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Reviews & Ratings for
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117 out of 170 people found the following review useful:

Another Hollywood CGI Bloated Mess

Author: roland-rockerfella from Australia
12 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well what can you say about a disaster movie when the biggest disaster is the movie it'self. I'm not even sure where to begin summing up this turd. The bad acting, the corny duologue, the endless clichés, oh yes and let's not forget the nail biting escapes.

In fact there are so many nail biting escapes made by our heroes I think I will just focus on those. The trouble is i'm not sure which nail biting escape to focus on. The nail biting escape from suburbia, the nail biting escape from Yellow Stone, the nail biting escape from the airport 1, the nail biting escape from airport 2, the nail biting escape from the cargo plane, the nail biting escape from the arc.........etc,etc,etc,etc.

Man what a waste of 3 hours.

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80 out of 97 people found the following review useful:

Disturbing on many levels

Author: Paul-271 from New Mexico, USA
27 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This truly was a badly constructed movie lacking in imagination and any shred of humanity. Well, not quite. The humanity was distributed racially according to current Hollywood standards of what are the superior and inferior races.

The whites, are generally rather silly or in some cases, outright evil. The chief bad guy is a white adviser to the an idealized President Obama played by Danny Glover who played Danny Glover perfectly. The chief good guys are the president's daughter and black adviser - the latter who is the only character who seems to have some roots in being a human. The others do not.

Instead, they are as stereotyped as any 1930's movie, but with different characteristics more or less. The theme is a rush to board savior ships due to the end of the world about to occur. The occupants of the ships will be few compared to the billions about to die. These lucky few come from two pools - the world 'leaders' and their cronies as well as a few who can buy tickets costing roughly $1,500,000,000 each. Some of the wealthy who've bought their tickets are Arabs. Upon noting this, the *good guy*, the black guy, sneers out something like, "Is this the type of gene pool we wish to preserve?" saying more about the culture of Hollywood than Arab culture.

At one point, a character makes the important point that the savior ships should contain primarily young people who are robust enough to be pioneers and also have the ability to reproduce. Then, a bit later, we see the ancient Queen of England entering the ark ship with her dogs. So much for rational allocation of ark space. In fact, these aren't the only dogs to make it aboard. The film emphasizes in many places how more important it is to save Paris Hilton's dog than any of the humans who are being drowned, ground to a smear, blown up, crushed by avalanches or incinerated. It gleefully shows worshipers gathered at the Vatican to listen to the pope dying as the Vatican crumbles crushing not only them but the pope, the College of Cardinals and others detested by today's Hollywoood. Yet Paris Hilton's dog, getting a good deal of screen time, survives.

The Chinese are uniformly cruel inhuman automatons. The Tibetans are uniformly Highly Evolved Spiritual Beings. The whites are, as I said earlier, either idiots behaving like no human would possibly behave or pure evil who surely deserve to die along with the Roman Catholics, the Arabs, and the billions of others who aren't worthy.

To give one of many examples of how idiotic and unrealistic the white humans are here, the main character finds his ex wife now seriously involved with a new guy. During the course of their escapades, the new guy dies horribly. The ex wife, not being a Highly Evolved Tibetan or soulful black, pays no mind to her lover's death but instead just flips back, without a second's hesitation, to mating up with the main character.

This movie is pure propaganda and as all propaganda, it tells you more about the issuer of the propaganda than the ones targeted.

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90 out of 125 people found the following review useful:


Author: ronniholme from United States
15 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Me and my girlfriend expected a lot from this movie, we obviously never expected it to be a drama masterpiece, but some nice action and hopefully a story that made somewhat sense.

God were we let down, the action scenes were terrible, of course we know that the hero will make all sorts of getaway moves, but Superman ain't got nothing on this guy.

The movie can pretty much be summed up with.

Terrible dialouge, scene where our hero and his god annoying family get's away just 0.0001 second before it's too late, and then another awful dialouge and nonsense, after where our little superteam decides to land on the middle of what is gonna be the worlds largest volcano, they of course get's away just at the very very last second, let's not forget that a volcano cloud moves at incredible speed, however our hero can of course outrun it in a mobile home down a curvy road.

This goes on and on, I stopped counting the amount of "tense" scenes after 1 hour, but it's retarded, because you know that the good guy and his family are gonna survive, it's obvious and therefore these scenes become retarded and quite boring.

Heck I would have preferred the ex-wife and a kid dying once in a while, it would have given you abit of the "omg are they gonna make it?!" feeling, but it doesn't.

It's an extremely boring movie, there's no "wow nice effects" we've seen it all before, acting is just horrible, of course the bad guy who just shows his loving heart at the end dies, of course our hero's ex-wifes new girlfriend dies a pretty terrible death so we're sure that he'll get his ex back, and of course she forgot everything about her just dead boyfriend 5 minutes after he's dead and starts making out with her hero "what a slut tbh" You really have a terrible taste in movies if you liked this, you gain nothing from seeing it, whatsoever.

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286 out of 521 people found the following review useful:

Classic Emmerich, You will get what you pay for.

