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Very Sugarcoated and Clichéd but Still A Decent One-Time Watch
Chrysanthepop4 November 2008
Anand's 'Bachna Ae Haseeno' is an improvement when compared to the rip-off 'Salaam Namaste'. Loosely inspired by 'Alfie', it tells the story of Raj and the three women at different stages in his life. The treatment given to the film is very formulaic and highly sugarcoated with songs appearing out of the blue and shot in exotic locations, expensive locations and outfits, melodramatic scenes, deja-vu romantic scenes, a very clichéd story and a predictable plot but there is something entertaining enough to make it worth a one-time watch. The soundtrack is below average. There are some okay songs and some horrendous numbers.

The three women form three stories. The first one seems to pay homage to 'Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenge' (Aditya Chopra was the director of that film and he is the writer of this film). Interestingly, it sort of gets the viewer to ask what if in 'Dilwale Dulhania LeJayenge': Raj's feelings for Simran were merely momentary, what if Simran married Kuldeep...and these questions, to an extent are answered here. The following two stories have a bit of 'Salaam Namaste'.

Ranbir Kapoor is plain okay. I don't see why his directors have to constantly remind us that he is Rishi Kapoor's (who wasn't even a great actor) son and Raj Kapoor's grandson. What was with that light flickering (from 'Bobby'), the title song and what not? Kapoor has to learn to stand on his own and has to make his directors promote his acting only, rather than his family background. I still do not see that star quality in him (that almost everyone else seems to be so sure of) and nor does he have what it takes to carry an entire film, yet.

He is clearly (and thankfully) overshadowed by his three female co-stars. A supercute Minisha Lamba is vivacious as the young Mahi and she is very elegant and brilliant as the cold-hearted wife. A ravishing Bipasha Basu does one of the best acting jobs of her career and a sassy Deepika Padukone does fine too. Kunal Kapoor seems to have replaced Jimmy Shergill as Yashraj's favourite supporting actor and even though he's not as good an actor as Shergill, he does an adequate job here.

Overall, it's not a classic and certainly not the best of Yashraj films but it makes for a decent one-time watch. Some heavy editing (because of the slow pace), a stronger male lead and perhaps less waste of money would have helped.
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Definitely not a copy!!!!!
pinkleotard16 August 2008
I absolutely loved this film. It was extremely entertaining and a lot of fun. I loved Ranbir and Minissha Lamba also did a fantastic job. A lot of people, like the reviewer hottomato , are going out of their way to say that this film is a lift off, almost as if they have a point to prove. First of all, this film couldn't have been ripped off from "Definitely Maybe" that released in the US on Valentine's day this year. Obviously these people don't know how long it takes for a film to be written, produced and released. Let me tell you that it takes longer than 6 months!!!!!!! Secondly - a lot of films have similar elements, especially romcoms. That's the genre. Boy and girl meet, boy loses girl, boy gets girl and lots of stuff happens before, during and after...Like that then, every rom com is a lift off except the first one that was ever made!!!! I would recommend this film to anyone has has ever been in love, had their heart broken, has been dumped or has dumped someone. Go watch it!!!!
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A Nutshell Review: Bachna Ae Hasseno
DICK STEEL27 January 2009
Ranbir Kapoor in his debut leading man role as Ranbir in Saawariya, didn't have the luck to snag the lady of his dreams, maybe because he was kind of a cad too, where karma had a part to return and haunt him. In his second feature film here, his Raj Sharma is again a cad, and credits himself being a "lady killer", able to woo any woman when he turns on his charms. We journey with him as he learns the true meaning of romance and love, and the first half of the movie before the intermission, gives the audience three situations over the course of 11 years where he toys with the emotions of different girls, broadly the sweet, sexy and sassy type, until of course, Karma catches up with him again for that all important lesson.

Girl 1: Sweet. 1996. Switzerland. In what would seem like a Before Sunrise storyline, Raj meets Mahi (Minissha Lamba) on board a Euro-train, and engineers his way to be able to spend time alone with his mark, on the pretext of sending her to Zurich to reunite with her family for their trip back to India. This episode sets the stage for Raj as the manipulative casanova, while Mahi is a very girly girl who harbours dreams of that perfect man, the perfect romantic encounter, and that perfect romance coming out just like her favourite movie. Only to discover that her puppy love, with sweet nothings and dedicated poems, resulted to naught when Raj's game is exposed. Broken Heart 1.

Girl 2: Sexy. 2002. Mumbai. Raj seemed to have moved on to another target, though it may seem from the onset he's already been domesticated by Radhika (Bipasha Basu from Dhoom 2), a hot model and aspiring actress who's his neighbour and they're living in together. Raj would have thought that a woman like her, stereotyped of course, would be easy and loose, living the fast life, and wouldn't want to be tied down to marriage because it will hamper her career. So when an opportunity to work in Sydney comes knocking and presents itself as a perfect moment to ditch her, to his surprise Radhika contemplates marriage, which he tries wholeheartedly to avoid. She's willing to sacrifice her career for him, but suffers the unthinkable in being left at the altar. Broken Heart 2.

