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  • Under the guidance of Usutu, Hiro has a vision back in time one year ago to determine what forced Arthur Petrelli to fake his death and create Pinehearst. In the past, Hiro also watches the early days of the Company and how Mr. Petrelli and Mr. Linderman founded it, and their falling out with Angela who saw them as a threat to both Nathan and Peter. Also in the past, Meredith Gordon's origins are shown of how she was captured by Thompson to work for the Company, and of life of crime with her half-brother, whom is the blue-flame fire-starter Flint. Also, Sylar makes a discovery about his powers when he meets Elle for the first time and how she inspired him to kill in order to steal others powers.


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  • "Heroes" - "Chapter Nine: Villains" - Nov. 10, 2008

    Mohinder yaks about why some choose dark and others light as we see clips from previouslies: Fireball hands guy, Sylar meet Suresh the elder, Claire tearfully meets Meredith; Hiro eats the spirit walk paste of the magical African and passes out and Ando freaks.

    We go into Hiro's eyes and see his vision/time travel. It opens on a scene in New York City at a party at the Petrelli house where Papa P, with Mama P by his side, is toasting his sons and wife at a black tie affair. Mama and Papa P embrace each other and their sons and then chat with Linderman, who then turns his attention to Nathan about his upcoming investigation into Linderman's dealings.

    Linderman turns to Papa P and asks what he sees in Nathan. Arthur looks into his mind and says "trouble." Linderman warns him that if Nathan digs into Linderman he will see how they're inextricably linked in their dirty dealings and that he should try and dissuade his son. Papa P says Nathan is too tenacious for that and that if talk doesn't work he'll kill him.

    In "Memphis, One Year Ago" Fireball dude- who is named Flint is robbing a convenience store with Meredith as an accomplice. [Edit 11/11 His name is Flint and he is her brother.] One guy won't listen to his entreaties to stay down. It's Eric Roberts who douses him with a fire extinguisher saying he should listen to his sister. Meredith tells him to run and then Eric Roberts points a tazer at her. Flint gets away.

    In "Brooklyn, New York, One Year Ago," Sylar makes a noose. Hangs it over a ceiling beam. While in the midst of this flashback we also get a flashback of Sylar's- of a man coming in to the watch shop asking for his telekinesis to be fixed. Instead, Sylar brained him with a big piece of quartz and stole his power. (Why was this guy asking for Sylar's help? This is dizzying.) [Edit 11/11 @ 8:00 PST: He killed Mohinder's father and got the list of those with powers, contacting the man leading him believing the ability could be fixed, but with the implicit purpose of getting his power instead.] [Edit 11/11 This is Brian Davis, the man he killed to obtain his telekinesis back in Season 1.] He continues to hang the noose and puts himself in it as he remembers his crime. A woman enters the shop, just as he kicks the chair away. It's Elle who rushes in and zaps the noose, saving his life. She asks if he's alright. He says "forgive me" and they hug.

    Back in Hiro's vision: Back at the watch shop Elle is telling Sylar that everything is going to be okay. He says he's doing unforgivable things. She says she's felt exactly how he's feeling and that he should talk about it. Sylar says he can't. Elle says he'll get through this, because he's not a bad person. He says she doesn't know anything about him. She says she sees a man who deserves a second chance. He asks her name. She says Elle. He calls her an angel. She says she's an angel with a broken watch.

    She leaves the shop and meets with HRG in a van. She says she can't understand why they don't just bag and tag Sylar like all the rest. He talks about whale migration and how they find each other via song. Convicts don't sing apparently. He wants Elle to get Sylar to show her how he manages to get the people to come to him and then show how he transfers the powers to himself. She asks how. He answers "pie."

    In an interrogation room Eric Roberts is reading Meredith's file: nine group homes in seven years, four burned to the ground. Hands bound, she wants to get to the point, thinking he's out to offer her a deal. He says she has a gift and that the Company wants to train her to be an agent. She turns it down. He wonders why she hates the Company. She says she has her reasons. He tells her to be reasonable or spend the rest of her life in an asbestos-lined cell. She says her condition is they leave her brother alone. He says she's not in a negotiating position. She asks when she starts.

    Papa P is gardening when Mama P comes out to persuade him to come to Peter's nursing school graduation. Papa P grumbles. Mama P says when Peter's powers manifest he will become a great man. Papa P says to send his regrets. Nathan arrives to try and convince him as well. Instead Papa P tries to convince Nathan to hand off the Linderman case to another ADA since his prosecution of one of his dad's clients will put strain on the family. Nathan essentially says Linderman is toxic and getting rid of him- in a very deep hole- will be good for all involved. He walks away and Papa P says he looks good in a suit.

