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Poster and trailer for Brooke Lewis's new revenge thriller Sprinkles

Sometimes the past will cost you. So says the logline for upcoming psychological thriller Sprinkles, from Scheck Media in association with Philly Chick Pictures.

We've now been sent a poster, synopsis and trailer for this revenge-themed independent short, set for release this year, in which a call-girl faces violence and uncovers her attacker's secret fetish.

The full poster and trailer are included below.

Here's the official synopsis:

Sprinkles is a short psychological drama/thriller written and directed by Roger A. Scheck (Nobody Loves Alice) and stars Brooke Lewis (iMurders) and Don Danielson (Boxes).

High-priced call girl Maura (Brooke Lewis) has a seemingly chance encounter with a client, Gary (Don Danielson), while on a business trip.

When Gary turns violent in the midst of their exchange, Maura's fear slips away as she realises that Gary has a dirty little secret fetish.

Maura, with a secret of her own, reveals that this
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Your Weekly Cinema-scope: A Cinematic Look at Your Astrological Chart for October 13-October 19th!

Welcome to your weekly movie horoscope with Madame Millie Kilakilarney. She will point you in the direction of the DVDs you need to watch this week according to the astrological charts she keeps on her bedroom wall. If it's in the stars or on store shelves, she knows about it!

Aries (March 21st-April 19th): Guess what, Aires? You can't hide from the things you've done. Sadly, this week, you are going to want to do just that. You've made some poor decisions in the recent past. Some moments of validity were tossed out of your control. Too bad, because you were the only one that could have saved these horrible hours like a pickled fetus in a fruit jar. My advice to you? Don't run. Take everything into account, and figure out the best way to deal with this mess you've made on your best friend's carpet. It's not all bad.
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Weekly DVD & Blu-Ray Chopping List 8/11/2009

  • Fangoria
Curious to know what frightful films and devilish discs will be available to view in the privacy of your own digital dungeon this week? Fango's got you covered.

Below the jump you'll find the full list of titles arriving in-stores this Tuesday, August 11, 2009 in our weekly version of the famous Fangoria Chopping List - updated with all the last-minute additions and deletions.

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Alien Tresspass - Image DVD & Bd

A flying saucer, ray guns, body snatching and a one-eyed monster from outer space! It’s all here in this action-packed sci-fi adventure! Eric McCormack stars as an astronomer who gets possessed by a friendly alien bent on saving our humble planet. But even with the help of a lovely diner waitress, is he any match for the Ghota, a one-eyed evil alien on a murderous rampage?

Bad Boy Bubby (Bd)

L.A. Weekly called it "disturbing and compelling,
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'Live Evil' Brings New Blood To American Horrors Television Programming!

Disturbing New Vision of Vampires Coming to Hart D. Fisher’s Internationally syndicated horror show, American Horrors!

Los Angeles, CA- Crime Pays, Inc. founder and president, Hart D. Fisher, has announced the latest addition to his American Horrors slate of television programming with the addition of Live Evil, the critically acclaimed, controversial new vision of vampire horror from writer/director Jay Woelfel and producer Mark Terry. Live Evil presents a disturbing new take on the classic horror archetype, with a pack of vampires roaming America’s back roads and badlands to find “pure blood” untainted by the ills of modern society. On opposite ends of the bloodsuckers’ struggle are two genre icons: Tim Thomerson (the Trancers series, Near Dark, Dollman) as the sword-slinging Priest, and Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, The Devil’s Rejects, Rob Zombie’s Halloween) as a “pusher” of stolen blood to a vampiric clientele.

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American Horrors expands to DVD

Filmmaker Hart D. Fisher gave Fango the details about the latest arm of his American Horrors project, currently a TV show spotlighting independent scream fare that airs throughout Europe. He’s now moving into the DVD field, with a series of titles set to come out under the American banner via Todd Taylor’s Indie-Pictures.

First up will be a disc of Fisher’s own serial-killer feature The Garbage Man, arriving in June, followed by a new title every month, including a new director’s cut of Indie-Pictures’ previous release Nobody Loves Alice. The first season of the American Horrors show will also be issued as a 10-disc set in October. “This distribution agreement, along with our foreign broadcast television deals, is a major step forward in our development of the American Horrors brand as a worldwide entity that performs as a production house, a distribution company and horror content provider across multiple platforms,
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Nobody Loves Alice - Indie Horror Gem

  • Leave it up to an indie writer-director to inject some fresh blood into the horror genre.  At a time when the entire scene seems mired in a PG-13 slump of remakes and plenty of copycat torture porn flicks, along comes newcomer Roger Scheck with the inspired Nobody Loves Alice (2008)Nobody Loves Alice
[/link], an intense, harrowing film that's sure to leave viewers with something to think about concerning what they just saw. An extremely low-budget film that doesn't quite feel low-budget, Nobody Loves Alice is the tale of an un-loved young woman who will do anything to capture her ideal fairy tale dream.  Caught up in the middle of it is poor Abigail, who, in a moment of weakness, decides to test her fiance Alex's fidelity by asking Alice to pose as an admirer of Alex to see how he reacts.  Wise to Abigail's scheme, Alex plays along, only to get caught up in Alice's web of love,
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DVD Releases: Dreaming of Cannibal Goddess

Sorry it's so late, folks, but there's lots of horror DVDs to choose from coming your way this Tuesday, June 24th, so I hope you’ve been saving your cash!

Cannibal Terror (1980)

Directed by Alain Deruelle

One of the original Video Nasties! This French/Spanish co-production follow a pair of idiotic thieves and their large-breasted accomplice as they kidnap the daughter of a local tycoon and decide that the cannibal-infested jungle is the best hiding spot. True, no one would look for them there! Pretty soon they’re either being eaten alive or trying to escape from being eaten alive. Buy it here!!

The Chilling (1989)

Directed by Deland Nuse & Jack A. Sunseri

Now, I can see the benefits of having a cryogenics lab, freezing bodies to preserve them and bring them back when a cure is found for whatever is making them sick, but you’d hope they’d have
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Nobody Loves Alice On DVD June 24th!

We just got in a few images and the official press release for the Indie-Pictures release Nobody Loves Alice, which will be available on DVD next Tuesday June 24th! Delusions, Dysfunction and Devastation Reign as Alice Wreaks Havoc in the Horrifying Feature Directorial Debut from Roger A. Scheck. Check out some images from the movie, along with the synopsis below. You can check out the trailer over at the movie's official website!
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