The Skin I Live In (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

skin suicide
key death
plastic surgeon revenge
feminization shot dead just after orgasm
foreign language adaptation surprise
first person title man with glasses
betrayal funeral
nonlinear timeline tranquilizer gun
hit by a van man slaps a woman
fellatio burn victim
younger version of character murder of a nude man
brother murders brother shot to death
shot in the back pistol
character repeating someone else's dialogue female frontal nudity
self mutilation wrist slitting
blood sample held captive
mask female rear nudity
test tube scalpel
psychological torture standing on a chair
facial scar police station
sterility serving tray
nude painting disfigurement
burnt flesh insect bite
fight seduction
drawing on a wall surgery
kicked in the crotch bonsai tree
isolation eating with one's fingers
cemetery 27 year old
newspaper vacuum cleaner
sculpture distrust
gate cigarette lighter
cigarette smoking disposing of a dead body
car crash dress shop
garden character says thank you
overhead shot drinking
leotard watching tv
servant fired from the job
hypodermic needle genetics
carnival breast kissing
suture jumping out a window
looking out a window motorcycle
car chase calling for help
grief remote control
bound and gagged tied to a chair
pipe smoking face slap
pills microscope
news report jewelry store robbery
thief tiger costume
laboratory suicide attempt
topless female nudity throat slitting
kitchen gender reassignment
hiding under a bed hiding in a closet
knife straight edge razor
kiss dildo
face mask missing son
wedding reception promise
looking at one's self in a mirror love
memory mother son relationship
dumbwaiter murder
lecture hall locked in a room
mad doctor madness
part of the body in title body part in title
housekeeper human experiment
medical experiment medical ethics
lecture sexual humiliation
insanity death of wife
death of daughter rapist
escape shot in the chest
blood chained
bare chested male mental illness
car on fire face transplant
missing person lesbian
male rear nudity kidnapping
outdoor sex scientist's daughter
suicide of daughter father daughter relationship
video surveillance surveillance camera
writing on a wall yoga
change of identity sex change
makeup shaving someone
shackles tearing clothing
dress year 2006
flashback opium
opium pipe genetic experimentation
genetic engineering transgender
human anatomy blood splatter
petri dish skin graft
year 2012 toledo spain
rape plastic surgery
based on novel

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