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Sex & Nudity

  • 6/10
  • We briefly see advertisement cards in car windows that features topless women. A prostitute is seen in lingerie early on.
  • At the address Young-min gives to the police, a calender briefly shows a nude woman.
  • Some discussion of a person being impotent (not in a crude context).

Violence & Gore

  • 8/10
  • Someone is killed by 4-5 head blows. The attacker is mainly shown, some blood sprays on his face and clothes. The victim is partly unconscious and half of his/her blood-covered face is seen for about 6 seconds.
  • A nail is attempted three times to be driven into someone else's head (minimal blood seen). After the attacker injures his own hand, the victim is hit on the head with a hammer offscreen. He/she lies briefly with a bloodied head in a small pool of blood.
  • Several bloodless fights/beatings, mostly dealt by hero to villain and others (for angry interrogations or escaping). But a couple of them can be violent. There is also an extended fight with some facial blood, and a small pool of blood is briefly seen at the end of it.
  • A man walks around a blood-covered room where murder took place, looking unsettled.
  • A dead woman has a bloody neck and a small pool of blood on her head. Seen for a couple seconds.
  • A bathroom is shown containing the corpses of three people with some blood lying about. No details visible.
  • A person tries to saw through his/her binds with an edge; some blood on the hand. Several bloody crime photos are on a police desk (brief)
  • A dead person's head and hands are in a fish tank, the head is seen in a close-up (no blood).
  • Some slightly bloody hair is shown briefly. A dog is briefly killed offscreen.
  • Someone is unconscious with some blood on the head/face. He/she is later recovering in a hospital with a couple of minor facial bruises.
  • A prostitute has a bruise near the mouth. Then the client responsible hurls obscenities at her, making our hero smack him a few times.


  • At least 16 uses of 'bastard', 13 of 'asshole', 11 of 'shit', 7 of 'son of a bitch', 6 of 'b-tch', 5 of 'fuck' and 4 non-vulgar uses of 'ass'

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At least 6 instances of tobacco smoking.
  • Jung-ho is shown drinking a beer.
  • Young-min is shown drinking beer from a bottle.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film has a pulse-pounding atmosphere and there are a couple of distressing moments.
  • BBFC - (18): strong bloody violence, gory images, sustained terrorisation.

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