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  • Having reestablished control over the Company, Angela sends Nathan and Peter to Hatai to find the power-suppressing Hatian to bring him back to the USA to help in their fight against Arthur Petrelli and the evil Pinehurst. Hiro and Ando travel to New York to come back into the fold and ask for Parkman's help. Hiro, having lost part of his mind, but not his powers, teleports himself, Ando and Parkman to Kansas to Daphine's home to find out what Mr. Petrelli has on her. Also, Sylar teams up with Elle to try to capture Claire to bring her to Pinehurst to give her to Suresh to experiment on as the missing catalyst to the formula. But everything changes when a prolonged solar eclipse happens, which renders the heroes and villains powerless, stranding Peter and Nathan in Haiti with the Hatian who is trying to capture the powerful Voodoo witchdoctor Baron Samedi. In Kansas, Parkman must find a way into the Millbrook house without his mind-reading powers, and learns what Daphine is without her super-speed powers. In California, the powerless Elle and Syler try to capture Claire, who accidentally gets shot, and Nathan seeks revenge.


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  • "Heroes" - "The Eclipse, Pt. 1" - Nov. 24, 2008

    We open on a series of sketches of the future as Mohinder talks about the moments in a war when things change. Arthur finishes a sketch; cut to Angela looking at family photo and then out the window at the coming eclipse; cut to the eclipse in the comic Hiro and Ando are looking at; cut to the sketch of an eclipse Arthur has just drawn.

    Sylar is zapping beakers and Elle says he's getting good. He says he needs to hurry up and get great in order to prove himself but he won't say to who. Arthur comes in and tells him that he needs find Claire and bring her back. Elle volunteers as his partner. Arthur thinks they'll make a good team.

    Claire is wondering why it's always her that has to be the linchpin. Angela says they have a plan: Nathan will find the Haitian (even SHE doesn't know his real name!), Parkman will find Hiro and Claire has to go off the grid. She doesn't want to hide, she wants to fight. As they enter Level 5 Claire wonders if Angela is going to lock her up. Nope. She's handing her over to HRG.

    Peter is trying to convince Nathan to take him on his mission to help. The Haitian is after a bad guy- voodoo, drug trafficking. He says when he got his powers he knew who he was supposed to be. Nathan says he still has a purpose even if he's powerless. Peter asks him to take him with. Nathan acquiesces and Peter climbs on and they take off.

    Mohinder is harvesting organs from his now deceased 'patient' and freaking out about his own scaliness. He goes to Arthur and complains that he needs the catalyst. Arthur is worried all their plans are for naught and shows Mohinder his sketch of a bloody Claire in HRG's arms. Mohinder says Claire can't die. Arthur says she's going die today, so Mohinder has to explain it to him since he's the scientist. Mohinder says it must have to do with the eclipse and that if Claire dies the catalyst dies with her and there's no hope for a cure for him. Arthur shows him another drawing depicting Mohinder's death and says everything is going to change today.

    Parkman and Daphne are arguing about going after Hiro. Parkman says Angela says it's important, Daphne says he's a spaz. Daphne is freaking out about being a betrayer: of Arthur and of Parkman. Parkman says he trusts her completely and that in his spirit walk it showed their life together. Daphne says it wasn't real and that Arthur could kill them or worse. There's a knock at the door. It's a dancing Hiro and Ando. Ando shows Parkman the comic book which says he has to fix Hiro. He explains Hiro thinks he's 10. Hiro runs off to pee and Daphne thinks they're all going to die.

    HRG takes Claire to Stephen Canfield's house. He says it's a controllable situation. She says she knows he just wants to keep the catalyst safe. He says he wants to keep her safe.

    Parkman tries to read Hiro's mind but it's in Japanese. Daphne is confused that Ando is alive. She says she's not a nemesis anymore but a good guy. Parkman says he can't understand Hiro's Japanese thoughts no matter what the comic says and that he definitely believes he's 10. (and it never occurs to Matt to teleconference with someone else who DOES think in Japanese to help? someone like, say, Ando?) But he's still very powerful. They all look at him concerned. Daphne freaks and says she has to leave. She says Parkman paused when she asked if he trusted her. She says he doesn't know what she's been through. He reads her mind and gleans that she's from Lawrence, KS. She speeds off. Hiro thinks this is cool and wants them to do it again!

    Sylar and Elle are at a car rental place. Elle is bummed that HRG is involved. But Sylar says he knows how he thinks and where he'll hide Claire. Elle says she's worried about him being so obedient to Arthur. He says he's just trying to be responsible. Elle has told the car rental guy that Sylar is a serial killer in order to shake Sylar out of his obedience stupor. The guy comes at them with a gun and Sylar tries to reason with him. Elle says they're all trying to mold Sylar into something, a boy scout, a monster, she asks which will it be, who is he really? The car rental guy says he should shoot him and become a hero. He whacks Sylar with the gun and Sylar says, "I hate heroes."

