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It's the speed of love, not the speed of light, that occupies Adam, a small, sweet movie about one man's widening cosmos.
The beautifully crafted Adam offers no pat or easy answers.
The tendency for an actor in a role like this is to overact. The result is often disastrous, reducing a character into a caricature. Hugh Dancy, adopting an American accent as effectively as the mannerisms of someone on the moderate portion of the Asperger's spectrum, makes Adam believable and generally sympathetic.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
It may not be original, but Adam could leave a lump in your throat.
The Hollywood Reporter
A sensitive but not sentimental story about a romance involving a mentally challenged young man never makes a misstep.
It's hard to buy this relationship even for a moment. Adam is sweet, meticulous, and, at times, sort of clever, but it's also a not-quite-surprising-enough heartwarming trifle.
Adam is a cut above most romances and boasts a intriguing conclusion. One comes away with a sense of hope, leavened by realism.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It can be argued that Adam uses Asperger's as a kind of metaphor for the barriers that people erect to fend off strangers, to guard against intimacy. It can also be argued that writer/director Mayer is shamelessly manipulative.
Adam wraps up their story in too tidy a package, insisting on finding the upbeat in the murky, and missing the chance to be more thoughtful about this challenging situation.
Miami Herald
The most daring thing about Adam, the story of a young man with Asperger's syndrome, is that there isn't a scene in which someone stops to explain exactly what Asperger's IS.
Wall Street Journal
Adam succeeds at getting inside its hero's mind and, more impressively still, gives us entrée to his singular soul.

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