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200 out of 282 people found the following review useful:

Great disappointment

Author: funwsin from Canada
29 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The 2012 idea offered a great opportunity to make a true global disaster movie. The plot is imbecile. The characters are black and white. Typical stereotyping. Except for the White House staff. They are, of course, morally pure. The effects are good, but there are very few scenes with actual destruction and hi-tech effects. If the movie were an hour shorter,it would have been better and the story would be more fluent. The personal relationships took most of the suspense out of the movie. The dialogues are idiotic and simply annoying. Nobody in the Universe would talk like those pathetic characters in a global meltdown.

The film is full of standard characters. Everything is so predictable. The main characters miraculously survive disasters, land in high mountains and get saved in the last millisecond. 20-30 minutes of superior effects cannot compensate for shallow story and unrealistic characters.

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209 out of 316 people found the following review useful:

At best, totally by the numbers....

Author: chimera-4 from NZ - Palmerston North
13 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't know what I was thinking going into 2012. I guess I hoped it wasn't as generic as the trailers made it seem. Every trailer I'd ever seen for the movie made it look pretty much exactly like The Day After Tomorrow and it pretty much was.

Famous landmarks getting destroyed, mass destruction, hero outrunning/driving/flying mass destruction, family rifts that get healed up at the end, Inconvenient spouses offed and then completely forgotten about/ignored for the sake of reconciliation with exes. All the cliché trademarks are all present and correct, doing their duty by merely showing up. To be fair it's a competent enough, if silly, disaster movie which offers no surprises whatsoever while laying on more (admittedly impressive looking) empty spectacle for the sake of empty spectacle.

It felt way too long at nearly 3 hours and at least half of that was the build up. Predictable and seen it all before buildup at that. We've all seen it before. Strange geological anomolies. Nerdy tech guys coming up with unbelievable numbers that mean bad sh*t is gonna be going down. Officials that don't buy it then eventually do, the crazy survivalist dude that everyone thinks is nuts that really knows what's going down (here played by a very entertaining Woody Harelson, probably the best thing about the movie) etc.

You can pretty much go with your impression of the trailer for this movie. What you get here is what you expect to get from what the trailer shows you.

At best 2012 is totally by the numbers and at worse absolutely ridiculous, cliché and even a bit insulting really.....

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250 out of 400 people found the following review useful:

Great roller-coaster ride

Author: Andrew Donaldson from China
20 November 2009

Okay, the first thing I'd like to say is, ignore those comments from members who belong to 'the worst movie ever club!!' These members think it is way cool to label every slightly disappointing movie as ' the worst movie ever' and emphasize their juvenility with tons of exclamation marks. They think it is way cool to trash movies.

The movie just isn't that bad. It's not that great either so ignore those who gush and tell you how awesome it is and rate it 10 out of 10.

This is a film best viewed in the movie theaters on the largest screen possible to enjoy the thrilling sensation of cities breaking up, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. This is indeed a thrilling roller-coaster ride. It is best to leave your brain at home, however, as you will cringe at the clichés, the schmaltz, and the absurdities. That doesn't make it the worst film ever, though. So go for the ride and enjoy the CG effects.

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166 out of 240 people found the following review useful:

Save your money!

Author: mark-4401 from United States
13 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was looking forward to this movie coming out. Went tonight, and what a let down.

1. Was very slow at that start. Took forever to get going. Yes, you have to supply an intro to get acquainted with the characters, and a base for the story. But it took forever! Needless useless dialog. Way too much information, and typical bs that can be found in all disaster movies.

2. Speaking of disaster movies, this one follows all the others in cheap storyline and thrills.

a. Typical disorganized hero with an estranged wife and kids. b. Typical step-father (who ends up being left out) Remember the fiancée in Twister? c. Typical African-American President. In Hollywood ALL Presidents must be African-American... Unless they are evil... then they can be white. d. Bad guy turns good in the end... then is killed. e. Super smart scientist that convinces the world and saves the day. f. Government holding secrets from the populous.