Girl 3: Sassy. 2007. Sydney. It's actually quite a no-brainer to cast Deepika Padukone here given that she too, like Ranbir Kapoor, had 1 feature film under her belt, and are relatively successful newcomers to the industry (her first effort was in Om Shanti Om, and more recently, Chandni Chowk to China). And (ok Gossipy news ahead) this film actually was the catalyst for their much touted romance (and you can see the dynamics at work with some of the behind the scenes and interviews included in the 2nd disc). Anyway her role here as Gayatri, a business school student who works her way through school as a supermarket check out girl and a taxi driver, impresses Raj a lot, enough to romance her in Venice, and give up his gallivanting ways. Only of course for him to have met his match, and got spurned on his marriage proposal. She's a modern girl wanting to live life on her own terms, so being someone else's wife has never featured in her plans. What goes around finally comes around. Broken Heart 3. Raj's.

While the first half of the movie before the intermission was pretty plain sailing romantic stuff, the second half proved to be more powerful, because the protagonist finally has his eyes opened by his new experience, and realized he's been quite a bastard. So off he goes to make amends with the girls whose hearts he had broken, and mind you, in both real and reel life, this is never easy. Especially when you have to go back and face the women who had one point in time truly love you, and your actions had single handedly destroyed their belief in romance, and change or scar them for life.

We get a lot more jet-setting as well, all worked into the plot, such as the visits to Amritsar, Capri and Rome, as we follow Raj on his mission impossible to seek redemption and forgiveness from a housewife with a protective husband, and another who's now a renowned model with success to her head. I had enjoyed this section more because trying his best to be honest now, Raj has to strip his ego and really crack his head to device his forgiveness plan. Also, we get to see the different demeanours that both Bipasha Basu and Minissha Lamba had to tackle given their characters' failed romance with Raj, which had changed them either for the better, or worse.

The songs here proved to be catchy and fitting to each of the sweet, sexy and sassy persona that the girls bring to the table, and the beautiful locales they were shot in again were draws. Other than the very first musical number Bachna Ae Haseeno which opens the film, you don't get to see everybody on the same scene together, as each storyline took place under mutually exclusive terms, in timeline as well as locations.

If there's something to take away from the film, then it's the lesson that Raj learns, with the past being over and there's no longer control over it, but we can rectify things for the future if we take action in the present. Call me a sentimental fool, but somehow this works on me.
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Haseen Movie
springsunnywinter14 August 2008
The story is about the journey of Raj Sharma (Ranbir Kapoor) from the age of 17 to 30. He meets three girls at different stages of his life: Radhika (Bipasha Basu), a glamorous girl from Mumbai, Mahi (Minissha Lamba), a small-town girl from Punjab, and Gayatri (Deepika Padukone), an NRI from Australia. The film, which goes backwards and forwards in time is about what he learns from life and from the three girls.

I was beginning to think that Yash Raj Films were losing their touch after delivering a list of box office flops which is Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Aaja Nachle, Tashan & Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic but not after watching Bachna Ae Haseeno. The film was really good although I don't usually like romantic comedies. It was funny, lively and keeps a smile on your face throughout. I intended to see it because it is the next movie of Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone and I really liked them after watching Saawariya & Om Shanti Om, also it is the third film of Siddharth Anand after Salaam Namaste & Ta Ra Rum Pum which were both good but Bachna Ae Haseeno is the best out of all of them.

The movie needed good music and thankfully it has a decent collection of songs with plenty of repeat value. From the beautiful love song Khuda Jaane to a number of toe-tapping dance numbers, there are enough songs to keep you interested until the end. The highlight of the music is undoubtley the superb cover of the classic song Bachna Ae Haseeno. The new version has added fizz and will appeal to just about everyone. I absolutely loved the Lucky Boy song and for me it definitely has to be the hottest song of the year. The songs were not only great to the ears but also to the eyes. Overall I really enjoyed watching it, also was very visually impressive, colourful and shot at great locations in Australia.
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a MUST See! Excellent Film!
mahereen-maherali26 August 2008
I was so impressed with this movie, all actors/actresses did a phenomenal job and I truly enjoyed every minute of the film! The music hands down was great as well, check out the tracks Khuda Jaane, Aahista, and Jogi Mahi for sure! Great writing, scripting, and definitely acting. As newcomers Ranbir and Deepika are contagious, their on screen chemistry (of course) was hot! The evolution of all the actors/actresses is identifiable and they did a great job adapting to their roles before and after. The storyline was believable (shock to bollywood films sometimes) and kept me engaged throughout. Overall a great film, another success for Yash Raj! A definite must-see!
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Very average!
namashi_121 March 2009
Siddarth Anand's 2008 flick 'Bachna Ae Hasseno' is an average watch. A highly entertaining first hr works on its advantage all the way, but a dull and dry second spoils the fun. I enjoyed the film, because it had 3 hot babes in its kitty. Watch this flick if you've got nothing to do.

Performance-Wise: Bipasha Basu looks super-hot & delivers superbly. Minissha Lambha is cute. She also, delivers a good performance. Deepika Padukone is sexy & confident. Ranbir Kapoor is a miscast. He's not good looking, and an average looker like him getting such girls looks unbelievable. Kunal Kapoor is bland. Hiten Panital is lovable as Ranbir's friend.