    The eclipse is getting closer and Mohinder is trying to figure out how it will affect the super-powered. He is coughing and shaking as he talks into his dictaphone. He can't understand why he's changing and why he can't control it. He touches the table and his hands come away all gooey.

    At the Canfield house HRG offers to train Claire by throwing her a piece of wood and telling her to hit him with it. She thinks it's to get over his guilt and that she can do it without him. He says she's acting stupid and careless and his absence gave her no right to act like a brat. She says she's trying to do good with her abilities. He says he's trying to keep her safe. She says she doesn't need his help. He tells her again to hit him, but when she tries he overpowers her and tells her she's slow and clumsy. They set about doing it again.

    Tracy calls Arthur and fills him in on Nathan's plan to go get the Haitian. Arthur thinks it's smart. Tracy asks if he's going to hurt Nathan. He says some things are out of his control. Tracy says they need Nathan. Arthur says she needs him to get into the Oval Office and to get over to the marine training facility at Parris Island since every war needs an army. We see over Tracy's shoulder that Angela has entered the room. Tracy hangs up and says, "Washington, I guess there's no rest for the wicked." Angela says, "obviously not."

    Parkman is freaking to Ando over Daphne leaving and says he needs Hiro to help find her. Ando says she's a villain. Parkman says she's just scared. He says they need to teleport to Lawrence, KS. Hiro recognizes this name and shows them a strip of the three of them standing in a corn field in the comic. It's Daphne's house, she grew up on a "corn farm". Hiro teleports them into the cornfield. (sorry, no Bill Mumy cameo for you!) They run to the house just as the eclipse begins and they stop and stare up at it.

    Arthur scatters all of the new sketches to floor.

    Mohinder has cocooned himself to the lab wall.

    Angela looks at the family photo again. Her shadow covers Nathan and Arthur, while she and Peter are in the light.

    We see a sketch of Nathan and Peter falling out of the sky and then see it actually happen as they fall into a lake.

    We see a sketch of the trio in the cornfield, and then one of Sylar kissing Elle.

    Sylar jumps in a convertible with Elle and they speed off.

    Claire whacks her wood against a wall as HRG watches. We see the sketch of him holding her, bloodied, in his arms again.

    The eclipse is almost complete.

    Mohinder busts out of his cocoon. He's naked and gooey and checks himself in the mirror. Damn, I'm handsome!

    Nathan and Peter drag themselves out of the lake. They're not sure what's up. Peter notices the eclipse and reminds Nathan that there was one the first day he flew. Nathan wonders if the Haitian saw them coming and stopped his powers. They begin to walk through the forest and there's a bunch of voodoo-type dolls on the trees. Peter calls them "pwen", they're messengers, prayers for salvation. They argue about which way to go.

    In Kansas, Parkman knocks on the door and asks to speak to Daphne. Her father says she's not there but Parkman knows she is. She calls out to him to go away. Parkman tries to force his way in with his mind control. Daphne's dad wonders why Parkman is turning his head sideways all weird. Parkman and Hiro both realize that their powers are gone.

    Inside Daphne sits on her bed and her dad asks her what's up, and where's she been all this time. She asks "can't I just come home?" He asks if she's alright, and she says, "no, it's happening again." Her father looks anguished and he apologizes. She asks if he still has "them." He says he'll go get them.

    Nathan and Peter come to a cliff side. They decide to double back. Peter's mad that Nathan didn't take his directions. They start to fight about what they're really mad about. Peter says to stop treating him like his dumb little brother. Nathan says he's been saving Peter's ass his whole life- off the roof, Kirby Plaza- so why should he respect him? Peter says he doesn't want his respect since he's a puppet. Nathan counters he's a U.S. senator and Peter is a nurse. Peter counters that Nathan is simply living out their father's dreams and goals. Nathan wonders where this is coming from. Peter says that in the future Nathan chooses Arthur. Nathan says that right now he's here trying to stop him and wonders if Peter will help him. Nathan turns and is confronted by the Haitian who puts his fingers to his lips to shut them the hell up.

    Claire is still whacking her wood. HRG is telling her to keep at it and asks what she's thinking. She won't tell him. He says to swing at him. She goes to and misses. He asks again what she's thinking. She tells him about how she would always hug him tight when he came home so he wouldn't leave again as she continues to swing at him and finally gets him down. She decides to get some air. He wants to talk, she doesn't.

    As they walk out the door Elle is waiting but she's unable to zap them and wonders if the Haitian is in the house. HRG pulls out a gun and they back into the house where Sylar is waiting, also powerless and confused when his TK doesn't work. He and HRG begin to fight the old-fashioned way with HRG getting the upper hand- smacking his head against the decor and breaking his left arm- but losing his gun. Elle grabs HRG's gun and goes to shoot him and Claire jumps between them, getting shot. HRG whacks Elle with the wood, grabs Claire in his arms, now bloodied and walks out of the house. Sylar crawls to the gun and tries to get off a shot but is too late as the door swings shut.

