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A lot of May here

Author: dschmeding from Germany
27 June 2008

"Nobody loves Alice" could have been a decent loooow budget movie. While most movies with such a small budget fail because of the bad acting I was pleasantly surprised to find some pretty believable main actors here. Foremost the main character Alice who is played in a really cute and lovely way by totally unknown actress Nitzan Mager. While this is filed in horror it rather reminds me of May which also got into that wrong drawer. Both movies are rather on the psychological drama side but "Nobody loves Alice" is way slower in its development with long shots and little music. The basic plot is about a girl who got detached from the real world because of events in her childhood ... she desperately tries to find love and if she doesn't get it she captures it and binds her "lover" to a bed where she can torture him if he doesn't love her the way she wants. After all the movie is set in very little locations, everything is filmed pretty close up with nearly no wide shots which makes the movie seem a little narrow, anyway the actors save a lot here. I could also look across the annoying use of piano music which at times is edited rather clumsy... but where this movie falls flat on its face is the paper thin plot. The movie starts, Alice is there, some flashback introduce her as a child and what we later learn about the events in her childhood doesn't come close to how psychological the movie wants to be. So the movie basically deals with Alice capturing the fiancé of a girl in the office she works at (and the work surrounding really is way unbelievable...) and people getting on her tracks... ultimately leading to some blood and a real annoying end that looks like they didn't know how to get out of that script. Its really a shame for the good acting and the interesting lead character but the unfolding story is the lamest thing about it all and pulls it down in the end. Sure they manage to keep some suspense among the really slow pacing of the movie but it just leads nowhere. If you liked May and have a heart for equal movies but on a shoestring budget give it a try but there's just too many weaknesses on many levels here.

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Better than they say- and stunningly attractive actress for Alice.

Author: jktemp from United Kingdom
11 August 2008

Ignore all the people who hate this film- they have nothing better to do!! surely there are 'MANY' far worse films than this one- It's well shot, nicely acted.With a fairly original storyline. When people put 'worst film ever' etc- it makes me laugh! This is nowhere near as bad as they say- in fact it is most enjoyable- I would have liked it to have had a little more blood and not been as tame- (cutting away from the nasty action)- and showing more gore- (but that's a personal taste.) Actress Nitzan Mager is 'gore'geous!!- she can become obsessed with me anytime!! For it's budget i feel they did a great job- psychological, shocking and sexy. (although back story could have been fleshed out a little) I'll keep a look out for the directors next film and definitely be watching for more Nitzan films. And no i am not friends or related to the director, actors producers etc- so get a life!!

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Great horror/psycho-thriller/dram film

Author: andyrose_tx from United States
8 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First and foremost, before I get into the review of this film, I have to say something: Just because you watched the film, did not like it, and have little good to say about it does not mean the positive reviews are fake. So get off your high and mighty horse and recognize that your opinion is your opinion. Shame on you for suggesting opinions different than yours are fake or shill.

Now on to the review: I enjoyed this film. It was a slow-burn horror film. I thought the acting was incredible. The camera-work was well done and the lighting was good. The story was troubling and dark. I watched this film in anticipation of the next scene throughout the film. Yes, it was predictable but honestly, what horror film isn't these days? The story was a bit of a retelling of May and Misery, but enough differed to make it worth watching. For those who like their films full of zombies, werewolves, or fast-moving slashers with high body counts, this film will bore you. But if you like variety in your horror you'll find this cerebral film different and much more enjoyable than any of the remakes and reimaginings done on budgets far greater than Nobody Loves Alice.

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Do people really act like that?

Author: David Holt (rawiri42) from Australia
12 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I actually found "Nobody Loves Alice" in a box of trash that someone was throwing out and, since I had some time to kill, decided to watch it.

Whilst I couldn't say it is a movie I would have bought, it wasn't all that bad either. Another reviewer has commented that all the actors are "plain" and that there isn't a "looker" among them - but I didn't see that as a bad thing. It has often annoyed me how some movies are chock full of gorgeous people and there isn't an ugly or overweight person in sight. That isn't the real world! Alice is about a mentally disturbed young woman who works in an office with ordinary colleagues, two of whom are typically stupid post-adolescent girls who seem to be obsessed with their boyfriends' sexual prowess and loyalty. Similarly, said boyfriends are mainly occupied with comparing "scores" in their sexual exploits.

Thus, when one of the girls, Abigail suspects that her boyfriend, Alex is about to propose to her, her friend Megan, in a totally unproductive effort to stir up trouble, tells her that, given the appropriate situation, Alex would cheat on her "because ALL men cheat." She persists until Abigail reluctantly agrees to test Megan's theory out and they recruit Alice, who Alex hasn't met, to attempt to seduce him. But Alex sees through the plan and, just to make Abigail suffer for her mistrust, drives off with Alice - even though he knows Abigail is watching.