'Bachna Ae Hasseno' is an average fare.
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Lives up to expectations (If it's YRF, it's gotta be bad)
die_Heuchler15 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
BAH opens with Mahi (Lamba) and Raj (Kapoor) meeting in a Eurail trip in 1996. Mahi watched DDLJ 17 times and set out to look for her Raj. A series of DDLJ events follow and the both end up confessing love to each other – just to realize at the end of the trip that Raj was faking his love to her.

Fast forward 2002 when Raj has met Radhika (Basu) and are living together in Mumbai. Raj is a game developer who gets a chance to move to Sydney but he wants to get rid of Radhika. So he makes many stories hoping that she'd let go of him, but when things don't work out as planned, Raj quietly departs on his wedding day leaving Radika in her bridal costume, weeping and alone.

Fast forward to 2007 in Sydney when Raj is doing very well both financially and socially. He meets a Gayatri (Padukone) a cabbie at night, MBA student and a grocery cashier by day who does not believe in marriages and rejects Raj's proposal. This makes Raj realize how much it hurts when somebody dumps you so he sets out to apologise to both Mahi and Radhika.

Well, that's the story – thin like a hairline. What follows is great locales, quite a few laughable moments, three smooches each with three women, a screenwriter you'd want to slap hardest, good music, bad bad Ranbir Kapoor, a totally wasted Deepika Padukone, horrendous costumes for Padukone (you should see the terrible clothes and jewellery she puts on "Khuda Jaane") and Minisha Lamba who looks like used moisturisers as the only makeup. So that leaves Bipasha Basu, who is the only something watchable in the movie.

This is no doubt going to be Yashraj's fifth flop in a row – if things work out as anticipated. Nothing can save this film. It uses a plot already used more than a thousand times. Given that the plot is old, it still makes absolutely no attempts to give it a different treatment. Sid Anand's graph is worsening with every movie he makes. The film leaves you nauseated, a climax you'd want to walk into the projector room and set the reel aflame and you see Ranbir's wannabe sex-appeal (that does not work out.) So this wasn't something I was not expecting for Yashraj. I knew this film too was going to be a totally waste and ultimately it does.

Final Rating: 4/10
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Formulaic, But with a New Age Zing!
Rahul Ojha18 August 2008
Bachna Ae Haseeno is as endearing a movie can get! Its is a prime example of a movie which is wonderful, fun-filled, formulaic yet having a new age zing to it.

Yes, it is a typical Yash Raj product soaked with fantasies, over the top antics, situations, plausibilities and a few contrived situations! Heck! Damn It! Who Cares? This is not meant to be a path breaking film and it never claims to be one! Hell it even unabashedly draws slight inspiration from the cult DDLJ, eventually spoofing and mocking it! That was that. Now its a new decade, a new attitude! And it reflects that.

Director Siddharth Anand knows the pulse of the Modern New Age Indian Audience -- their psyche, their value systems and their attitudes. And it is reflected in' Bachna Ae Haseeno' in the way he executes an Aditya Chopra script with backup from A grade ingredients -- be it the cast and the production value.

The casting is just perfect with neatly carved out roles for each and everybody. 'BAH' heralds the arrival of a new superstar, in fact a new 'Raj' - Ranbir Kapoor. It is a tailor made role for him to exhibit his unpolished prowess. And yes that glib charm damn well works! He weaves magic! Saawariya -- who? what? and where? Amongst the actresses it is Bipasha who with her oomph steals the show portraying a strong and well written character. The cute Minisha Lamba and the sweet Deepika Padukone are effective in their own right. Even the cameo with Kunal Kapoor is brilliantly pulled off!

Bachna Ae Haseeno is one of the best visual spectacles you can see on Celluloid! Top notch Cinematography and photography. It captures the heart and soul of exquisite locations like Switzerland, Australia, Italy! As if they are an important character of this movie; leaving you spell bound! And wait we are not done yet! The duo of Vishal Shekhar hit gold with tracks like 'Khuda Jaane', 'Aahista Aahista' and the rehashed 'Bachna Ae Haseeno'; all of which being blended perfectly in the movie.

It is a Starry, Visual & Musical Extravaganza. One of the very best of its kind!
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Among The Best This Year
uncle_g123417 August 2008
Well, I did the long trip to see this because the publicity made Deepika look so good. It was no exaggeration, she looked stunning. In time I'll get used to that. I also wanted to see Ranbir have another chance with better stuff to work with. This movie WAS better put together than Sawaariya and Ranbir is capable of impressing me when he is given a decent chance. I had forgotten I had ANOTHER personal draw in this movie, and that is Kunal Kapoor. The first girl that Raj (Ranbir) meets is Mahi, a Punjabi girl whose marriage has been fixed by her family. Kunal is the groom they chose. Later in the movie, Raj gets to meet Mahi's husband, and that is Kunal's part. Of the two, I'm convinced that Kunal is the better actor. He is usually chosen for a certain kind of part, the kind he got in Meenaxi. Here he is a husband who has passionately loved his wife from long before they married but finds her coldly dutiful, something that is Raj's doing. The talks the two guys have were a high point for me.

