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Season 4

12 Oct. 2010
Episode #4.1
In Philly, a man struggling to retrieve his impounded car takes a back seat when his wife flies into a rage. Sweet-natured ticket-writer Lachelle is shouted down by a Detroit woman who claims she has time on her meter. And in Philly, Sherry celebrates her birthday booting with Garfield, but faces a woman who won't stop crying.
12 Oct. 2010
Episode #4.2
In Philly, an infuriated woman calls the cops on rookie Richie for writing tickets! And in Detroit, Rodney and Sonjia lock horns with an angry man who uses his kids to try and stop his booted car being towed, while ticketer Sonja has it out with repeat offenders when patrolling handicap spaces.
19 Oct. 2010
Episode #4.3
Night booting in Philly gets out of hand when Frank and Rob are ambushed by an irate heavy-hitter. Motor city ticket-writer Ponytail is a talented "car whisperer," but the volume gets cranked up when he faces a threatening citizen. And outrage rules the lot, as a woman takes on the city and the PPA to fight a $1000 ticket.
26 Oct. 2010
Episode #4.5
In Philly, rookie ticket-writer Ritchie tries to play by the rules with an irate citizen, Yolanda helps a frustrated out of town couple to try to recover their car when they hit a wall. And on the night shift tow driver Dave works busy South Street but has to face off with some uncooperative partiers!
26 Oct. 2010
Episode #4.6
In Detroit Michele and Courtney need police back up when a furious woman literally pushes them to the limit. Philly Ticketer Shawn calls supervisor Jeff for help in a broken meter stand-off, and at the lot, an irate father and son learn they can't escape their unpaid tickets.
9 Nov. 2010
Episode #4.9
In Detroit, boot releaser Sonjia must calm irate citizens after Rodney and Courtney boot their cars. And in Philly, a frustrated man at the impound lot asks "Dude, where's my car?" as Marylin encounters the "frenemy" while ticketing in a rowdy neighborhood.
16 Nov. 2010
Episode #4.11
In Detroit, Louann tickets vehicles for blocking an alley. At the Philly impound lot, a man faces challenges to get his car released. Sherry and Garfield deal with unique South Philly residents.
16 Nov. 2010
Episode #4.12
In Detroit a furious citizen challenges LouAnn over a ticket for blocking an alley. A man struggling to free his car from the Philly impound faces seemingly endless setbacks, and on their booting beat Garfield and Sherry run into a South Philly character right out of Goodfellas.
23 Nov. 2010
Episode #4.13
In Detroit, cars in front of a mosque are ticketed. A woman is booted after a baseball game, because of tickets to her dead husband. In, Philadelphia Brian is having a bad day.
23 Apr. 2011
Episode #4.16
Garfield and Sherry go on the chase when a Philly citizen speeds off with the boot on. All bets are off when Ponytail confronts two screaming women who gamble with illegal parking in Detroit. In Philly, a DJ's head spins when the gets the runaround at the impound lot.
23 Apr. 2011
Episode #4.17
In Philly, a furious mother and son cause a fracas when they cut to the front of the line at the lot. And Richie faces his nightmare beat when his "Jersey Shore" hairdo is threatened by the rain. Detroit ticketer Kim meets opposition as she tries to clear the road for street cleaners.
30 Apr. 2011
Episode #4.18
In Detroit, Rodney and Sonjia are challenged by an irate man claiming he's a sovereign. In Philly, it's Richie against the Old City crowds on a rowdy Friday night, and everyone at the lot tries to help an elderly woman retrieve the car her grandson caused to be towed only to discover an unpleasant surprise in the front seat.
30 Apr. 2011
Episode #4.19
Angry Philly citizens shake Garfield out of his post vacation idle. In Detroit an irate woman stalks Norman as he tries to ticket for street cleaning violations. The past comes back to haunt two brothers trying to retrieve their car from the Philly impound lot.
7 May 2011
Episode #4.20
This one-hour special counts down the top 10 outrageous encounters between illegal parkers and the Philadelphia Parking Authority from the past four seasons.
14 May 2011
Episode #4.22
In Philly, two women scramble to retrieve the car a valet got towed during their night of partying, and Garfield and Sherry boot some unhappy citizens as they hunt scofflaws. In Detroit, ticket writer Robert tries to teach old dogs new tricks.
21 May 2011
Episode #4.23
An angry man can't retrieve the rental car that was towed when he took his wife to the hospital. Ticketer Shawn is confronted by angry citizens and Philly icon Marlene meets her match on her ticketing beat.
4 Jun. 2011
Episode #4.24
Ponytail has the holiday spirit in Detroit . In Philly, a woman is trying to get her car back that her son had stolen from the impound yard. Brian gets an unwanted gift after a shift of giving tickets.
11 Jun. 2011
Episode #4.25
Clerical errors cause a car to be towed in Philadelphia. Booting in Detroit before Christmas. Back in Philly, Gina tickets on South Street.
18 Jun. 2011
Episode #4.26
In Philadelphia, Shawn faces off with parking violators as he tries to keep the streets safe for kids, while relationships get strained over impounded cars at the lot, and tow driver John deals with outraged bystanders.

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