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Time Out New York
It would be risible if Ozon's hand didn't remain so steady and confident throughout, all the way up to a complicatedly upbeat conclusion that recreates the Christian Annunciation with the straightest of faces.
The frisson between the two halves is intriguing for a while, but it leaves the film feeling adrift.
In this season of self-important filmmaking, it's nice to watch a movie that entertains while refusing to take itself too seriously.
The New York Times
The deeper Ricky plunges into allegory, the shakier its grasp of the material.
Chicago Sun-Times
Parables are stories about other people that help us live our own lives. The problem with the French film Ricky is that the lesson of the parable is far from clear, and nobody is likely to encounter this situation in his own life.
Ozon's fractured-working-class-family magical realism, liberally adapted from Rose Tremain's short story, "Moth," works best in specific moments.
Because Ozon doesn't develop his characters once Ricky shows his true nature, the movie's slightly overcooked working-class realism quickly morphs into a grotesque -- and admittedly funny -- story of a mutant baby.
The Hollywood Reporter
Ricky is a bold, ambitious hybrid that only intermittently reaches the heights toward which it audaciously aims.
Imagine a quietly creepy "X-Men" prequel -- in French -- and you have this odd little parable.

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