    HRG busts into his house with Claire, practically throwing her, bloody shoulder first, onto the couch. Sandra wants to take her to the hospital since she isn't healing. HRG says no, it's a surface wound and they can deal with it. Claire is bleeding and freaking out and admitting that HRG was right that she was stupid and careless and thought she was invulnerable. She's in pain, and she's psyched. HRG thanks her for saving his life.

    Out in the cornfield Hiro and Parkman are still powerless and confused. Parkman wishes he had his powers. Hiro realizes that part of a hero's quest is to be able to triumph without powers and that Parkman has to try and save Daphne anyway. He starts throwing spring corn at him trying to convince him he can do it. Somehow, Matt is convinced this works when he finally catches a young ear and he marches off to save Daphne. Hiro tells Ando while Parkman does that he's going to get their abilities back. They walk and talk and Hiro explains that he learned about the hero's quest from the Saturday Samurai Matinee Showdown. Ando realizes they've reached the end of the comic book. Hiro says they will find the next issue "where wise men always gather" and to trust him.

    At the lab, Mohinder is excitedly reporting the miracle of his abilities disappearing, somehow connected to the eclipse. He says further study is warranted, but not yet. He pulls up a photo of Maya and puts on his jacket. Arthur walks in and says he's not going anywhere until he figures out how to re-instill the abilities. Mohinder says he's not sure it's possible. Arthur says to figure it out. Flint grabs him and whacks him up against a glass wall explaining that without abilities he's a nobody, and since he's already been a nobody and discovered that it sucks he's not accepting Mohinder's inability to restore abilities.

    At another Sam's Comics, this one in Lawrence, KS (it's a global chain!), it's Wednesday, new comic book day so they look for the next 9th Wonders. Ando glances over at past issues lining the wall, including "Flying Man" in a red suit and shades and Uluru. The comic store clerk, Sam (played by Seth Green), says they'll be right with them, they have plenty of "Red Hulks" (written by Jeph Loeb! plug!plug!plug!), when the other comic book nerd, Frack (played by Breckin Meyer), brings over the latest '9th Wonders' which has a picture of the two of them talking to Hiro and Ando in their store. "Dude! This is so awesome!"

    The Haitian leads Peter and Nathan through the jungle. Nathan explains that Arthur is alive, which freaks out the Haitian. Nathan says the sooner the Haitian takes his juju off of him the sooner he can fly them back and stop Arthur. The Haitian explains that he is also powerless, looks up at the eclipse and says that the universe has decided their fate. Nathan wants to call the military for a C-130. The Haitian says the man he's tracking is his brother, whose ability is impenetrable skin. He's used his powers to become a local god and amass an army through fear. He says he stopped his brother once and got him put away in Level 5 and that he must again. Peter offers to help. The Haitian says it's not his fight. Nathan pulls Peter aside and tells him not to be stupid. Peter says the only way they'll likely be able to convince the Haitian to come back with them is to help him. Just then shots ring out and they all take off. Nathan surrenders and gives his name and says he's an American. (How you like je m'appelles?) The bad guy says he knows all about him since Arthur alerted them. He says Arthur told him to "be myself" and gives Nathan a whack with his gun and tells his henchmen to take him away. Peter and the Haitian look on and eye the eclipse once more.

    At the Bennet house, Claire is resting comfortably as HRG cleans his glasses. He says they're going to figure out what's happening to her. They exchange 'I love you's. HRG walks off purposefully and Sandra tries to stop him from leaving and that Claire is scared and needs him. HRG says there's something he needs to finish.

    Out in the cornfield, Matt watches Daphne's dad drives off in his truck, ignoring the fact there's some weird late-30something guy standing in his cornfield all day, stalking/demanding to see his 20ish daughter that she already told to go away. Parkman immediately runs across the driveway to the house and pleads with Daphne through the door. He says she's smart and beautiful and funny and that he's never going to give up even if the spirit walk was bunk because... he's in love with her. She tells him the door's open. He enters and discovers that she uses leg braces and crutches in her non-super-powered life.

    Sandra brings Claire a tray of food and drops it when she discovers she's bleeding out. Great, that's two more messes for Lyle to clean up!

    Elle is trying to set Sylar's broken arm/dislocated shoulder as he screams. Once it's back in he tries to move the gun with his mind and he can't. She wonders what's happening to them. He says he has no idea. He picks up the gun, sounding disappointed that they're just human. She wonders if he's okay with that. He says he actually is, that in fact it feels like a relief since the powers and the hunger make him feel like his head was full of cotton and ice and that he hasn't felt this way since he met her. She says she pushed him to be that monster. He says she was just doing her job. She says they're both just so ... and he finishes "powerless?" She says they can't take what they want anymore. He disagrees and kisses her. Outside the house HRG has a sniper rifle trained on them.

    ...to be continued

    Next week: it's ALL Claire, ALL the time! Same Claire time, same Claire channel!

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