the Trailer Park Pastor counsels a couple with displaced love problems who just can't seem to get along. Next, find out how to flirt like a "good" Christian and see what kind of real men these girls are looking for in Sex and the Country! Steve and Kathy balance things out during Family Time with our brand new cast and then more reports of ...
The Evangelism Show
Steve and Kathy talk about evangelism in America. Find out if our methods are really working to win the world with these funny skits! The laughs begin with the Door to Door Evangelist Guy who is working hard to evangelize his neighbors! Then, an airplane ride turns into a hilarious choice between religions! Next, this team thinks they're scoring big for God... or are they? You decide! The laughs continue as Steve and Kathy dream about the Oprah show and get a surprise visit! Also, your faith will be stirred with the inspiring story about Emily and the wonderful ...
5 Oct. 2008
Finances got you down? Laugh with Steve and Kathy and get some sound advice for your finances! The fun begins with this pastor who wants MONEY... while the Trailer Park Pastor just wants his cable TV paid for! Then, fun money lessons with Talk Show host Ray Dempsey and our own Sandbox Kids. Next, family time with Steve's tips on buying a car and another great story of healing from the House of Hope and Healing. All this PLUS a free download from Steve and Kathy on The Steve and Kathy Show!
12 Oct. 2008
This week on The Steve & Kathy Show, fun stuff with Steve and Kathy as they look at technology in today's churches! Find out the secret behind this push-button wizard of a pastor and see what Elvis is doing behind the pulpit! Fun times continue with the Trailer Park Pastor and award winning singer Randy Davenport.
19 Oct. 2008
Anger Management
This week on The Steve & Kathy Show, Steve and Kathy help you manage your anger! You'll laugh as you find out what's making Steve angry and keep laughing with these funny skits! Mad in church? This worship leader has reached his limit! Then, this family puts a check on their anger - while Lucifer heads to anger management class. Steve and Kathy give helpful advice about life that works.
26 Oct. 2008
This week on The Steve & Kathy Show: Feeling politically challenged? Steve and Kathy laugh you through this presidential election! Round and round with the politicians - these preachers have gone wild! Then, Hillary helps the politically perfect Whitehouse Wives and the Sandbox Kids bring some political stress relief.
2 Nov. 2008
Church Life
Steve and Kathy talk about church life - and what Steve hates about it! Then, The Sopranos rough up a worshiper to teach him a little respect, play by play action with Pastor Playoffs, and more laughs as Archie makes sure his grandchild isn't gypped out of his religion! Next, William Mushaninga's story as he wins his fight with cancer.
9 Nov. 2008
Is This the End?
This week on The Steve & Kathy Show, Steve and Kathy have good news and bad news about the end of the world! Great laughs as we hear from our "studio audience" with their end times beliefs. Then, the best end times insurance to protect you from false predictions! Next, get ready to go to heaven with our Sunday School Musical and a special edition of the Jerry Springer Show! Family time with Steve and Kathy sheds light on current thoughts about the end times. All this plus Bryan Savage and the Steve and Kathy Band!
16 Nov. 2008
Church Show
This week on The Steve & Kathy Show, Steve and Kathy take a look at the funny side of church life! First off, lots of laughs with Lark News, then, take a number for your miracle - if this apostle hangs on that long! Groovy times with Austin Powers turned life coach and "The Church Office" with the hilarious social side of church life. Family time with Steve and Kathy helps redefine what church should look like... Plus, real people get help at the House of Hope and Healing, Bryan Savage and the Band, and a whole lot more!
23 Nov. 2008
That's Entertainment
This week on The Steve & Kathy Show... Entertainment! Steve and Kathy talk about when entertainment is okay - and when it's not. Great laughs with Hilda Glockenspiel's timeless remixed favorites, Lark News fun and the gut-wrenching, high stakes drama of Pastor Undercover! Plus Pee Wee Herman's Big Church Adventure and family time with Steve, Kathy and the cast. Another "life that works" story, Bryan Savage and the Band, and more on The Steve & Kathy Show!
14 Dec. 2008
The Christmas Show
This week on The Steve & Kathy Show: a special Christmas edition with Steve and Kathy! Laugh along with the 12 pains of Christmas, a nativity scene with unlikely characters, and a CSI Kansas City investigation on whether it really was a reindeer. Then, enjoy the sounds of Christmas with Jennifer Dieckmann, Bryan Savage and the band.
28 Jun. 2009
Steve and Kathy share their hilarious economic stimulus package! Great laughs with new products like Re-vi-agra and Billy Mae's buffoon bible and special guest interview with Gary Wheeler, award-winning producer and director of the Fox Faith movie The List.
5 Jul. 2009
Extreme Makeovers
Extreme makeovers on the audience; an Amish exercise plan. In addition extreme mess-ups with this old woman's house, and a debut acting appearance by award-winning director Gary Wheeler when we spoof his Fox Faith movie The List.
12 Jul. 2009
Religion in America
Religion in America - the humor ensues with clever church signs; another Real Preachers of Genius skit; hilarious prayer circle and a deathbed conversion that wears off way too fast.
19 Jul. 2009
Daytime TV
Daytime TV spoofs... Addicted to soaps? Laugh at One Life to Give! An exclusive look at Oprah's book club, our own Holy Land Squares, and guest comedian Michael Jr. Plus, Bryan Savage and the Band and more on The Steve & Kathy Show!
TV Relationships
Steve and Kathy talk about perfect TV couples. Go to the moon with The Honeymooners, a new twist on The Odd Couple, and a quirky Married with Pagans. Guest Cheryl McKay, screenwriter of the award winning film The Ultimate Gift and co-author of Never the Bride visits with Steve and Kathy.
13 Sep. 2009
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20 Sep. 2009
Celebrate the South
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