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6 Feb. 2008
When Greed and Giving Collide/Confessions of a Con Man
See how a supposed charity robbed unsuspecting patrons of millions of dollars.
12 Mar. 2008
Fraud in Cyberspace
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3 Feb. 2010
Suicide Is Painless
Fugitive fund manager Sam Israel fakes his own death to escape justice. See how he gets caught.
10 Feb. 2010
The Black Widows
Women befriend, insure, then murder men for money.
3 Mar. 2010
Raffaello Follieri
Millionaire playboy and girlfriend of a Hollywood starlet scams investors with a phony connection to the Pope. His image soon will be shattered when he is revealed as a con man when a multi-million dollar fraud is exposed.
17 Mar. 2010
Crash & Burn: Marcus Schrenker
High-flying financier fakes death in a plane crash while under investigation for securities fraud.
31 Mar. 2010
Funny Money
Six small time hustlers have a simple plan: to make millions in counterfeit money.
14 Apr. 2010
Credit Card Billing Scam/NFL Stars Ripped Off
Steven Warshak makes millions by selling an erectile dysfunction drug racking up illegal credit card charges on thousands of customers; and a financial advisor to pro sports stars multi-million dollar scam ends in his own death.
21 Apr. 2010
$200 Million Medical Settlement Scam
Money for victims stolen by lawyers who exploit the tragedy and pilfer their clients' money. How much they steal will shock you.
5 May 2010
Computer Hacker Masterminds
Billions in danger online. See what investigators are doing to protect you.
25 Aug. 2010
Madoff Behind Bars
American Greed looks at Bernie Madoff the mastermind behind the biggest Ponzi scheme in American history. After confessing to his crimes, he is sentenced to 150 years in prison. He takes up residence at Butner Prison in North Carolina where some prisoners treat him surprisingly well.
23 Feb. 2011
Scott Rothstein
Scott Rothstein is a Ft. Lauderdale attorney making millions. He's the life of the party, a guy who wants the world to love him. But Rothstein is secretly a criminal mastermind.
23 Mar. 2011
Sholom Rubashkin
A slaughterhouse employs hundreds of workers in a small Iowa town. But there are whispers of threats, extortion and shocking child labor abuses. Sholom Rubashkin runs the family business. Is he a dutiful son or a corporate crook?
4 May 2011
Mark Weinberger
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11 Sep. 2011
9/11 Fraud
American Greed uncovers three tragic tales of deception and reveals the lengths people will go to steal money following a national tragedy.
8 Feb. 2012
The Tran Organization: Blackjack Cheaters
Van Thu Tran is a sexy Vietnamese-American who knows how to beat the odds. She makes millions in casinos using one of the oldest tricks in the book...with a new high-tech twist.
22 Feb. 2012
Tom Petter: Generous with Other People's Money
Billionaire Tom Petters was a respected CEO for more than a decade. His companies included iconic American brands like Polaroid, Sun Country Airlines, and Fingerhut. But these legitimate businesses were purchased with dirty money...and his reputation was built on a foundation of lies.
14 Mar. 2012
Fine Art Treasures Gallery: Fine Art - Portrait of Fraud
A televised art auction appears to showcase masterpieces. It's billed as your chance to own a Rembrandt, Chagall, or Dali. A rare Picasso sells for $500. Too good to be true?
2 May 2012
Nicholas Cosmo: All Interest, No Return
He's dubbed Long Island, New York's "Mini-Madoff." Nicholas Cosmo promised huge returns on booming real estate opportunities. He brought white-collar crime to blue-collar Americans and scammed thousands of trusting investors.
2 May 2012
Nicholas Cosmo: The $400 Million Rip-Off
With a long career in real estate, many thought broker Doug Vaughan was a man to be trusted. His charisma helped make him a fortune in New Mexico real estate...but it was all lies. He funded his luxurious lifestyle with $75 million of investors' money. After investigators stepped in and arrested him, he went on TV in search of money to pay for his defense.