    We then see the car accident again, the one that Nathan flew away from and got his wife Heidi paralyzed. We see him at the hospital crumbling as Peter watches. Papa and Mama P arrive and Nathan says it was Linderman's guys who tried to run him off the road. Papa P asks if he's sure and Nathan is disgusted by this reaction. Peter restrains Nathan. Before he goes to Wendy's side Nathan goes to Papa P and vows to hurt Linderman and Papa P too if he's standing by his side. Nathan tells him that he has to decide between Linderman and his family. Mama P is distraught.

    Later, Mama P informs Papa P, who is reading in bed, that Wendy's [Edit 11/11 Heidi's] spine is broken in three places. She asks if what Nathan said about Linderman is true. Papa P says Linderman would never go after Nathan alone. Right, she says. He asks if she's asking if he's trying to kill their son. He says as an ADA hundreds of people want to kill Nathan and could've been driving that van. (How did he know it was a van?) She's crying and says she needs to hear him say it. He says he did not order Linderman to kill Nathan. Relieved she says she's sorry and that she loves him. He says he loves her too.

    Elsewhere in "Austin, Texas, One Year Ago," Eric Roberts and Meredith enter a shanty town and- pretending to be from the VA- bag a dude whose power is turning his hand to steel.

    Elsewhere in "Queens, New York, One Year Ago" HRG surveils Sylar, who is taking things down off of his wall. Elle arrives with pie. He says he's been great thanks to her. She spies a list he's taken off the wall and he says it's of other people like him. She says "nice single guys like you?" And goes to grab the list. He takes it from her and crumples it. He explains he's not like other boys and shows off his telekinesis. She acts all "OMG!? And there are others like you?" (Can't he like smell her power or something?) He changes the subject by asking about what kind of pie she brought. Peach. That's his favorite. She grabs the list from the trash.

    Eric Roberts and Meredith bring the dude back and he tells her that she's a natural. She's psyched and wonders if she's an agent now. He says she passed the first test but once she proves her loyalty by doing what is asked of her by the Company, no questions asked, she'll be full-fledged. He hands off the dude and says to put him in cell 9. She takes him to the cell and passes Flint's cell. She's mad he didn't get away. He says that they offered to make him an agent too. She is exasperated. Eric Roberts comes in, Flint salutes him.

    Back in Queens HRG watches as Elle pretends to be amazed by Sylar's power. He says it can be overwhelming too. She asks how many others there are. He says he doesn't know. He admits that he has a problem - like an addict- of coveting and stealing other people's abilities. He says since meeting her he feels like maybe he can just be himself Gabriel, and not be special. She says he is special and squeezes his hand. She leaves to meet HRG again. He mocks her for being so nice. She says she's just doing the job, gaining his trust. She says she doesn't think he'll kill again and they should move on to another name on the list. HRG is unconvinced. He realizes she actually likes Sylar and mocks her for it. He picks a person on the list to bring to Sylar. She says she's not going to do it. HRG throws her coat at her and tells her to go be a waitress. He says if she doesn't follow orders she's not an agent, and if she's not an agent she's on her own. Her father has been training her since she was four, so it's time for her to make it happen.

    Walking down a marbled hall in the Petrelli mansion Linderman apologizes for Nathan surviving the crash. Papa P says Nathan is now out for blood. Linderman says a second attempt will look suspicious. He wants to postpone. Papa P says the plan for New York has been years in the making and wonders if Linderman has outlived his usefulness. Linderman has a change of heart and suggests a guy he knows from Montreal that he's used in Vegas that could do the trick. As they reach the bottom of the stairs they spy Mama P who has overheard them. She makes a break for it. Papa P confronts her as she grabs a knife in the kitchen. He communicates that Nathan has to die to her mind. She resists, than the power overtakes her and she says "Nathan has to die."

    Hiro sits up from his "spirit walk" with a start saying "murder!" with visions of Angela saying "Nathan has to die" in his eyes. Ando urges him to wake up but Magical African Man says if he wakes up now he could be stuck like that forever, he has to finish his walk. So he has Ando mix some more funky paste and the fumes put Hiro back on his back.

    Meredith gets Flint out of his cell saying they should make a break for it. Flint wants to stay saying these people are being nice to him and he wants to be an agent. She explains they're tricking him because he's dumb. They hop a train to Houston and talk about going to Mexico. She tells him he can't trust the Company just as Eric Roberts tazes her. Dummy Flint is all "you killed her." Eric Roberts agrees and says now he's going to kill Flint. Meredith gets up and hollers to Flint to look out. Eric Roberts now goes after Meredith. Flint hops off the train. She gets mad that they tried to fool Flint. Eric Roberts says the Company could have given him a purpose, but now Flint is their enemy. So is she, says Meredith shooting fire at him and hopping off the train with him as the compartment explodes.

