Black Dynamite (2009) Poster

Plot Keywords

1970s african american
hero orphanage
fight heroin
malt liquor semiautomatic pistol
kung fu master gun fu
duel gunfight
disarming someone showdown
hand to hand combat fistfight
brawl violence
tough guy warrior
one against many one man army
action hero apology
immolation zippo lighter
laboratory eyeball
decapitation severed head
acetylene torch some scenes animated
laughing tuxedo
electromagnet bell 205 helicopter
speaking in rhyme costume
alligator shoes stethoscope
car fire driving off cliff
nunchuck pool cue
hanging upside down billiards
jumping between buildings vengence
hair curlers salon
film starts with sex topless female nudity
breaking down a door black american
gun gag humor
split screen hit with a baseball bat
baseball bat antique gun
ghost eye gouging
hospital doctor
nurse revenge
kicked in the chest punched in the chest
kicked in the face punched in the face
militant crash through wall
thrown through a window kicking in a door
premarital sex nightclub
investigation hand grenade
drugs drug lord
drug dealer organized crime
limousine rogue agent
cia agent gangster
blood splatter political corruption
conspiracy hitman
diner rooftop
shot in the chest warehouse
island congressman
grenade launcher vietnam veteran
flashback funeral
undercover revolver
pistol machine gun
shotgun shootout
pool hall car falling off a cliff
car chase exploding car
exploding helicopter f word
comic violence martial arts
chase sex
drug smuggling head cut off
fight with president animated sex
small penis foot chase
white house death of brother
murder of brother car explosion
animated sequence animated credits
reference to abraham lincoln u.s. president
intentional goof murder
black panthers cia
shot in the shoulder arm cut off
helicopter pimp
richard nixon nunchucks
shot in the head shot to death
spoof kung fu
interracial relationship two word title
grindhouse color in title
blaxploitation title spoken by character
character name in title

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