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Let's be honest, killing is this film's business...and business is good.
The Hollywood Reporter
Ninja isn't a great movie, but if you're in the right frame of mind, it is a bloody good time.
Despite the pace, though -- pedal, have you met my friend metal? -- Ninja Assassin still has some of its best stuff left at the end, when the master returns to demonstrate his extra-special, super-most-deadliest technique.
A convincing, reasonably co-ordinated action movie. Nothing special, but lovers of the genre will enjoy the workouts, especially if they bring night-vision glasses.
Just not feeling the holiday spirit? Maybe a brainless, extra-bloody B-movie will provide the boost you're looking for.
It's like Bob Fosse night at the martial-arts studio. Most of the killing here is done with bladed throwing stars that, like the ninjas themselves, arrive from nowhere. They appear to have been used to edit the film as well.
Ten minutes after you leave the movie, all the battles will have blended in your memory into a ceaseless muddle of sliced-off appendages, jets of blood splashing artfully on walls, gurgling screams and flashing swords.
Numbingly gory when it isn't just plain numbing.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
This amateurish action flick is so lacking in personality or punch, it ought to be titled "V for Video Store Discount Bin."
It's a gorefest, a borefest and a snorefest.
Miami Herald
You don't go into a movie called Ninja Assassin expecting a hell of a lot, but this shockingly disjointed and relentlessly dull picture can't even deliver the martial-arts kick its title so plainly promises.

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