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  • Noah Bennett is stunned when Angela Petrelli assigns him a brainwashed Sylar as his new partner to track down the escapees from the notorious Level 5, as Peter, still trapped in the body of Jesse the Sonic Man, is forced to team up with a trio of deadly super villains who are on a murderous crime spree by holding up a local bank. Future Peter eventually releases Present Peter from his body-cell and shows him his dark future. In Africa, Matt learns more about his spiritual guide, Usutu, who also has the ability to paint the future. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando track Speedster Daphne to Berlin to recover the mysterious formula, and find out that the rouge Haitian is behind it and working for another third party. In California, Claire asks her biological mother, Meredith Gordon, to teach her how to fight. Elsewhere, Micah Sanders, mourning the death of his mother is approached by the shadowy Tracy Strauss who asks him information about her past and why she and the late Niki Sanders are very identical looking, which leads to the mysterious Dr. Zimmerman, who may hold a clue.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Tracy Strauss is having difficulty coming to grips with her powers and what she has done. She travels to New Orleans and meets Micah who, using his own special powers, determines that his mother and Tracy were born on the same day and delivered by a Dr. Zimmerman. Nathan Petrelli starts his new job and meets the Peter Petrelli from the future. Present day Peter participates in an armed hold up with some of the others who have escaped from the Level 5 facility. Mrs. Petrelli teams HRG and Sylar and tasks them with tracking down the escapees. Claire's biological mother moves in with the family to protect Claire. Hiro and Ando teleport to Berlin as they try to track down the speedster who stole Hiro's half of the formula. There they see someone known to them. Matt Parkman continues his spirit walk in the African desert where he sees paintings depicting his past and his possible future.

    - Written by garykmcd


"Heroes"-"One of Us.One of Them"-September 29, 2008 Previously On: Sylar stole Claire's...

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