Contrary to what I'd been led to believe, this movie has good music and dance. I think my favorite was Raj at the wedding where he sings and dances Punjabi-style. But the two songs when he is with Mahi and later with Gayatri were almost as enjoyable.

The Times of India rated this 4 of 5, and I have to say I agree with that rating. The dialogue is above par, there were only a few minor flaws in the screenplay, things that I think might have been improved (especially in the second half where Raj becomes Rhadika's personal assistant). And doggone it, Kunal was 11 out of 10 for me and Deepika 12 out of 10. This rates as one of the best three 2008 releases I've seen.
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Watch out, this is the savior of the Kapoor Khandan!
bollywoodplusplus9 December 2008
Just when you thought, Bollywood's first family Kapoor khandan is ready to hand over the title to Bachchan family, here comes a young, handsome, dude, who is here to stay. I never cared to watch Sawariya (from all its promos, it looked too wimpy). But this one surely is going to place him on the hot-stuff category! The three heroines are adequate, with spl mention of Deepika P. Though the character is bit unrealistic (who cares for realism anyways in commercial bollywood films?), but she definitely carries on the role of an independent, yet vulnerable character! Music is great, Khuda Jaane is going to the classics. You just can't get enough of it. Jogi Mahi takes time to grow, but when it does, it sticks. Lucky boy is yet another dhin-chak number with less substance. Shreya Ghoshal & Lucky Ali's Ahista Ahista is a lovely track, that takes time, but it becomes addictive. Another good note: thanks to Vishal Shekhar to have given youngsters some chance: Raja Hassan and Himani Kapoor are on the tracks, though very small contribution.

Cinematography: well, I really don't believe in going to nice locations, Australia, Italy, Switzerland to make a nice 'looking' movies, however cinematographer has made use of locations well. While the movie cinematography is alright, but song picturization is surely a winner! Loooove the long sweeping camera movements in 'Khuda Jaane', the camera rotations in colorful 'Jogi Mahi' or the 'Bachna Ae Haseeno' title track with the morphs, or the scooter-on-the-move sequences in 'Ahista Ahista'! The movie is a great watch. Very contemporary, even the languages and dialogues. The other casts, like Kunal Kapoor, and Sachin (isn't he Paintal Jr?) do a great job.

Overall, a decent watch. If you do have the DVD, watch the deleted scenes too. Kapoor is definitely going to become the next Hrithik Roshan (though real HR is not going anywhere).
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A Pure Entertainment!!
shuvro11 October 2008
Siddharth Anand is one of the brilliant young Director in Bollywood. Salaam Namaste (2005) and Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007)was purely entertaining movie, and so is BAH. I am really surprised to see Ranbir Kapoor. He has totally broken down the "Saawariya (2007)" image. Some of his expressions surely make you laugh. He was brilliant all over the movie. Minisha Lamba, Bipasha Bashu and Kunal Kapoor also did a great job. But didn't like Deepika Padukone very much. I think her role was not to strong here and performance was so so. The locations were great. Songs were not so bad. Every shot is brilliantly taken. If you want a pure entertainment, buy the ticket and popcorn.
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Complete hype movie: nothing special.
parveshsingh16 September 2008
I was about to get something new by watching this garbage but then suddenly i was more disappointed.

Certainly a new generation movie with cool new concept but when the film ends u would have nothing special to think over.

Few scenes u can remember.

I gave it 1/10 as the acting was awful (obviously ranbir was there)and no great comedy or romance or any time pass.looked like tried to make success for new Kapoor family boy.

Average movie with a great hype.

don't watch it if u have to pay money.
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Khuda Jaane ke.. What was special?
salilgoyal18 August 2008
Grow up YRF.. Such movies are not gonna fetch you a Super hit which you need desperately these days after the debacle of Tashan and Thoda Pyaar.. Though this one is way better.. It still disappoints big time considering the potential this flick had.

Had this movie been a super-cool playboy flick as the promos suggested, it could have scored way better. The emotional scenes introduced in the film were pretty weak and unrealistic. Plus the movie was at least 30 minutes long, considering a just-average storyline. Deepika's cold performance is also a setback.

As for the positives, Ranbir and Minisshha look all-set to be the next-big thing in Bollywood. Bipasha looks hot as usual. Plus the movie does have some fine moments to cherish.

