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Roan Montgomery: My life may be boring and cowardly, *but* I'm alive. That's more than most in my line of work can claim.

Roan Montgomery: Because I'm not in love with one of the agents.

Chuck Bartowski: I'm not... I care about them. I care about *both* of them. Besides we both heard what she said, okay? To her, I'm just an asset.

Roan Montgomery: No. You're not... Trust me. The lady doth protest too much.

Roan Montgomery: [to Chuck about Sarah] Don't worry Charles, I'll teach you how to get her too. But first, we're going to need more gin.

John Casey: [listening from his apartment] We're dead.

Rowan Montgomery: [preparing Chuck to seduce an enemy agent] We need to talk about protection.

Chuck Bartowski: I *really* don't think it's going to get that far.

Rowan Montgomery: I mean a gun. Do you know why she's called the "black widow?"

Chuck Bartowski: Because she's African-American, and her husband died?

Chuck Bartowski: [being asked to be on a new mission] Uh, you can count me out on this one. No more dangling me off of buildings. No more guns being pointed at my head. No more putting my life in danger. I'm going back to my peaceful, quiet, albeit degrading existence at the Buy More. So, have fun on the mission, and... really love what you've done with the place.

General Diane Beckman: Is there something wrong with the Intersect?

Chuck Bartowski: [Sarah kisses Chuck] Is that a - real kiss, or a cover kiss? Cause I'm confused right now.

Sarah Walker: It's a "we have a international security emergency. And I need to speak to you privately" kiss.

Chuck Bartowski: See? I knew I felt something.

[Sarah pulls him away by his tie]

Chuck Bartowski: Who's your momma?

Sarah Walker: Okay, look, the sooner we get the Cipher back and the sooner you can have the Intersect removed, and the sooner you can be free to live whatever life you choose *with* whomever you choose.

Chuck Bartowski: What are you saying?

Sarah Walker: I'm saying you can have everything that you've always wanted.

Chuck Bartowski: Let me see the file.

Chuck Bartowski: Well it may not be the steamiest, but we probably have the strangest relationship in Los Angeles.

Sarah Walker: Doubt that. Morgan's still dating, right?

Chuck Bartowski: Good point.

Chuck Bartowski: Sarah, please tell me you saw that. Leaped from the balcony, lands with a flourish and the Russian judge gives it a 9.4. Oh and by the way, I have this thing called the Cipher if anyone's interested.

Sasha Banacheck: Yes. Mr. Carmichael. I am *very* interested.

Roan Montgomery: The reason I failed you twice was that your partner at the time was too pretty to pass. I should've failed her a few more times.

John Casey: I should have known.

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