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Madoff Behind Bars 7.6 7
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1.1  Hook, Line and Sucker/Maxfield Parish Art Heist
1.2  The Imposter: Dr. Barnes/Interstate Bank Mart Bandit
1.3  The Wheaton Bandit
1.4  Medical Scams
1.5  It Takes a Theif
1.6  Religious Prey: Greater Ministries Int'l/It takes a Thief
2.3  Preying on Faith
2.4  Deadly Rx for Greed
2.5  Inside the WorldCom Scam
2.6  The Rise and Fall of Cybernet
2.7  Party's Over: Tyco's Kozlowski
2.15  Robbing Hollywood's A-List/Soaking the Rich at Auction
3.3  Fine Arts Express/Dr. Martinez
3.4  Meth Identity Thieves/The Wheaton Bandit
3.5  Baptist Foundation of Arizona/Dr. Mikos
3.6  Diluted Trust: Robert Courtney
3.7  Worldcom/Joseph Medawar Television Scam
3.8  The Bonnie and Clyde of Mortgage Fraud
3.9  Boy Band Bandit: Lou Pearlman's $500 Million Ponzi
3.10  Hazardous Healthcare
3.11  Two Brothers, Two Murders: The Kissel Case
3.12  Greater Ministries International/It Takes a Thief
3.13  Skin Doctor Takes His Cut/Revolutionary Guru of Greed
3.14  Martin Frankel
3.15  A Scam Exposed: Strippers and Insider Trading/Economan: Superthief
3.16  The Mustang Ranch: Money, Women and Murder
3.17  Gardner Museum Theft/Abraham Kennard
3.18  The Body Snatcher: Michael Mastromarino
3.19  Sotheby's-Christie's/First International Bank
4.1  An American Greed Special Presentation: Mob Money
4.3  The Mad Max of Wall Street
4.6  Sholam Weiss
4.8  The Foreclosure Scammer
4.11  Dr. Stokes/C&D Distributors
5.1  Bank Robbing Broker
5.2  Financial Guru Gone Bad
5.3  Fool's Gold
5.4  TJX/Albert Gonzalez
5.5  A Most Generous Criminal
5.7  The Bling Ring & Danny Pang
5.8  Fraudster of the Opera & Frozen Assets - The Ice Capers
5.10  The Royal Scam: Kings of Counterfeit
5.11  The Art of the Steal and the Folsom Felon
5.13  The Wizard of Sarasota
5.14  Nose No Bounds
6.1  Kenneth Starr: Naked Greed: Celebrity Scam Artist
6.2  Master of Deadly Deceit
6.3  Major League Fraud
6.4  The Tran Organization
6.5  Tom Petters
6.6  Major League Fraud
6.7  Galleon Group
6.8  Fine Arts Treasure Gallery
6.9  Real Estate Home Wrecker
6.10  Real Estate Home Wrecker
6.11  Nicholas Cosmo
6.12  Michael Lock
6.13  Shawn Merriman
6.14  Crash for Cash
6.15  Lee Farkas/Taylor Bean & Whitaker
6.16  Solomon Dwek
6.17  Allen Stanford
6.18  The Wealth Builder Club
7.1  Shipwrecked!
7.2  Perry Griggs
7.3  A & O Resource Management
7.4  Deadly Payout
7.5  Melissa King and Carl L. Estep
7.6  One World and Juan Rodriguez
7.7  Dealing in Deceit
7.8  Trevor Cook
7.9  Philip Barry and Kevin Carney
7.10  Lydia Cladek -and- Ronnie Wilson
7.11  Dorice Moore
7.12  Michael McCant and Mark Anderson
8.1  Murder in Memphis
8.2  Edward Okun
8.3  Rita Crundwell and Joseph Mazella
8.4  Joel Salinas & Brian Bjork and Eric "Blaxican" Jaglicic & Brian Falatovich
8.5  John Tomkins and Kids for Cash/Mark Ciavarella & Michael Conahan
8.6  Detroit's 'Crime Boss' Mayor
8.7  The Falcon and the Con Man
8.8  John & Daniel Sullivan and Joseph Greenblatt
8.9  Cocaine Cash Cleaner/Insider Trading Trio
8.10  Mac Parker & Lou Soteriou
8.11  Darain & Cory Atkinson
8.12  Martin Sigillito
8.13  Rivertown Investments and Aaron Vallett
8.14  John Donald Cody
9.8  The Real Wolf of Wall Street
9.15  The Spy Who Scammed Me
$1.2 Billion Scam: Ft. Frauderdale
$200 Million Medical Settlement Scam
$udden Death/Hip Hop Hustle
'Vintage' Wine Fraud
9/11 Fraud
A Wolf in Priest's Clothing
Brooklyn's Madoff/Corrupted Software
Computer Hacker Masterminds
Crash & Burn: Marcus Schrenker
Credit Card Billing Scam/NFL Stars Ripped Off
Cutting Profits: Necessary Surgeries/Government Contractors Steal Millions
Cybercrime: The Iceman
Detroit Crime Boss Mayor
Driven by Greed/Conned in the Caribbean
Ea$y Being Green
Fake It to Make It/Kill the Witnesses
Fine Art Treasures Gallery: Fine Art - Portrait of Fraud
Flipping Frenzy Scam
Fraud in Cyberspace
Friends Without Benefits
Funny Money
Greedy, Groovy Guru/Doomsday Profit
In Harm's Way
Kenneth Ira Starr and Arthur Nadel
Lights! Camera! Fraud!
Loan Scam: Money for Nothing
Marc Dreier
Mark Weinberger
Mob Money: Murders and Acquisitions
Nicholas Cosmo: All Interest, No Return
Nicholas Cosmo: The $400 Million Rip-Off
One World's Collapse/Certified Pilfering Accountant
Pimp, Preachers, Profiteer
Raffaello Follieri
Rapper$ Delight/The Grapes of Greed
Scott Rothstein
Sholom Rubashkin
Solomon Dwek: The Jersey Score
Stefan Wilson and Lawrence Salander
Stockbroker Steals from Clients/Builds Harem
Suicide Is Painless
Talk Radio Takedown
The 500 Percent Club
The Black Widows
The Cunning Cowgirl Crook/Dollars for Dumps
The Lady Killer
The Playboy of Indiana
The Prisoner of Wall Street
The Sky's the Limit
The Tran Organization: Blackjack Cheaters
Tom Petter: Generous with Other People's Money
When Greed and Giving Collide/Confessions of a Con Man
Young Lust Goes Bust
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