Overall, a potential trend-setter turns out to be an average time-pass flick.. Go for it but don't expect much..
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keep a cyanide handy , and ease the pain
hottomato15 August 2008
alas , after a lot of anticipation , finally the movie was released . " Bachna Ae Haseeno " was ready to take over . i went in for the premiere show yesterday , bought the ticket in black and within 20 Min's was looking for the person who sold me the tickets so that i could have a refund . Yes , its true whether agree with me or not . saying that the movie was awful would be and understatement . I was wondering how , when , where and the questions kept on coming . Who wrote this crap ??? and why god why , did i go thru such torture ??? first of all , it does not make any sense ? the plot line is abysmal, you sometimes wonder that if you had kept a cyanide handy you would have eased the suffering . jumping back from India to swiss to Sydney and Italy ????? Its a rip off of " definitely maybe " if any of you have seen it , but the catch is within a few minutes the director and the story writer said " aha ! lets do something so different and mess this up so bad that the audience will be brain dead " . Honestly guys i was seeing dead people as soon as the movie was over . And they had locked the door from outside as soon as the the movie started so that no one could escape the torture . don't even get me started with the horrible scripts and the story .Its an excellent example of how to waste millions of dollars in shooting in exotic locations and producing one utterly rubbish movie . Honestly guys and gals . This movie is a insult to one's intelligence and i don't believe anyone should be allowed to watch this . Do yourself a favor , if you have time and money to spare , go and watch "singh is King ". At least you will be laughing your asses off .
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Bachana is film se.... Bad.....Bad movie
Raj Dixit19 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Worst in every sense of the word best describes this movie. Pathetic bit of acting by every single cast in the movie. A high-budget wasted to make a crap of a movie. Bollywood is losing scripts to make. Love,Hate,Compassion, Make-up, Break-ups thats all you can except from most of the bollywood movies.I have a thousand reasons to hate the movie and not a single to love it.Some reasons include:

1)Totally incompetent script. Things all go Hero's way. Not a single bit of realistic vision. 2)I don't understand if Ranbir is a hero or a Pied Piper. Whatever he wishes its all done in a song. 3)Absolutely no sense of humour all through the film. More of a sleeping pill. 4)Bollywood Heroines need to concentrate on acting rather than skin shows all through the film,the film is worth seeing for those who like the latter part. 5)The film is senseless at the end. Anyone can predict the second half of the movie. Waste of time and waste of money.
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The plaster is cracking...
nomanali7731 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Yash Raj Productions has hardly done much good work in the last few years. Chak De India (which i didn't think was particularly brilliant, but we'll discuss that in its own review) was the only successful film from the so-called powerhouse production company. Personally, I rather enjoyed Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, but I can understand why it was hard to digest by most audiences.

Whether it's the timing, the cast, the story, the screenplay, or even the music, Bachna Ae Haseeno scores in all.

BAH is a romantic comedy about a regular guy who's been around with many women, finally falling in love, but getting rejected, and then going on a journey to redeem himself. Warm, funny at times and definitely interesting.

With the exception of Deepika Padukone, who emerges as a rather wooden actor, the performances were all good. The winner here is definitely Ranbir Kapoor as Raj, who carries a charismatic glow with him in every frame that leaves you with not much else to look at. He's got a very likable quality about him and I can only see him flourish with his future ventures. Minisha does a good job as the Punjabi girl next door who wants to be a "Simran", and Bipasha's role has been written out rather meaty as well (excuse the pun).

Fresh locations can be a bore if they are out of context, or can be forgotten if they are used as mere background, but BAH uses its locations to the fullest. Add to that some good music, where every song fits in, and you have a successful music album.

I give this movie a much more than just "safe-to-watch" recommendation. Highly enjoyable. Great direction, good screenplay and high production values. Yash Raj has finally managed to crack out of the mold of mundane.
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Teen Deviyaan remade
silvan-desouza11 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Yashraj Films are known for making so many romcoms almost most films are made on the same lines, shot in exotic locales, girls wearing minis.etc Bachna Ae Haseeno was Ranbhir's second release after Saawariya which tanked. The film was his first film with YRF, He was paired opposite the lil older and hot Bipasha, Minisha and his then ladylove Deepika Padukone. If you remember an old Dev Anand film TEEN DEVIYAN(1965) The film borrows the concept but treats it like yet another YASHRAJ film with references to their films, be it background music of Dhoom, usage of their hit songs irrespective of the time period their film is set in. The film is given an episodic treatment, first Ranbhir in 1996 meets Minisha Lamba who like a typical Yashraj heroine dreams that she will get a lover boy like Raj from DDLJ as if she hasn't seen any other movie, she falls for Ranbhir after escapades which involve Ranbhir who never saw DDLJ suddenly having an orchestra play music of the title song,Anything can happen in Yashraj Land.... The episode is ended properly and then we go to 2002 where we have Bipasha and Ranbhir staying as neighbours in a posh building, Ranbhir is working for microsoft, he has a buddy Hiten Paintal Ranbhir and Bipasha fall in love slowly and have a live in relationship which became a norm after Salaam Namastey in Yashraj films but the culmination to their story is straight out of 1970s films where Bipasha is shown crying in rain on her wedding day. Deepika's story is far from convincing, she is shown as a taxi driver who studies side by side but has a wardrobe full of clothes also her certain change in behaviour towards Raj is unfathomable Ranbhir going to ask forgiveness from both is strecthed for too long, The Minisha track is at least okay but the scenes with Bipasha look unconvincing and the sudden end looks hurried.