    Mama P is cooking as Linderman enters. She asks what's on his mind. He says what's more important is what's not on hers. He says he still has a shred of morality and he can't stand Papa P's evil plans. Mama P has had some kind of memory wipe 'cuz she has no idea what he's on about. He says he can't push a thought into her head but can heal the scars of all the times Arthur has. She says her hubby wouldn't do that. Linderman begs to differ saying she's been betrayed by Papa P in the most heinous way possible. She gets mad at him and slaps him when he says Papa P is going to kill Nathan. He says he can heal her scars but she has to decide if she wants to live in blind obedience or know the truth. A tearful Angela puts Linderman's hands on her head. He heals the scars, quickly. "Nathan!" She says.

    At the site of the train crash Eric Roberts has Meredith in cuffs again and she explains that she hates the Company because they killed her baby girl (Claire). Eric Roberts spills that Claire isn't dead and undoes her cuffs and tells her to go before he changes his mind. In the background we see Claire in her cheerleader outfit saving the man from the crash from the first season.

    Elle is back at Sylar's enjoying dinner, ziti and wine. She wants to go to a nearby theatre to see some artsy spoken word thing. There' s a knock at the door, it's the sacrificial lamb she's invited. Trevor, who has an ability too. She thinks it's important for Sylar to get to know people like himself, AA-style. Trevor can shoot things with his fingers and demonstrates by breaking two glasses. Elle says"Gabriel isn't that special?"

    Mama P and Papa P are enjoying some Italian lentil soup. He asks if something's on her mind. She wonders if he can't read it. She says she wonders if without his power he would still know her. He turns around and sees the Haitian, cluing us into the fact that his power is blocked. She asks if he still knows her, if he can tell anything by just looking in her eyes. He says as his wife he knows her like he knows his own heart. She wonders if he knows if she's now going to kiss or kill him.

    Trevor keeps shooting glasses and Elle gushes about how special it is. Sylar gets mad and says if she thinks he's so special he wonders if he can do this: and wings Trevor against the wall. He tells her to leave. She asks him to stop and zaps him. He wonders who she is and then wings her against the wall and tells her to get out. HRG freaks in the van as he watches. Elle makes a break for it as Sylar does his head slicing routine on Trevor. Elle busts into the van as HRG watches Sylar's routine. He's all excited "He actually exposes the brain." Elle freaks.

    Back at the Petrellis', Mama P is all "our son, Arthur, our son!" He tells her to not let sentimentality ruin everything they've worked so hard for. She doesn't see how not wanting to murder Nathan is sentimental and says he used to be a great man but along the way he lost his soul. He's about to say he makes no apology for it but starts to get physically impaired. Turns out she poisoned the lentil soup. He keels over as the Haitian watches and Mama P sips her wine.

    Mama P is telling the Haitian to incinerate the body on Level 3 when Nathan comes in and spies the body and freaks. She walks in and feigns surprise. Papa P is still breathing and Nathan thinks he's had a heart attack and calls 911.

    HRG is telling Elle to not feel bad about what happened and that the video they got will be studied and analyzed. She says they created a monster and set him loose. HRG says not to worry because they'll track Sylar down before long. She says that's not the point, they ruined his soul. HRG points out that they're not missionaries, just people doing a job for the Company. He looks across the street and spies Peter getting out of Mohinder's cab. HRG gets in, bringing us back to season 1 again.

    At the hospital Nathan is saying they should call Peter. Mama P says to wait until there's something to tell. The doctor comes in and says Papa P died of an acute MI, heart attack. Mama P says she wants a cremation right away. She hugs Nathan. The doctor goes back into another room and speaks to Papa P who is hooked up to machines and silent. Papa P communicates with his mind to the doctor who says he will cremate another body and give it to Mama P. He says the paralysis caused by the poison will likely be permanent and apologizes.

    At the funeral Nathan tells Peter that he's with Izzy now, the family dog that Papa P hated. They reminisce sadly. Mama P, standing nearby, says for them to not idolize their dad. He wasn't a god, just a man who was deeply flawed in ways they will never know. She stares at the urn.

    Back in the "present day" Hiro awakens with a start saying he has to warn Angela Petrelli, and Nathan, and Meredith "who may be able to..." and then we hear a scream in the distance, Hiro and Ando run outside and find the Magical African's bloodied body- apparently his name was Usutu- without it's head. Eek. Hiro looks around. They find his head a little further away. Hiro looks at it and turns around and sees Papa Petrelli, who says "I understand you've been dreaming about me" and grabs Hiro's head causing him to scream as Ando says "No!"

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