9 May 2012
Pimp, Preachers, Profiteer
Michael Lock was a man driven by ambition. He was a Milwaukee crime boss with a business model that took him from cocaine dealing to bank fraud...and Lock had a surefire way to beat the competition. American Greed takes you inside a deadly tale of greed.
11 Jul. 2012
Flipping Frenzy Scam
Lee Farkas was a mortgage mogul, a millionaire and chairman of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker. But unbeknownst to his clients, Farkas made his fortune by peddling fake mortgages and looting his company.
25 Jul. 2012
Solomon Dwek: The Jersey Score
Solomon Dwek was a real estate mogul, philanthropist...and an expert flimflammer. He was the mastermind behind a multi-million dollar real estate scam and bank fraud. But when Dwek's luck runs out, he becomes an informant in the biggest case of corruption and greed in New Jersey history.
4 Sep. 2012
Cybercrime: The Iceman
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10 Oct. 2012
The 500 Percent Club
Randy Treadwell is the son of a preacher but leaves the righteous path. Claiming he's a financial wizard, he uses his Southern charm to bilk believers out of nearly $65 million. His scams have legitimate sounding names like "Learn Waterhouse" and "The Wealth Builders Club," which promise huge returns for short-term investments. See how the FBI finally brings him to justice.
18 Apr. 2013
One World's Collapse/Certified Pilfering Accountant
Jack Walsh and Charles Martin appear to be getting very rich running a Chicago currency trading brokerage. But an audit reveals that they've been pilfering clients' accounts to the tune of $10 million. Their outrageous spending even included $1 million at a single strip club. Then, in "Miami Burn"...a trusted tax advisor lures his best friends into an investment scheme that bleeds them dry.
23 May 2013
Talk Radio Takedown
Trevor Cook seems to be a local boy made good in Minneapolis, running an investment fund. Cook and his cohorts solicit $190 million from 700 investors, many of whom were swayed by a talk radio star. The investors think the money is going into securities but will be shocked to see how Trevor and his boys blow their hard-earned savings...turning a historic mansion into a den of debauchery.
30 May 2013
Brooklyn's Madoff/Corrupted Software
A Brooklyn investment manager starts the longest running Ponzi scheme in history. Philip Barry runs his scam from Bay Ridge, a solid working-class neighborhood where families go back generations. Through local connections, Barry pulls more than 800 investors into a $40 million scheme by offering "guaranteed returns" on investments. He tells his story exclusively to AMERICAN GREED from prison.
20 Jun. 2013
Greedy, Groovy Guru/Doomsday Profit
First, a New Age evangelist becomes a greedy, groovy, guru, telling investors that positive thinking can lead to positive returns. But this false prophet is returning nothing but false profits in her $113 million scam. Then...civilization is on the verge of collapse, Ronnie Gene Wilson tells his followers, and the only path to a secure future is investing in precious metals.
27 Jun. 2013
The Lady Killer
A Florida man wins a $13 million Lottery payout and gives away much of it to strangers in need. After businesswoman Dee Dee Moore takes over his finances to protect his wealth, the millionaire disappears. Did she want to help him or help herself to Abraham Shakespeare's millions? Watch how the police hatch an outrageous undercover sting to catch "The Lady Killer."
30 Jul. 2013
Rapper$ Delight/The Grapes of Greed
Michael McCant is a former bank robber who says he's gone "legit" and is now making millions by promoting up-and-coming rap musicians. McCant solicits money from individual investors, promising 30% returns on investment in his concert promotion business. Some investors give McCant their entire nest eggs but learn the hard way that this former convict is too illegit to quit...his life of crime.
26 Mar. 2014
Young Lust Goes Bust
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23 Apr. 2014
Detroit Crime Boss Mayor
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16 Jul. 2014
Lights! Camera! Fraud!