Direction by Siddharth Anand is good in parts Music by VS is okay, The title song which uses the old Kishore Kumar hit song Bachna Ae Haseeno is well made, Khuda Jaane is good rest are okay

Ranbhir Kapoor looks the part and handles all three personas well, this was his conventional role after his unconventional debut. Bipasha Basu is good in her part, Minisha Lamba is annoying initially but is good in second half, Deepika Padukone was very raw in her second film she is good in some scenes though Hiten Paintal is good, Kunal Kapoor has an effective cameo
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Nothing new !
Queen_of_pentacles15 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
i have now sadly concluded that Aditya Chopra comes up with some implausible stuff, under the garb of romanticism, and hopelessly trying to give some new dimension to the same age-old concept of love. Well, actually nothing wrong in trying to explore some different angles of love, but it ends up in a rather shallow, and impractical attempt, no matter even if you spend lavishly on foreign ,exotic locations, beautiful sets, and three pretty girls to flirt only one lucky hero; Because, the home work on the psycho dynamics of the hero's tendency to fall out the relationships is totally missing !

And ,on top of it, following it up ,years later, to chase those otherwise seemingly happily settled women, except one,of course, kept reserved for the hero, conveniently, appears entirely illogical, and does not explain psychologically,as to why this change of heart and attitude has taken place ?

Now let's look at the cast, starting from Ranbir. He has done a good job to give an entertaining performance, with his dance moves, his dresses, and striking a balance in romantic and humorous deliveries of his scenes; i liked him especially when he goes to Radhika in Italy ,and she makes him work like an ordinary waiter, that's a redeeming part of the movie. Lamba and Deepika are o.k., but Bipasha is totally miscast. How can they pair her with Ranbir ? Her extra oomph in all those revealing dresses also seems overboard ! She is fit to be paired with the likes of macho men like Abraham and Akshay, but oh no, not with the likes of Ranbir,or Imran.

All the supporting cast is o.k. in their respective roles. Paintal is noteworthy.

This movie would have been much better with a convincing and fresh plot line, script writing, and proper editing. Though,editor seems to have had a tough job, while dealing with three heroines ,and their respective lives to handle ! Where can the poor fellow cut short,possibly ? If not for those lovely outdoor locations, the pop corn also would be insufficient in keeping the viewer to refrain from getting absolutely anxious as to the happy or whatever end of the movie, since it simply goes on and on !

Seems like Aditya has a lot of money to squander on those foreign locations ! So he comes up with such hopeless stuff! The viewer has no satisfaction of seeing either a pure entertainer,or a family drama !

A friendly advice to yash raj films and Aditya Chopra.. next time you think of producing a movie, at least hire some professional help, to guide you guys into the depths of human psychology, and societal angles, before you venture into such topsyturvy romantic flicks !
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Short and sweet review
PunjabiLadkaUK3 December 2011
A film of 2 halves! First half, really filmy, romantic, boy meets 3 different girls at different stages in his life etc.....

The build ups to these relationships, 1 is a DDL style meet, the other more modern mumbai and the third a typical boy meets girls, girl not overly interested in boy style.

Second half is where it all gets really interesting and well worth watching the build up for! Definitely on my Recommended list.

As ranbir goes back to his past relationships and trys to re-build broken hearts that have changed these girls lives completely there is plently of jokes along the way!

A great performance by Ranbir... Bipasha also did an amazing job! But not overly keen on Deepikas performance but definitely a film to watch!

A purely touching film.
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breezy movie, definitely worth one viewing at least
natasha_0079200015 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Not the greatest movie, but not as bad as some comments have made it out to be.

Story seems to have been 'inspired'/copied/lifted from couple of Hollywood movies....but Siddharth Anand has presented it in his own Bollywoodian style to suit Indian tastes.

It does lag in some parts of the movie and some songs are extraneous...Bipashas for example and the bhangra song.

The guys are gonna love this becoz it stars three beautiful women and the gals are gonna love this becoz it has Ranbir, young handsome and very attractive persona.

I would say the highlight of the movie are the locations...they show Switzerland, Greece, Italy (Capri no less), and Sydney and have picked the most picturesque spots painstakingly...another job painstakingly done is the songs...a couple are absolute crowd pleasers and have been shot excellently...highlighting the youthful casts looks and appeal to maximum effect.

Whats nice about the story is the comedy throughout even during the more serious it doesn't become maudlin....

I think of the three girls Bipasha looked the most glamorous...and acted best....Minissha is good and looks nice, Deepika is too obviously a rookie here, doesn't hav too much of a role and looks plain...

Ranbirs chemistry is the hottest with Bipasha...and yes, Ranbir gets to kiss all three girls separately.

His dancing skills are put on display and his acting too is very adequate can tell it comes to him naturally....after he is the offspring of two wonderful actors I bet my money on this one because the youth will turn out in droves to watch it...
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A Decent Movie To Watch - You Don't Have To Leave Your Thinking "Grey" Cells At Home And Intact
Pratik Jasani18 August 2008
This movie has definitely been inspired by the classic hit movie, "Teen Devian," which starred the ever green Dev Anand, Simi Garewall, Nanda, Kalpana and the late I.S. Johar and I mention "inspired" and not copied as there are some differences. The title is of this movie was also a song from the 1977 hit movie, "Hum Kisise Kum Naheen," which starred Rishi Kapoor, Kaajal Kiran, the late Amjad Khan and Tariq.

