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When you're sneaking around past goons, at one point you can hear two of them referring to inventing computer games:
  • "I was watching cartoons on the television and I was thinking, it would be great it you could control the cartoon, make him run around, drive a car and even shoot a gun"

  • "Just how would you do that then wise guy?"

  • "I dunno, I supposed you'd have a box with buttons on it you'd have to push"

In the mission "Buzzsaw", Joe made a comment about Vito being able to heal so quickly while they were on their way to send Henry to El Greco. This is a clear reference to the game's regenerating health system, which brings a player's health back to normal despite being hit by bullets several times.
Whilst you are driving in game, you hear multiple references from the radio about the "new" amazing product coming out, the tape recorder. They comment on how "you can record moving pictures and watch them later."
In The Mission where your are taking henry to your boss, Vito mentions that being apart of a family beats being a taxi drive. Tom the character of the first game was a taxi driver before joining a family.
Throughout the in-game radio broadcasts you hear humorous references to new products and ideas which we take for granted nowadays. These include "credit cards", "atomic energy" and "portable telephones".
While looking for Leo Galante in the jail courtyard, you can listen in on other inmates' conversations. If you listen in on a group of Chinese inmates they will say lines from the popular internet meme "All your base are belong to us" like: "Somebody set up us the bomb".


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Joe and Vito are sent to kill a man in witness protection for testifying against his family, this man is Thomas Angelo the main character from the first title and the scene where Vito says 'Mr. Salieri sends his regards' and Joe shoots him, is the epilogue to the first game.

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