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'Lily Allen and Friends' - A travesty for the youth culture of today?
Red8227 July 2008
One of my main fears in life, is that my daughter will grow up to be an idiot.

Yes, that did probably sound harsh, but let's face it, the ideals and youth culture that is around today, is, quite frankly, rather vile.

Before anyone starts to think that I am some sort of middle-aged moany old woman, I have to tell you that I'm not. In fact I am 26, and fall into the category of 'late teen to mid 20s'. The category where a vast majority of youngsters feel like they know everything and that the world owes them some favour. And their choices of icon these days seem to be some kind of interpretation of irony on their part.

The lewder they are the better.

The more idiotic they are the better.

'Oh, they're pushing the boundaries, toilet humour is good, looking like a fool in public shows some kind of 'individuality'...and so on.

Well, I personally am scared to be honest. I know that through the years times change. Humour changes, styles change, and personalities change. But I am really dreading that my daughter will turn into one of these who think laughing at other peoples misfortunes is funny, and that they think films or music that contain a lot of sexual references and bad language are somewhat 'cool' and 'hilarious'.

It's not cool. It's really rather boring.

But back to the subject heading at large.

Lily Allen - I don't know if there are many on this site that know of her, but I'll give a brief synopsis to recap.

Born to father, comedian and Robin Hood actor, Keith Allen.

Has released an album....with only one semi-decent song on it.

Has a clothing line in New Look, selling her 'unique look' of prom dresses and trainers.

Likes to slate off people she doesn't even know (yes, I am a hypocrite, but I am basing her on her TV appearances).

And now has her own 'chat show' on UK channel BBC3.

And it's the 'chat show' that I'm a little annoyed about which, makes me think just what a sorry state of affairs this countries youngsters are in.

'Lily Allen and Friends' is a show aimed for the younger generation. Actually, it's aimed at how I described the majority of the younger generation up the top there.

The 'Friends' part of the show is basically a rouse to make people think that they've had some sort of input into this production.

Really? Did they now? How outrageous! All thanks to the internet of course. After all, her 'friends' helped her with her music career by flooding her MySpace page, and now she's returning the favour by letting fans email 'funny videos', or 'funny stories found on the web' for her. And, if she finds them funny, they go on TV!! How thrilling! Things she finds funny…which in turn means that her audience must find them funny too or else they have no sense of humour, and must leave the studio right away.

OK, so I have to admit now that I haven't seen a whole show, it would be too much pain. But the snippet I did see was enough to make me vent my earlier opinions on the subject of modern day youth culture.

'Kegging', as Ms Allen so eloquently puts it, is 'incredibly childish, but incredibly funny'. Oh dear.

So pulling down the trousers of unsuspecting people is funny?! Really? I must be missing something.

She showed a clip on her show of this so-called craze, which displayed a pupil pulling down his teachers trousers in front of the whole class. What?! OK, I may have hated school, but what the hell? You show this and claim it's 'funny', and you've given permission to all the little sod's out there to go and do it to their own teachers.

There's no dignity in that. What if it happened to you? Huh? How about if someone did it to you Lily? Still funny? Actually my mum summed it up brilliantly.....'she's a loud, obnoxious tart who probably would do herself'.

Her guests, I must add, didn't seem all that impressed. In fact, they looked very uncomfortable about being there in general. I don't blame them.

I've never understood the humour in humiliating other people without their consent. In fact, is it not called assault? I'm no spoil sport, but if a so-called 'friend' did that to me, I would be reporting them as soon as.

So what else did I learn from this show that publicly humiliates people, is a pedestal for her taffeta covered arse, and displays a sickening amount of self admiration to the host? Well, not much really. It's a viral show. With a few guests thrown in to join in some lame teenage girl talk debate about who is 'fitter out of pleb a or pleb b?' Ah yes, the guests! Poor sods who are probably being paid a bucket load of cash to appear on the show so that it would invoke some sort of interest from the general public.

There are musical guests too, that we, the viewer can choose between two of her favourite bands of the moment. Which are all no doubt friends of friends and need some sort of screen time. Fair do's. Just a shame about the outlet.

So all in all, I wasn't impressed. If this is what the BBC thinks most of the under 30's are into, then I am done for, and clearly have no sense of humour.

If that's the case....well then....I'm glad.
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If you don't like it, change the channel
heart34919 April 2009
I love Lily and think her show is hilarious. Having been born in the states, you won't see this kind of television over there. Most of the time, she says things that I've thought, but never said. While her songs rarely come up in socially acceptable conversations, she has given me something to listen to that makes me laugh and take some of life's harder situations less seriously. I love her music and she puts on a great show in concert.

If you are thinking of watching her show, keep in mind that Lily appeals to a niche market and if you aren't part of that group, you may not like her. If you find that you don't like her, you are welcome to not watch. She is 22, with limited life experiences and has found a way to profit from being outrageous. Just because BBC has given her a spot doesn't mean you have to contribute and watch. Thank goodness you have more than one channel on your television.

So she occasionally does things that people think are overboard. Think carefully about your favorite stars and I think you'll find that some of them occasionally do something that people think is ridiculous or overboard.

This show only says what a few people from my generation like, but I don't think it necessarily indicates the kind of people we are. I grew up watching an American show called Beavis and Butthead, where the two characters did some of the dumbest stunts on TV. Despite that, I have grown up to be a responsible, tax-paying, law-abiding, successful adult.

TV is intended to entertain. If people keep that in mind and don't take it so seriously, the viewers won't grow up to be idiots. It's more dangerous to give this show the power to say that it will affect the future through its content. If this show doesn't entertain you, change the channel. Even better, go take a walk.
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Very strange
Simon Rodgers15 August 2012
I really don't quite know what to make of this programme. One thing I do know is that it is one of the few shows where a musical performer is interacting with people who use the internet and send it clips and questions.

This is quite an unusual approach and basically the viewers have a chance of influencing the show.

One thing which got me is that on the whole it did look rather tacky as some of the feedback from the viewers was a little bit silly and most of the shows content relied on bad language and sexual related jokes. A little bit of this would be okay however this show did seem to have too much.

Lily Allen is a far better singer than presenter, but then again if she was hosting something else, she would probably be a better presenter too.

I was surprised to hear that she is not bothered by people not watching the show as she believes she can make it better. Does she have any other plans?
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