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22 Jan. 2015
The Playboy of Indiana
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29 Jan. 2015
Ea$y Being Green
A con man runs a fake green energy business and collects millions by scamming major corporations; a notorious cat burglar steals sterling silver in America's most expensive ZIP codes.
24 Jul. 2015
'Vintage' Wine Fraud
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31 Jul. 2015
In Harm's Way
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23 Oct. 2015
Friends Without Benefits
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6 Nov. 2015
The Sky's the Limit
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31 Mar. 2016
Ray Nagin: New Orleans Shakedown
Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin exploits the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina by accepting bribes and corrupting the rebuilding efforts in the Big Easy. Nagin is accused of bilking the devastated city out of an estimated $500,000, taking expensive trips in private jets for him and his family, and orchestrating an exclusive granite contract for his son's company. He is convicted and is serving 10 years in federal prison.
7 Apr. 2016
The Surfer Slayer?
Jason Derek Brown looks like a wealthy mellow surfer dude, but he's allegedly a stone-cold killer who shoots a security guard five times in the head to steal $56,000 in cash. Authorities say Brown robs an armored car guard to fuel his corrupt playboy lifestyle. This serial con artist leads the FBI on a heart-pumping chase over several western states, and lands on the FBI's Most Wanted list.
14 Apr. 2016
A Mother's Costly Revenge
When financial fraudster Paul Kruse propositions his assistant's teenage daughter, this angry mom gets revenge and him behind bars. But will this whistleblower survive Kruse's sinister murder-for-hire plot?
22 Apr. 2016
Kirk Wright
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12 May 2016
Psychic Fiend's Network
A wealthy but lonely timber baron is rolled by a phony psychic for $15 million, while her devious daughter pretends to be in love with him. Ralph Raines Jr. is felled by the sweetheart swindle.
19 May 2016
The Bar Girls Scam
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9 Jun. 2016
Capturing the Fugitives
Criminals featured on American Greed who stole a combined $350 million are apprehended through the hard work of law enforcement and our alert viewers.
16 Jun. 2016
Six Feet Plunder
Luxury car salesman and reality TV star Bobby Khan is accused of pocketing car loans and selling cars that aren't his. And Paul Ceglia, who once hired Mark Zuckerberg, claims to own half of Facebook and says he has the contract to prove it. But is it legitimate?
7 Jul. 2016
Pain Killer Profits
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14 Jul. 2016
Jamaican Lottery Scam
Criminals use call centers in Jamaica to flood the US with lies about lottery millions won by unsuspecting victims. U.S. law enforcement teams up with Jamaican authorities to try to shut them down.
8 Sep. 2016
Seattle Roasted/The Stealing Socialite
With two yachts, his own private jet, and a lakeside mega-mansion, Darren Berg scams some of Seattle's savviest investors. And, New York socialite Dina Wein Reis bilks companies out of millions in a grey market selling scheme.
22 Sep. 2016
Family Fortune Feud
A once-$100 million publishing fortune pits mother against son when he's accused of squandering millions on sex, diamonds, and fraud.
29 Sep. 2016
Silk Road: Digital Drug Dealers
The anonymous mastermind of the world's biggest online and underground drug bazaar calls himself the "Dread Pirate Roberts." But in unmasking this criminal, will federal agents find that some of their own have been corrupted by greed?
27 Feb. 2017
Clean Teeth, Dirty Money/Comic Book Murder
A sex trafficking ring comprised of violent pimps who exploit women enlists a Chicago dentist to launder their money, and in upstate New York an elderly rural bachelor is robbed of his valuable vintage comic books collection.
6 Mar. 2017
Sticky Fingers/Life in the Fraud Lane
A famous Texas fruitcake bakery's $50,000 a year accountant, Sandy Jenkins, cooks up a $16 million check writing scam spending spree. A self-proclaimed financial wiz, Gregory Loles, rips off investors while he funds a professional race team with money stolen from his church.

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