3. VERY UNREAL storyline. Just some really... I mean really STUPID scenarios.

4. How many times do you have to have a runway drop out from under you before you decide it is not a good idea to land?

5. Take a few flying lessons and you can not only fly... but navigate a Queen Air!

6. A lot of coincidences that are just way too hard to believe!

7. Story drags... and drags.... and drags and goes on dragging for 2.5 hours! After a while you just end up saying yourself... "Just end the world... I need relief!"

8. They just tried to jam too many (already done) disaster scenes. A combination of Poseidon Adventure, Deep Impact, Hard Rain, Airport, Armageddon, etc, etc, etc.

Anything good??? Special effects were "ok". At least kept me awake.

Whatever you do.... Save your money don't pay $10.00 to see it. Don't spend money on the DVD either. Don't even pay a $1.00 at the cubical to rent. Wait for it to come out on TV... then if you have nothing else to do... watch it for the special effects!

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191 out of 307 people found the following review useful:

Good cataclysmic Action, but waayyy to much bad kitsch

Author: eilfurz
12 November 2009

I loved the first half of the movie with Roland Emmerich seemingly back to form (from his disastrous "10,000 B.C."). But as the movie drags on, even the smallest character gets his "i have to say goodbye to my loved ones"-scene - which becomes quite annoying after you've watched this for the 5th time in a row. then comes a great destruction scene and then we're back in soap-opera territory. don't get me wrong, basically that can be said about most of Emmerich's movies - they are just popcorn cinema - leave your brain at the ticket counter. still, i enjoyed the likes of "Independence Day" or even "The Day After Tomorrow". But the one thing, he can't do properly is "good"-emotional cinema - which works fine in some of his other movies when his pathos-laden, goofy dialogue writing doesn't get in the way of the big explosions - it fit's, makes them funnier to a point. unfortunately this doesn't work for 2012. if somebody could actually cut this movie down to 90minutes running time, i'd even be lining up for a second ticket.

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91 out of 119 people found the following review useful:

An insult to your IQ AND your emotional intelligence - why I walked out

Author: MatthewInSydney from Australia
17 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yes, I walked out on this movie, 20 minutes before the ending. I've seen lots of films that were crapper, but this one was so damn aggravating. And unfortunately I went to see it by myself, so I couldn't relieve the tension by turning to a friend to say 'I HATE this film and want these characters TO DIE'.

To start with the okay things first - some of the disaster sequences were hugely excessive and brilliantly creative in their way (9 or 10 out of 10), it's ambitious in size, and the cast was mostly good. I enjoyed the comic Russians, even though they were clichéd. I've enjoyed slightly silly disaster films in the past, like Knowing and The Day After Tomorrow, so I try not to take a snob attitude towards them.

