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"The Cleaner" Here Comes the Boom (2008)

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Welcome back to "The Cleaner" -- where junkies get punked and Benjamin Bratt makes a bushy goatee look good.

We open at the garage where Akani, Darnell and Arnie worry that William is working too hard. Darnell urges his boss to "come up for air every once in a while." One thing is for certain: doing the Lord's work ain't easy.

Ray Jr., a young man that William hasn't seen in years, interrupts the mini intervention. Unfortunately, the teen has bad news: His mother, a recovering addict that William helped on his very first job, has died. William gives his condolences. Ray also explains that his father is out of prison and clean. Or is he?

Ray Jr. leaves -- almost reluctantly so. Later, William explains that he has a new case concerning the Inland Kings, a biker gang that Ray's father belongs to. William asks Arnie to keep an eye on the gang. He wants to make sure Ray's father is clean so that the boy has "peace of mind."

Ray's father is working at a car lot. Dad suggests that Ray Jr. stay away from the biker gang and promises to rent a two-bedroom apartment as soon as he gets the money together. "I can't have my baby boy living with strangers forever," Ray Sr. says.

Back home at dinner, Ben makes a shocking announcement: He is quitting football. William refuses to acknowledge the statement, but the Ben holds his ground. "You can't make this decision for me," he yells. "I'm quitting!" William slams the table, screaming at his son to "sit down!" Ben sits ... and the family commences eating in awkward silence.

CUT to the car lot. Ray and his father are having their own problems. Jack, an old biker buddy, arrives. He asks if the recently released prisoner wants back into the drug-smuggling game. Pops refuses. Ray watches warily from a distance.

The next morning, William plans to infiltrate the Inland Kings along with Arnie. Akani protests, wanting to join the team, but William quickly rebuffs her. It's far too dangerous.

A sleeveless William and a leather-clad Arnie roll up to the Inland King garage on bikes. William claims he can "move a lot of product in these tanks." He then pulls a empty vial from his gas tank -- perfect for meth runs. Arnie is introduced as the man who can build those trick tanks. Suddenly, Ray emerges from the garage. William quickly tells the group that his name is "David." Ray, although confused, remains silent. Seems like he's willing to play along ... for now.

Later, Ray confronts his father. Seeing William has only increased the boy's suspicions. "Are you straight right now?" he asks. Pops assures his son that, yes, he hasn't touched the stuff in a long, long time. Ray appears satisfied.

William confronts his son in the school yard about quitting the football team. He questions Ben's commitment to his team. Suddenly, William's cell phone ring. Once again, work has interrupted on family.

"Nice commitment," Ben quips before storming off.

Ray Jr. arrives at the car lot with bad news for dad: His foster family is moving. That means Ray, a foster kid, is going to go "back in the system." Suddenly, Ray Sr. really needs that money for a two-bedroom apartment.

Meanwhile, Arnie is making friendly with the Inland Kings -- especially Jack. Jack's cell phone rings. It's Ray's dad. He wants in on the next smuggling run. "Yes!," Jack responds. "Old times!"

William pulls into the Inland King garage to see Ray Sr. smoking a pipe -- and not the legal kind. Pops walks inside, leaving William alone. William spots a meth rock on the ground and puts in his pocket.

Back at William's garage, Arnie and Darnell urge their boss to call the cops. William refuses. He tells Arnie to get started making those trick tanks. "If Ray gets arrested one more time, he's going away for life," William says. "I'm not going to pin a third strike on him!"

A MONTAGE: Arnie and Darnell build the tanks. Ben throws a football through a window at school. Ray Jr. sees Ray Sr. smoking meth ... and starts to cry.

The next morning, William, Melissa and Ben emerge from the police station. Replacing those windows is going to cost William a pretty penny.

"You have my attention, OK?" an angry William says. "You have my full attention!"

"It only took the last 10 years to get it!" Ben screams.

CUT from the domestic squabble to Arnie presenting Jack with the trick tanks. Jack seems mighty pleased.

Back at the garage, Ray Jr. confronts William. "I thought you could help him!" the boy yells.

"No matter what I do, some people just can't shake it," William says.

Ray Jr. storms out, leaving William to stew. Akani enters. She confesses to knowing the reason that William refuses to involve the cops. Turns out that when William helped Ray's mom, he brought the cops into it -- which directly led to the arrest of Ray Sr. Darnell and Arnie enter. William, furious, tells them to go work surveillance.

Darell and Arnie arrive at the Inland King garage, but can't get a good view of the gang. Arnie, not wanting to disappoint his angry boss, heads inside. Darnell protests ... but it's too late. Darnell calls William, who tells the big man to stay put. William is on his way.

Jack demands to know why Arnie has returned. Arnie responds with some lame excuse about wanting to check a part on the tanks. Jack doesn't it buy for a second. He accuses Arnie of being a cop. The garage door closes, locking Arnie inside. All of the sudden, the funny guy is in grave danger.

Jack pulls out a meth pipe. "You're not a cop, right?" he asks. "Then you hit this pipe." Arnie, a recovering addict, begins to shake.

"Please, I can not hit that, please," Arnie pleads. "Please!"

Jack strikes Arnie in the face, drawing blood. Then, Jack points a gun at Arnie's left eye. Arnie, scared to tears, takes a pull on the pipe. Suddenly, William charges into the garage and, in front of the entire gang, tells Ray Sr. his real name.

"You say your name is William Banks?" Ray Sr. asks.

Ray Sr. punches him in the face -- and then again in the gut. William pleads with the gang to let Arnie go. He also promises to get Ray Sr. help.

"How are you going to help me?" Ray Sr. demands. "Send me to prison again?"

Ray Sr. points a gun at William's head.

"Look, Ray, I made a mistake and you paid for my mistake," William says. "I am truly sorry."

Ray Jr. enters, pointing a gun at his father.

"Do you want his help or not!?" Ray Jr. screams. "These guys are here to help you!"

Ray Jr. puts the gun to his own throat. "No!" Ray Sr. screams. William knocks the gun from the young man's hand. The boy goes running into his father's arms. Ray Sr. drops his gun.

"It's over," he says.

Some time later, William and Ray Jr. watch over Ray Sr. The elder Ray is hooked up to an I.V. and lying asleep in bed.

"He'll be knocked out like that for at least a day," William says. 'I'll be back again tomorrow, OK?"

William and Ray Jr. embrace.

William returns home to find that Ben has been missing for hours. "William, where is our son?" Melissa asks.

In a quick succession of shots we see: Ray Sr. going through symptoms of withdrawal ... Melissa talking to two policemen in the family's living room ... Arnie smoking more meth and then coughing wildly ... and William pleading with God for help.

The next morning, Akani finds a still bloody Arnie sitting on a park bench. He weeps in her arms. Ben, meanwhile, is still missing. William pulls the rock of meth from his pocket and stares at it. Lula enters.

"I can't tell you anything except that I got a text and I know where Ben is and I know he's alright," she says.

William and Lula embrace. William drops the rock and crushes it with his boot.


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