17 year old Raj Sharma is in Switzerland with his friends when he spots some girls, one of who, he later finds out is Mahi, who has come with her parents and just like in "Dil Walleh Dulhaniya Lejayenge," she is in search of a perfect Raj. Unfortunately she misses her train back to the Swiss city of Zurich and Raj decides to help her in the hope that he can date her. Turn the clocks forward and Raj is in Bombay where his next door neighbour, Radhika, a glamour girl with who he begins dating only and then turn the clocks forward a bit more and Raj is in Australia, working for Microsoft. Here he meets a girl who is just like him, Gayatri, who is also an NRI.

Starring Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu and Minisha Lambha and is directed by Siddharth Anand (of "Salaam Namastey.")

This is a typical Yash Raj film when it comes to location as it has snow and mountains and the director has previously used Australia in his previous movie. And then there are certain scenes which will make the audience remember Ranbir Kapoor's father, Rishi Kapoor, in "Bobby." Ranbir has moved on from "Sawaariya" and has proved that he can do other types of roles as he has done in this. Deepika, unfortunately, is still in the same frame as she was in the second half of "Om Shanti Om" and this is where perhaps the director could used the real life couple to portray the romantic scenes in the most effective manner. And Bipasha Basu looks stunning as ever and her performance was believable as a girl who is in love.

The audience is constantly reminded of the song by the late Kishore Kumar, "Bachna Ae Haseeno" from the movie that I have already mentioned from 1977 (a remixed version) at the same time they are also reminded of one of the biggest hits of the 1990's "Dil Walleh Dulhaniya Lejayenge" in the form of it s title music whenever scenes of Switzerland are shown. Having visited Switzerland myself and also the Alps, I can say that a lot of the scenery was just superb and especially of the Swiss towns in the Alps.

Conclusion: One of the better movies from Yash Raj and indeed from Bollywood and at least the audience doesn't have to leave their thinking "grey" cells at home and intact.
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Very inspired, not very inspiring, but a decent one-time watch
Peter Young7 March 2011
Bachna Ae Haseeno is another modern Yash Raj fare. It is a romantic comedy at first and then turns into a... romantic drama. The film centres around the character of Raj, played by Ranbir Kapoor. Divided into three episodes each one presenting his relationships with three different women in his life, Bachna Ae Haseeno has a far stronger second half, but overall it's just another clichéd take on modern relationships. The movie shows the character of Raj as a guy who does not really take anything seriously but it aims to portray his growing maturity in life, and it partially succeeds. The first chapter presents a rather ordinary counter train meeting. It is a very cheesy episode which takes a lot from such films as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Jab We Met and actually does it admittedly. The second one is another meaningless portion portraying his relationship with an ambitious yet selfless aspiring model, and the third chapter shows how he ultimately falls in love with probably the wrong girl - an independent young lady who, among other jobs, works as a taxi driver and sees marriage as an obstacle. The first two episodes show Raj breaking the heart of two different girls, and the third shows how a girl breaks his heart. His heartbreak motivates him to try and meet his ex-girlfriends and ask for their forgiveness.

As one can see, Bachna Ae Haseeno has a very unoriginal script. Not that it copies a certain film, but it just takes inspiration from so many famous romantic comedies that it really gets on one's nerves from time to time and looks very ordinary throughout. It also has many annoying references to previous Yash Raj flicks. The second half takes more shape but it's not without its flaws either. Expectedly, it unfolds in episodes, mainly two, in which the protagonist tries to atone for his sins and clean his conscience. The first episode with that girl Mahi is handled pretty well, but come on, why would a girl lose her faith in love because she was lied to by a jerk whom she knew for one sole day? The fact she even remembers him after 12 long years looks totally awkward. The second episode re-meets him with Radhika, who was deeply in love with him and was abandoned by him on the wedding day. She is now known as Shreya Rathod, a popular supermodel whose attitude has become most cruel, malicious and evil, something which reminisces of Meryl Streep's Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada. This sequence is far more credible and it is perhaps the film's most entertaining. And then, after doing what he so longed for, he goes back to meet the girl who broke and heart. What happens next is something I believe anyone can predict.

Bachna Ae Haseeno is traditionally made, with songs, emotions and moments of old platitude, but then again, it has its pluses. The soundtrack by Vishal-Shekhar is very good. "Khuda Jaane" is the best number - well composed, performed and visualised on-screen. The casting is quite okay. The script does not really require some great acting talents to begin with, so it's passable. Ranbir Kapoor is plain okay as the main lead. He is generally well cast, but he does not register the growth in his character with total conviction. This kind of a role would have suited perfectly someone like Saif Ali Khan, whose superb comic timing is matched by his ability to mature as a person throughout a film. Ranbir is just not there yet, and although he is confident, that too is overdone at times. The girls are mainly there to look pretty, and they definitely do. Minissha Lamba is vivacious and cute, Deepika Padukone is extremely pretty, but both get overshadowed by Bipasha Basu who is so amazingly attractive that at times it's hard to believe anyone could leave her like Raj did. It looks like she gets sexier with every film, but besides that, her performance is probably the film's most convincing. Despite its flaws, Bachna Ae Haseeno is not that bad a film and it has its moments, which make for quite a decent one-time watch.
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A good entertainer
kat_77724 August 2009
Bachna ae haseeno is one of those films i have seen after days of waiting. And it turned out to be a good entertainer. It is better than Siddharth Raj Anand's previous two films Salaam Namaste and Ta Ra rum pum.

Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) meets three different girls in his life and actually falls for only one of them. Radhika (Bipasha Basu), Mahi (Minisha Lamba) and Gayathri (Deepika Padukone) were those either lucky or unlucky girls.

Bollywood films may it be action or horror or thriller will have a love story in them. This film concentrates more in the love story and it is different from the others too. The cinematography is good, script is good and the songs are excellent. Vishal and Shekhar did marvellously in music direction. They are the kind of songs that you would like to hear again and again. Khuda Jane is a haunting melody and songs like Luky boy, aahista and small town girl are exemplary.

Ranbir Kapoor acted well in this film as a 'lucky boy'. I am happy to see Deepika Padukone again after om shanti om. Bipasha Basu was good. Minisha Lamba wasn't as charming as the other two but hers is the best character in the film.

Songs were shot well. Small town girl is quiet funny to watch. Khuda Jane was taken in a beautiful place. Watch it especially for the songs and the places where the movie was shot (Australia, Switzerland etc..)

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Wont tag it as another Yash Raj !!
Rishi Anand25 August 2008
The word surprise has several meanings... may be this is one of them .

I hate most films from the Yash Raj Genre for their cheesy sense of humor & tasteless acting & screenplay. But somehow went on to see this movie.

Initially this was only as sick as any other boy-meet-girl movie but then somehow this movie gained some meaning. And even though you had to tolerate Ranbir Kapoor's Demented facial expressions, the movie wasn't that bad after all.

It had some good acting by the damsels & the plot grew to become more mature & involving. Over all in the end, you'd feel satisfied by the entire turn of events My advice - survive the first half hour!!! Somehow..
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A mix of many potent formulas only an ordinary mix.
kooleshwar20 August 2008
While the invincibility of Yashraj may have been a myth since day one (they've delivered flops and big ones all their lives remember Lamhe), what they did regularly deliver were iconic films (subhash ghai had the lead as far as hits were concerned).

His formula is and will remain forever simple.


Each and every one of his biggest hits have had this, and it mostly involved the protagonists.


Once again mostly involved the protagonists. But never with a villain, always with the circumstances.


Need i say more.

4)Exotic Foreign Locals. Normal characters played by larger than life personas.

A potent formula that has succeeded more often than not.

Yet every movie retained its individuality.

Building a new compound based on the formulas is OK, BUT WHEN YOU MIX THE READY-MADE COMPOUNDS IS WHEN THE WEAKNESSES CREEP IN.

The movies story is inspired from at least 2 Hollywood films/serials (one of which i have seen but i don't remember).

Then we have parts of the movie straight out of DDLJ...

Actually I've driven the point home, this movies un-originality is clearly its greatest weakness, AND ITS GREATEST STRENGTH.

Because we love the Yashraj Formula don't we.

Ranbir Kapoor can act better than most débutant's but clearly he has very far to go, the upside is that i cant see much of him in his roles, and maybe he will become a finer actor much sooner than say Sharukh who has played himself most of his life.

Minisha Lamba s@#ks plain and simple, no glamour, looks permanently forty, and clearly the most irritating character.

Deepika looks mostly unfeminine but once again its surprising that she can act, however its mainly her expressive face that saves her, otherwise her acting is weak.


She clearly steals the show here, and i say this despite knowing this movie is clearly about Ranbir, despite being mismatched SHE LOOKS STUNNING, actually gives the best performance of her life (still has a long way to though especially in the emotional scenes), the hot pants scene and the tie me up scene gave me palpitations.


Lets not mention the ugly Xbox placements.

The songs and its placement were quite weak, we have only 2 really good songs of which one is a remix played in the credits. I STILL Don't UNDERSTAND WHY THE ENTIRE SONG HAS TO BE PLAYED IN A MOVIE, A SONG AND ITS VIDEO IS PROFITABLE AS IT IS, EVEN IF IT Isn't PLAYED FULLY IN A MOVIE (sanjay gupta has proved it to us).

Most of the stories feel pretty half baked and AS A DRAMA HATER IM TELLING YOU THERE WAS CLEAR LACK OF EMOTIONS IN THIS MOVIE,you sit through the entire movie and you barely feel any emotion.The only time i felt a bit stirred is when he reflects on his life, and i was happy to see thats nothing there that cant be rectified or that will leave a scar.

The humour is also mostly good, with most of the jokes succeeding, Hiten Paintal does an excellent job, mainly as the comic relief.

In all we have a formula flick, whose greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.

-s the formula, DDLJ hangover, ugly product placement and location selling, Minisha, LACK OF EMOTIONS.

+/-s The formula, Deepika, Isn't less drama/emotion normally good (i think they call it breazy movie).

+s The formula, Bipasha, Ranbir, good humour.

Total 7/10 (actually outdid my expectations (I've seen Tashan), and I've factored that in, almost no one has really-REALLY liked the movie, most share my views, SO ITS BEST YOU GO WITH MODERATE Expectations OTHERWISE DISAPPOINTMENT IS ON THE CARDS).
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