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The best episode of Pysch.
csproductions8821 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This episode of Pysch, has been so unique. For starters, they didn't start with a scence of the 70s. This is how a season finale needs to be. This episode contained suspense, mystery, action & adventure, and romance. They build of this episode is genius.

Shawn and Gus go out to a restaurant for lunch, and Shawn, naturally, got it on with the waitress. Then, some mysterious package is sent to the Santa Barbara Police Headquarters. It has been authenticated as coming from Yin Yang. Yes, the Yin Yang. Ya know the serial killer who murdered five victims back in 95, and always picks a mark on the police squad to play his sick games? Well anyway, Mr. Yang picked Shawn to play with. Shawn has 1 hour to figure out a riddle before his little waitress (who he just met that morning) is killed. Each riddle has something to do with Shawn, and his past.

What does Mr. Yang want? Why would he pick Shawn? Will Shawn be the first person to be able to defeat the resurfaced Yin Yang, or will he be defeated? Find out in this powerful episode.
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Season 3: Continues to be light, fresh, funny and really entertaining
bob the moo1 March 2009
Looking at the way Monk has gone, I cannot help but watch Psych with an air of caution. The success of the show is down to such a simple formula week-to-week that I doubt it would work as it does of/when it starts mixing it up in an attempt to stay fresh. The start of season 3 has Shawn's mother enter the fray and I was worried that this would be the start of the rot in the way that movie series usually have to introduce a baby etc as a device to make the same characters seem fresh and allow for story lines. Fortunately this doesn't happen and for the vast majority of season 3, Psych sticks to the formula that I so enjoyed in season 2.

It goes like this: we have a mystery that Shawn solves by way of his amazing skills of deduction, which he has to dress up as psychic visions in order to get a consultant's fee. He works alongside his friend Gus (who provides business sense and a car) and, although death is always involved, essentially goes through the case with a carefree wit and a bagful of popular culture references and irreverent approach to life. It sounds really simple but it is not easy to make something so silly work like Psych has done for the last few seasons. And it is silly – no point in denying it, the writing is good enough to provide solid stories to frame the silliness into engaging enough episodes but really it is silly. What makes this a non-issue though is that it is a lot of fun. As before this stems from the quick wit, mugging and references (self, films, music, TV etc) that it throws up. How many other murder mysteries have a pineapple in every episode? And how many do but yet also have good mystery plots? Well, just Psych I guess.

Season 3 stays fresh apart from a few missteps. The introduction of some "serious" threads don't work – the clumsiest being Lassiter's ex-wife in a later episode, although I assume this is to allow a romance to be part of his character in season 4. Likewise the final episode, although reasonably exciting, is a warning to all those involved that the show simply doesn't work as well when it moves away from the light-hearted fun that is its engine. For almost all the episodes though, it manages to maintain this fresh air and it comes off the consistent delivery of the dynamics of Shawn and Gus. At some point I guess the writers will let this slide or change the dynamics or characters in order to create narrative but this has not happened yet (and I hope it does not as it destroyed season 5 of Monk – which still has not recovered). These two play off one another and everything else with glee and aplomb, matching the structure of the episodes in throwing out references here there and everywhere. Big Punisher references, 80's high school movies, 80's slasher films and even references to their own critics (a character saying they're tiring of Shawn's mugging gets "what are you, Entertainment Weekly?" as the hilarious response).

The cast don't disappoint either and keep their focus on their jobs. Hill and Roday know their jobs are to deliver these characters in a fresh and fun way, keeping things free-flowing and enjoyable for the audience. They do this really well and deliver on the writing with a great double-act that regularly has me laughing. I'm not saying that their performances are Shakespearian but they have a set of things to do and they do these really well. Again I live in fear of the day the writers decide that the show should have development and depth because I don't think Roday will be as good at that, but then the show itself won't be either – but this has not happened (yet). Lawson is good and manages to keep her character fresh with an edge of sex appeal but not to the point where it gets in the way. Omundson is weak when the script needs more from his character in terms of depth but in regards the general situation he is funny and plays it well (ironically he is less funny when trying to be funny in the "outtakes"). Bernsen and Nelson are also good and all of these supporting players do better in season 3 in regards carrying things when the main two are off-screen. Not a lot is put on them but generally they have better material this time.

Psych continues to be something I struggle to recommend to people because it is not "brilliant" in the way that some things of real quality will appeal to many – this is a bit too silly for everyone to enjoy. However, season 3 yet again repeats the charm of the series as a whole, building on solid plots and writing consistent characters to formula, the whole thing is a great deal of fun that makes for easy and enjoyable viewing. I look forward to season 4 and hope it can maintain what it is doing and not collapse like its companion Monk has done over the last few years.
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Identity Mistake?
gregory-hawkins21 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Wasn't the killer Aly Sheedy? Was Victoria the name of the Killer? That's the part I didn't get. Then this says that it was Justine Bateman. I thought it was Aly, so I came onto the site to see what she has been up to. Also, if that was her, were the teeth fake? They seemed to be too big. It was a pretty good episode. As a side issue, why on earth is the requirement to enter 10 lines of text for this comment. Yes, I can blather on for 10 lines, but really I just want to ask if this was a mistake and if so have someone try to go in and fix it. In the episode, I did like Sean's kiss. I think it is about time for them to get together. I guess they don't want to ruin the tension - which some times does happen.
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disappointing spoiler s03e16
sg_smith-121 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
An excellent idea for a comedy show to try drama occasionally. Sadly it totally failed. The script was wrong on almost every level.

Where does it go wrong? Firstly a serial killer who doesn't kill? An episode with no deaths? Secondly Shawn and Gus keep up the gags and EXPLAIN to us this is how they work so don't hate them? Why should we? It's why we watch the show!

No suspense. The waitress didn't die? why? And where we seriously expected to believe Shawn's mother was going to die? I don't think so. Therefore no suspense.

The only time it achieves any dramatic interest was when he turns down a date with Julie because he was on a date! He then acted like a gentleman and grownup by lying to his date about why he was so put out. For a moment I thought he might tell her the truth put he made a joke.

In a word disappointing
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They got half of the right/wrong person!!
cheshire5512258002 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I watch psych for the references to the 80s, I mean come on, they made references to "High Road to China" and "Vibes", what is not to love? At first the character of Shawn made me want to smack him around, but he grew on me (while on Monk, I want to smack HIM around more, he is so annoying).

But if anybody missed that the Profiler, Mary, is also half of the serial killer duo Mr. Yin/Yang, they are just not paying attention. I am sure we will see him again when he writes a book about the case and Shawn DOES write the forward. Yin/Yang implies duality so I am sure Mary and Ally Sheedy are twins. Then we will no doubt get references to all the twins moves (let's see there will be Schwarzeneggar/DeVito, doublemint references, that obscure movie with Victoria Tennant, Kevin Spacey and Joan Severence on Wiseguys) etc.

I loved Ally Sheedy showing up!!!! How 80s is that? Judd Nelson can probably take some time away from his busy schedule making straight to cable sci-fi schlock-fest movies too! I like Cybil Sheppard as his mom (remember Moonlighting?) and Justine Bateman, yikes! I didn't even recognize her.
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