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An overlooked gem with an interesting concept: A Legendary review

Author: Wolfdemon from United States
1 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've played many first person shooters with familiar sci-fi and military concepts. This game Legendary stands out since you won't fight any aliens in this game, you fight mythical monsters from an ancient artifact called Pandora's Box. Gaming websites like IGN and Gamespot just tore this game apart and gave Legendary low scores. I totally disagree with them about this game. While this game does have a pretty good concept, Legendary does have its share of flaws. Here's a review of Legendary.

Plot: A professional thief named Charles Deckard was hired to steal the mysterious Pandora's Box, an ancient box containing powers that could destroy the Earth. Upon putting his hand on the box, Deckard unknowingly unleashes the horrors from their confinement. Mythological creatures ranging from werewolves to gryphons start to tear apart every major city all over the world. To make matters worse, an organization called the Black Order wants to harness the powers of Pandora's Box to rule the planet and kill Deckard. Luckily for the thief, he gets help from a woman named Vivian Kane and another organization called the Council of 98. Deckard must contain these monsters before the whole world is destroyed. 4/5

Graphics: The graphics are decent but they could've use a little bit more work. Legendary has clipping issues that can get very annoying too. The creature models and the layouts of New York and London actually look pretty nice. It may not be the best looking use of the Unreal 3 engine but the graphics look good for what it is. 3/5.

Sound: The voice acting is tolerable in Legendary but the true star of the sound are the creatures. It's pretty cool to hear the werewolves growl like a rabies infected dog foaming at the mouth and the minotaurs letting out this ferocious moo. The Nari have the sounds of kids laughing and screaming and the gryphons has these monstrous chirps. Spark Unlimited did a good job on the sounds of the creatures. The game also has a pretty awesome hard rock/heavy metal soundtrack. 5/5

Gameplay: The controls are pretty solid. The weapons are pretty standard for a first person shooter. The creature AI is rather impressive. The werewolves can scale walls, pounce around, and try to scratch and bite you. I'm most satisfied with the gryphons. They got some pretty good cat-like movements and attacks. While I can tolerate those creatures, the minotaurs and the Nari are another story. They attack without mercy; the minotaurs never stand still half the time, they constantly charge at you, and will keep goring you until you are dead. Same thing with the Nari except they will peck and bite you to no end, it's ridiculous. The human AI is a bit stupid; enemy soldiers will stay in one spot just waiting for you to put a bullet in their heads and when they are behind cover, they don't duck down at all. Since there are no medkits in the game, Deckard has this ability called Animus Vitae, this power allows him to absorb energy from fallen monsters for health or stun enemies. It's a pretty unique idea. 3.5/5

Legendary may not win any awards or compete with more well known triple-AAA titles, this game is a pretty good overlooked gem. I don't know what IGN and Gamespot were thinking giving Legendary such harsh reviews and low scores but I do know they are just so biased when it comes to little guy-type games. If you are willing to give Legendary a try, I say rent it first then buy the game. Legendary is good for what it is and not some horrible and unplayable beast as IGN and Gamespot made it out to be.

Final Score: 3.5/5

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