Author: kungfugirlsclub from United States
9 November 2009

If you've seen Independence Day, Titanic, or any recent vintage of the well-worn disaster film genre, you will not be disappointed at all with any of 2012. Its 2.5 hour+ running time moves at a great clip, and there's enough science and pseudoscience running around to give the film a certain of-the-moment wonder and clarity. The many destruction sequences throughout the film are absolutely breathtaking to behold, and one wonders if Roland Emmerich starts every film imagining how he will destroy the White House. Like all of his other films (except for The Patriot) it has big names but no huge names and really is a blast to watch. It has just the right balance of action and melodrama, often, as with all good films of this genre, in the same scene. The audience I watched it with was laughing and cheering throughout, and I'm sure it will be the definitive event movie of the holiday season, critics be damned.

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129 out of 208 people found the following review useful:

Great campy fun

Author: cpbadgeman from California, USA
23 November 2009

It was pretty much inevitable that someone would make a movie based on all the 2012 hoopla. Nor is it surprising when that someone is disaster maven Roland Emmerich. His latest effort adheres closely to the formula established by his earlier films "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow"- in other words we get to watch a typically flawed-but-lovable American family (headed by John Cusack and Amanda Peet), along with a range of supporting characters, attempt to survive the end of the world.

That's all there is to the basic plot. The real stars of the film are the truly spectacular special effects. Emmerich really pulls out all the stops and creates some truly awesome set-pieces of destruction. In order to ensure that the main characters have endless perilous situations to escape from, we get to see a bunch of natural and man-made wonders get totaled by Mama Nature. Highlights include Los Angeles falling into the sea, Las Vegas being swallowed by the desert, and the Himalayas being submerged by tidal waves.

Improbable? Definitely. Ridiculous? You bet. But none of that matters since "2012" is exactly the film it was intended to be- a great big popcorn movie that offers big laughs, big thrills, and a lot of good old fashioned fun.

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224 out of 406 people found the following review useful:

Heavy and absurd..

Author: Steef x from Netherlands
11 November 2009

After watching this movie I really needed time to figure out what to think of it. I heard a lady sharing her first comment to her friend: 'That dog sure was ugly'. What else was there to say? After a while I found out:

The action was truly formidable, demonstrating the power of 'mother nature'. Collapsing buildings, jumping flaming cars, planes falling down and manage to pull up a second before touchdown, it was a real trip and a feast for the eyes and ears.

But then again... the acting wasn't that good, a bit over the top. In one scene in the movie, where every wasted second could be the cause of a terrible disaster, *they* waste their time being...ROMANTIC! At times like that the acting became very juicy, making me think I was watching 'Titanic' instead.

One point of advise: Do not take this movie too seriously. It's almost stuffed with jokes instead of showing us the real drama of an earth that is about to be destroyed. But keep this in mind and you'll have a heck of a 2 hours and 40 minutes(!) in a movie that is made for the cinema.

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55 out of 69 people found the following review useful:

Adventures of Super American Dad and his family !

Author: merdiolu from Istanbul, Turkey
27 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The title of this sorry excuse for a movie should be like that..I mean after watching Curtis family survive every massive disaster milliseconds before...with making so many jokes and in script gags ( I swore I thought this was becoming a comedy towards middle while countless gigantic tragedies supposed to be going on everywhere with millions dying "The guy is an actor. He is getting paid to read a script !" ) , scientific nonsense and dismissal of laws of physics ( jumping through massive gaps on the ground with a limo ! , flying with a two propeller aircraft in front of an exploding super volcano , moving a gigantic Antonov plane between collapsing buildings and inside chasms , cell phones and global network of communications still on along with GPS and other navigational systems after Earth's magnetic poles screwed up ) , god awful leaps of logic ( hey listen and follow what every conspiracy nut says when the end is coming....They might have a map which shows our survival ) , racial and national stereotypes for dumb Americans ( "Arab sheiks and their families are not worthy of saving" implies morally superior scientist hero...WHAT ? Queen of Great Britain is leaving everyone and saving herself with her dogs , shifty fat Russian billionaire buffoons can not be trusted but hey their Paris Hilton like mistresses are hot ! ) , every disaster movie cliché crammed in ( a dysfunctional American family , dad estranged from wife and struggling with an menial job but he is a hero , her new boyfriend is a jerk to be killed , dog survives , family reunited at the end , a scientist warns everyone with a moral and ethical speech at the end and gets First Daughter , US President good decent man doing right thing always and sacrifices himself with his people....STOP STOP TOO MUCH US PATRIOTISM ALERT )

After watching all of this I went to restroom and threw up....Another case which Hollywood does not make a real production or interested with art of film making anymore but only bothered to create a PRODUCT to be consumed by idiot audience to make money....And it will make money because of the marketing campaign , CGI porn and ignorant masses. Not because script or acting means or worthy of anything. Seriously I respect John Cusack a lot. What happened to this guy ? Why he accepted leading role ? I will not even bother to discuss rest of the cast...They were all terrible one way or another ( except for little actress Lily Morgan ...She was quite talented and acted better than anyone else...Because she acted natural as she supposed to be...not like Woody Harrelson's overbearing absurd conspiracy nut manners

Roland Emmerich has only one or two script and he is using it over and over again with little changes ( except little changes names , characters events and characters are similar with "Independence Day" and "Day After Tomorrow" ) Even he has a different scrips he shows what a terrible director he is....He is just selling a CGI show and you can go to Disneyland instead and get a similar thrill in rollercoasters....