Now for some of why I HATED this - *SPOILERS* * Other people have commented on the 'heroes' (ie the dysfunctional white family) escaping every disaster at the last moment, more unbelievably than Indiana Jones ever did. While everyone else screams & falls down, continents literally move across the globe for this family's convenience! This is amusing once or twice, but then just gets silly. The emotional problem with this is that you can then only take this as being enjoyable action-comedy. But at the same time BILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED (there's no gore, but it's clear everyone on the planet is violently killed), and then even more amazingly you are meant to care whether this dull dysfunctional family gets back together. No, I wanted them DEAD! * This family is AWFUL. Despite the world going to hell, they care for nobody but themselves. They even take their escapes for granted, and all they can give the dying people around them are blank stares and then go back to talking about their personal issues. At least their young girl has the decency to sob once or twice (okay, I take back wanting her dead, but not the others). At a point later in the film, where the mother begs someone to save her kids, I wanted them to ask her what she'd ever done for anyone else's? What a cow. Drown em. * There's nothing wrong with depicting world disaster through the eyes of an ordinary family, but the story isn't actually told through their eyes only, so their importance is never explained. Why am I meant to care? * Did every African-American have to be so bloody noble? EVERY SINGLE ONE? * Having all the non-Americans get the secondary roles left a nasty taste. Because the rule in disaster films is that most of those secondary characters are just there to be killed off. The WORLD is ending, not just the US. But everyone takes orders from the US President, everyone is happy to talk English, and if you're a character from outside the US in this movie, say your prayers. Or rather, don't even bother. * What was the point of filling ships with billionaires? Their money would help build the things, but once everyone else on the planet dies, crusty old billionaires are not only not the best people to hang around with (they're generally not known for their manual labour or scientific skills), but after the world is destroyed so will 99% of their wealth! Their assets will be wiped out. There is no bloody point! A possible plot-line would have involved SOME billionaires bribing their way on board. But boatfuls of them? I have a low opinion of billionaires, but am certain most would be way too smart to think that was a good idea. * This film is kind of insulting to other nations. Even though plenty of US Presidents have been creeps, not all of them have been, and I can accept a heroic US President in a film. BUT, it's insulting to have other world leaders follow him blindly, and have him behave so nobly, going down with his country, while then portraying the Queen of England as one of the loathsome billionaires buying her way out - considering that the Queen Mum made a point of staying in London during the blitz, it's an insult. There's another uncomfortable point where a character expresses exasperation at the type of people they're saving - just as the camera catches sight of a smug middle-eastern billionaire. It comes across as an insult, whether intentional or not, but this film doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Oh, and killing everyone in the Vatican, weird. This kind of mild nastiness could have been fun if the whole film had've been more wicked and bitter, maybe making John Cusack a lovable sleazeball, but no, it has to attempt to pull on our heart-strings too. We are simply meant to love the dull white American family, and want to see them get back together, because Hollywood films take that for granted, and to accept that all African-Americans are amazingly noble, because that's Hollywood being PC.

Where I walked out - started to get the urge when the mother begged the Chinese guard to save her children. Would have loved the Chinese guard (oh look, he speaks English) to explain to her why her family didn't deserve his help in the slightest. Where I did walk out - when one of the noble African-Americans made a god-awful speech about why they should try to save more of those horrid billionaires, that those people deserved a chance to live etc. No, I was not going to let these characters try to regain my sympathy so easily after hours of callous behaviour. And I just knew it would be a matter of minutes before John Cusack's character would attempt something similar, through some heroic action (and the plot synopsis on Wikipedia tells me I was right!).

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113 out of 166 people found the following review useful:

Another Hollywood CGI Bloated Mess

Author: roland-rockerfella from Australia
12 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well what can you say about a disaster movie when the biggest disaster is the movie it'self. I'm not even sure where to begin summing up this turd. The bad acting, the corny duologue, the endless clichés, oh yes and let's not forget the nail biting escapes.

In fact there are so many nail biting escapes made by our heroes I think I will just focus on those. The trouble is i'm not sure which nail biting escape to focus on. The nail biting escape from suburbia, the nail biting escape from Yellow Stone, the nail biting escape from the airport 1, the nail biting escape from airport 2, the nail biting escape from the cargo plane, the nail biting escape from the arc.........etc,etc,etc,etc.

Man what a waste of 3 hours.

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75 out of 92 people found the following review useful:

Disturbing on many levels

Author: Paul-271 from New Mexico, USA
27 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This truly was a badly constructed movie lacking in imagination and any shred of humanity. Well, not quite. The humanity was distributed racially according to current Hollywood standards of what are the superior and inferior races.

The whites, are generally rather silly or in some cases, outright evil. The chief bad guy is a white adviser to the an idealized President Obama played by Danny Glover who played Danny Glover perfectly. The chief good guys are the president's daughter and black adviser - the latter who is the only character who seems to have some roots in being a human. The others do not.

Instead, they are as stereotyped as any 1930's movie, but with different characteristics more or less. The theme is a rush to board savior ships due to the end of the world about to occur. The occupants of the ships will be few compared to the billions about to die. These lucky few come from two pools - the world 'leaders' and their cronies as well as a few who can buy tickets costing roughly $1,500,000,000 each. Some of the wealthy who've bought their tickets are Arabs. Upon noting this, the *good guy*, the black guy, sneers out something like, "Is this the type of gene pool we wish to preserve?" saying more about the culture of Hollywood than Arab culture.