However, when Alex and Alice get to her apartment, she tricks him into coming in by "forgetting" to return his phone which she borrowed in the car. And that's when things go pear-shaped! I won't go into detail of what happens next other than to say that the viewers' intelligence is somewhat challenged when Alex suffers horrendous physical damage but still remains conscious and alert where loss of blood and traumatic shock would have rendered most people comatose if not dead.

There are other scenes where people don't behave the way that people would typically behave and that is also annoying. But the climax where Abigail behaves exactly as I would have behaved is most satisfying! (And then she spoils it by not releasing Alex's hands immediately!)

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Thanks for ruining my evening!

Author: horst-kackebart from Germany
25 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is my first comment ever. I feel betrayed. There seem to be a lot of fakes votes for this movie. The acting could have been a lot better, even though I've seen worse. The actress who plays Alice wasn't even all that bad to be honest. She didn't have much to say either though. What's worse is the unbearably slow pace of the movie, the lack of events or twists, the enormous predictability, the lack of depth in the portrayal of the main character. If I had the chance to turn back time for about 2 hours, I'd probably do it. I don't even want to waste time criticizing this in detail, it's just not worth watching. I honor upcoming film makers who are enthusiastic about what they do, but creating fake reviews is just sad. If I would have went at it with extremely low expectations I would have probably watched it half way through at night until I'd have fallen asleep and wouldn't even have regretted it. This way I just feel betrayed.

Having given you my opinion on this flick, let me tell you I'm a big fan of low budget productions, generic horror flicks and b movies (the latter for the laughs mostly). If you want to watch a psychological thriller like this one, I can wholeheartedly recommend "The Spiral". It's a lot more professional than this one, but still in the lower range of high budget movies these days, has excellent character development, a well thought out satirical component and kept me on the edge of my seat (bed actually) for the whole time through (while there's a steady increase of suspense throughout the movie). May which the other commenter on this movie compared it to, is also worthwhile to see.

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Far Far Far Far Far Far Beyond Terrible

Author: Geminate from United States
1 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't believe the dregs here trying spit and polish this appalling attempt at horror. Nobody Loves Alice starts off as a basic porn-horror movie, then they dump the pornography and keep making stabbing attempts at horror. All characters have the morals of dogs so who cares if anyone and everyone is chopped into kitty food...or is that dog food? Anyway, extremely low budget and audio suffered the most, in fact I would say the poor sound took this malodorous buffoonery to new levels of low.

Alice really required way more background by way of flashbacks to get through to the audience what her problems are and why she is the way that she is, what happens here is a case of too little, too late, too little, oh well. There are also too many unanswered questions, like how does she subdue her victims? They just show up manacled awaiting torture, like magic! What does Alice do with the spent bodies? They too just magically disappear. Alice is just too frail to really deal with anything over 25 pounds, let alone 200-300 pound men. Again, what does she do with all the bodies, eat them?

The ending is unremarkable, as expected, bad. Just once I really would like to see a horror movie really stick it to the tormentor, I mean minutes of payback, not just a conk on the head, the end. What you thought there was more? The End

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This isn't a horror film. More like a drama.

Author: timb75 from United States
28 June 2008

This movie could of been way better then it was. First off labeling this as a horror film is just wrong. There's nothing horror about it. It had great potential to being a horror movie but it completely fell short of being. Except for a few quick and I mean quick violent shots there wasn't anything appealing going on. The story was dry. If the movie focused more on Alice's twisted obsessions and less on one particular victim it would of really helped this movie along. Instead you get to listen to a loved one of the victim complain about how she can't find him for an hour. The cinematic were OK. Some of the shot positions helped the gore scenes stand out but they were so few it was disappointing. The score has a nice horror feel to it. It would of been great on a slasher flick but on this film it was unfitting. There were quite a few scenes where the score gives a suspenseful build up leaving you on the edge of your seat then absolutely nothing happens leaving you feeling disappointed. The cast seem so casted off the street. The acting wasn't horrible but the actors look so plain. Bad skin, buck teeth, nappy hair, there wasn't a looker in the bunch that's for sure. I guess that kind of gives the film a more realistic feel to it. What's creepy is I've run into women who are just like how Alice acts in public. Dorky, shy, quiet, loner. Makes you wonder if they're like her when they get home. What I found stupid about this film is that people were standing around talking about Alice "behind her back" not wanting her to know what they're saying and she'll be standing like 5 feet away staring at them as they talk out loud about how they think she's up to something. Like she's not even there. Bad character placement if you ask me. I'd pass on this film.

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