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41 out of 48 people found the following review useful:

It's supposed to be a disaster movie... Well, guess what.... The movie is a disaster...

Author: stiva from United States
20 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***




First let me tell the good parts as there is not much of it. Awesome special effects. Roland Emmerich has surpassed well in using special effects... And, that's the only good part about this movie.

The script, whoever wrote it is a complete idiot. What's with all the drama? After this movie is over this is what came to my mind about the film.


1) Sun exploded.

2) 10-15 mins of Joan Cushack with his kids.

3) Then OMG... Earthquake, everybody get in the car.

4) Car almost crashed, we're dead. No, phew! close call.

5) Am flying the plane right into the disaster and destruction.

6) OMG! plane almost crashed. We're dead. No, phew! close call.

7) OMG! Mountain exploded. Fiery ball chunk from the mountain hit the truck I'm driving. My road is sliding upwards. I'm dead. No, phew! close call.

8) OMG! I am in the truck and along with the truck I fell into the abyss.

9) Hey, I am alive and I am seeing daylight. Wait a minute. How did I get off the truck and how did I survive?

10) Plane did not take off right. And, look thick black smoke encircled us along with the plane. We're dead. No, phew! close call.

11) I am in a bigger plane now. I am very close to a crashing plane. I can't lift it up. My plane is almost 85 degrees vertical. We escaped it. Phew! But no, look behind the crashing building. Another crashing building. We knocked the Eiffel Tower. And We're dead. No, phew! close call.

12) Let's go to Hawaii. But, hey where is it? And where is there lava pond in the middle of Pacific Ocean.

13) OMG! We are in total chaos and disaster. Car won't start-up. The guy sitting next to the passenger seat then says, "Car Start". And car starts (What the hell was that? Was that suppose to be a joke? Am I suppose to laugh at this?).

14) Look, I stopped the plane without crashing it. Phew! close call. But, hey no. Me and the plane fell into the abyss. I am dead.

15) Hey, lookie here. Three gigantic metal shark ships.

16) Hello, there Mt.Everest. Sorry to bump into you. Didn't see you there. Let me just pull back and get on my way. See ya.

17) Africa wasn't destroyed. Yay! me, all the continents are gone except for Africa. That's why it's called Cape Of Good. Let's go there.

The End.

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75 out of 116 people found the following review useful:


Author: TiredCamel from United Arab Emirates
16 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie because I was hoping to see all of humanity wiped out. Considering what we've done to each other and the Earth, this is the least of the many punishments we deserve.

Unfortunately, we get the predictable plucky group of survivors overcoming their differences to save the human species. I didn't care for anyone in the film, and the more that died the better in my opinion.

And as usual most of the action happens in America. LA is destroyed. Yawn. Vegas is destroyed. Do we care? The White House is destroyed. Yesss! But this film gets a rating of 1 for a scene that is so overtly racist it really beggars belief: on board one of the Arks, Dr Adrian Whatever is confronting his boss about how people obtained tickets to get on board, and is astounded when he's told that tickets were sold for 1 billion Euros each, 'in order to save the human species'.

The camera then cuts to some (presumably rich) people walking into the Ark, and finishes with and lingers on a group of Arabs dressed in Hollywood-cliché Sheikh and Burka costumes. Dr Adrian then asks incredulously: 'This is the gene pool we want to save?'.

If this had been a race other than Arabs, I wonder what people would say. There would of course be a huge outcry. This type of snide and disgusting racism is the kind of attitude that was prevalent in 1930s Germany, and look where that led to.

Absolutely shocking.

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175 out of 318 people found the following review useful:

waste of money

Author: vazicao from Serbia
23 November 2009

I could talk about this movie all day, but it already consumed too much of my time. They should have burned the money, and film it, the fire would be a much better show... I really do not want to believe that it is allowed to call this a movie. Shame on all the great actors who participated in this... I wouldn't even say that the effects are stunning, because they are just expensive and they do not serve any purpose. Everything is so pointless. All the "emotional" scenes made me wanna throw up. The lines are... don't know how to describe them. I think that you can hear the "Mister president" line, about a hundred times which is present in every single one of Mr Roland's movies. Music is so cheesy, every now and then the sad strings come up to pump up the heroics of brave individuals, or to make you cry or at least to make you realize the importance of the situation , and all they do is making it even more disgusting and eventually you end up actually wanting the world to end. The box offices keep telling us that this is the way to make a "good" movie and that, my friends, won't be the end of the world, but it will surely be the end of 7th art!

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