At one point, a character makes the important point that the savior ships should contain primarily young people who are robust enough to be pioneers and also have the ability to reproduce. Then, a bit later, we see the ancient Queen of England entering the ark ship with her dogs. So much for rational allocation of ark space. In fact, these aren't the only dogs to make it aboard. The film emphasizes in many places how more important it is to save Paris Hilton's dog than any of the humans who are being drowned, ground to a smear, blown up, crushed by avalanches or incinerated. It gleefully shows worshipers gathered at the Vatican to listen to the pope dying as the Vatican crumbles crushing not only them but the pope, the College of Cardinals and others detested by today's Hollywoood. Yet Paris Hilton's dog, getting a good deal of screen time, survives.

The Chinese are uniformly cruel inhuman automatons. The Tibetans are uniformly Highly Evolved Spiritual Beings. The whites are, as I said earlier, either idiots behaving like no human would possibly behave or pure evil who surely deserve to die along with the Roman Catholics, the Arabs, and the billions of others who aren't worthy.

To give one of many examples of how idiotic and unrealistic the white humans are here, the main character finds his ex wife now seriously involved with a new guy. During the course of their escapades, the new guy dies horribly. The ex wife, not being a Highly Evolved Tibetan or soulful black, pays no mind to her lover's death but instead just flips back, without a second's hesitation, to mating up with the main character.

This movie is pure propaganda and as all propaganda, it tells you more about the issuer of the propaganda than the ones targeted.

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285 out of 518 people found the following review useful:

Classic Emmerich, You will get what you pay for.

Author: kungfugirlsclub from United States
9 November 2009

If you've seen Independence Day, Titanic, or any recent vintage of the well-worn disaster film genre, you will not be disappointed at all with any of 2012. Its 2.5 hour+ running time moves at a great clip, and there's enough science and pseudoscience running around to give the film a certain of-the-moment wonder and clarity. The many destruction sequences throughout the film are absolutely breathtaking to behold, and one wonders if Roland Emmerich starts every film imagining how he will destroy the White House. Like all of his other films (except for The Patriot) it has big names but no huge names and really is a blast to watch. It has just the right balance of action and melodrama, often, as with all good films of this genre, in the same scene. The audience I watched it with was laughing and cheering throughout, and I'm sure it will be the definitive event movie of the holiday season, critics be damned.

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85 out of 120 people found the following review useful:


Author: ronniholme from United States
15 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Me and my girlfriend expected a lot from this movie, we obviously never expected it to be a drama masterpiece, but some nice action and hopefully a story that made somewhat sense.

God were we let down, the action scenes were terrible, of course we know that the hero will make all sorts of getaway moves, but Superman ain't got nothing on this guy.

The movie can pretty much be summed up with.

Terrible dialouge, scene where our hero and his god annoying family get's away just 0.0001 second before it's too late, and then another awful dialouge and nonsense, after where our little superteam decides to land on the middle of what is gonna be the worlds largest volcano, they of course get's away just at the very very last second, let's not forget that a volcano cloud moves at incredible speed, however our hero can of course outrun it in a mobile home down a curvy road.

This goes on and on, I stopped counting the amount of "tense" scenes after 1 hour, but it's retarded, because you know that the good guy and his family are gonna survive, it's obvious and therefore these scenes become retarded and quite boring.

Heck I would have preferred the ex-wife and a kid dying once in a while, it would have given you abit of the "omg are they gonna make it?!" feeling, but it doesn't.

It's an extremely boring movie, there's no "wow nice effects" we've seen it all before, acting is just horrible, of course the bad guy who just shows his loving heart at the end dies, of course our hero's ex-wifes new girlfriend dies a pretty terrible death so we're sure that he'll get his ex back, and of course she forgot everything about her just dead boyfriend 5 minutes after he's dead and starts making out with her hero "what a slut tbh" You really have a terrible taste in movies if you liked this, you gain nothing from seeing it, whatsoever.

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