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Season 3

4 Apr. 2007
La fée Pirouette
A fairy from Aunt Zinnia's childhood book comes to life and gives her powers to Violette.
18 Apr. 2007
Le lapin magique
The Bellflowers investigate the mysterious appearance of a gigantic white rabbit in their village.
25 Apr. 2007
Un phare dans la forêt
Mistletoe takes care of an injured bird from the forest, but it ends up dead the following morning. After Papa Bramble tells him what happened, the young rabbit goes on an adventure in search of his deceased friend.
2 May 2007
La pêche au trésor
At the beck and call of a jealous badger, Poppy must build a machine to lift out a sacred treasure from a lake.
9 May 2007
Poussières d'étoiles
A meteorite strikes Beechwood Grove, then causes problems for the community after it is stolen.
23 May 2007
Vacances de rêve
Mistletoe feels reluctant about his house duties, but eventually learns that there is no holiday from chores.
30 May 2007
Les Passiflore et le Barapoul
The Bellflowers receive a visit from the Barapoul, a trio of musical chickens.
6 Jun. 2007
Les Passiflore à la mer
Papa Bramble takes his family to the seaside, where the children take sailing lessons and help a friend. Later, their day is ruined when Dandelion gets caught in a smugglers' trap.
13 Jun. 2007
Parfum d'amour
A love fragrance makes Periwinkle attracted to the perfumer's granddaughter, Clara, and his neighbor Pimpernelle, at the same time. Now, with Aunt Zinnia's help, the little bunny must make a tough decision over whom he truly loves.
20 Jun. 2007
Pirouette et la cigogne
The Bellflower family adopts a red-eyed white rabbit, only to find out that a stork with poor eyesight delivered it to them by mistake.
27 Jun. 2007
Le violon du marais
The Bellflowers are delighted at Poppy's performance on a violin he bought from a flea market; Mistletoe wants to prove he can play it better than his brother. But when the instrument is broken, it will lead both on a dangerous quest through a marsh to find its maker.
4 Jul. 2007
L'expédition glaciale
On his birthday, Poppy goes on an expedition to the world's largest glacier.
6 Jul. 2008
La reine des corsaires
With his parrot--a pirate whose ancestors have been robbed of their treasure--Anthony from Scotland gives the Bellflowers a hand once again.
20 Jul. 2008
Tempête aux Airelles
Poppy is thrilled at the newest flying machine around, but Bramble forbids his children from going on it.
Jul. 2008
Arsène et compagnie
Dandelion strays away from the Bellflower home during a heavy flood, and is eventually saved by a group of ravens. However, the rabbit has suspicions that they could be thieves.
Jul. 2008
Les petits bricolos
Papa Bramble's old friend, an inventor named Agathe, pays a visit to the family; her daughter Lilli comes along.
Jul. 2008
Les Toudoux
While a heat wave strikes Beechwood Grove hard, Periwinkle and his father uncover an underwater creek--and from it, a cursed belt buckle that could put them in further danger.
Jul. 2008
Les Passiflore unis
The Bellflowers try to get Violette a new dress during a rough winter.
24 Aug. 2008
Chez Zinia
A car accident lands a restaurant critic close to the Bellflower home; impressed by Aunt Zinnia's cooking skills, he persuades the rabbits to open their own establishment. Though hoping to help his family out, Periwinkle gets left behind with rats who eventually force him to make their meals.
25 Jul. 2008
Le lapinosaurus
Poppy discovers a well-preserved fossil of a species known as the Lapinosaurus and informs Ernest Babine about it, while the young rabbits spend another winter at Theo's. However, it soon disappears from their sight when the creature comes to life.
21 May 2008
L'élu des Airelles
The Bellflowers go to a local election and vote for which of two partridges will rule their land.
28 Jul. 2008
Roméo et Pirouette
Romeo, a race car driver, becomes a rival for Mistletoe and Poppy, and a love interest for Violette. However, the Bellflowers have suspicions that he could be a fraud.
29 Jul. 2008
Sacré manège
The young bunnies try out an old carousel machine, but when they break it down, it could land them into trouble with its owner and his brother.
26 May 2008
Mon pantin à moi
Because his siblings feel he is too small to qualify for a track competition, Dandelion suddenly strays away from the other Bellflowers and eventually lands his way into a tribe of ducks.
30 Jul. 2008
Pierre de lune
Poppy awaits the return of his girlfriend, whom he first met while investigating a robbery in Beechwood Grove, and plans to show her a moon rocket he just made. But then, he grows jealous because of her stepbrother guest, Norbert.
28 May 2008
Fabiola la douce
Violette goes for the main role in a stage production, but then her costume gets stolen. Eventually, as she searches for it, she ends up in the cave of an evil witch.

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