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Mike Patton to Score the Soundtrack for Netflix's Stephen King Movie 1922

  • MovieWeb
Mike Patton to Score the Soundtrack for Netflix's Stephen King Movie 1922
Musical chameleon Mike Patton has announced that he's working on a score for the Netflix adaptation of the Stephen King novella 1922. In November of last year, it was announced that Netflix would be making a movie based on King's short story. Zak Hilditch will direct the movie based off of the screenplay that he wrote. The story is told through the narration of the main character who confesses to murdering his wife and later believes that she is haunting him. Not much else has been revealed about the movie, but we have learned that Mike Patton has already composed the score.

Mike Patton, who is probably best known as the lead singer of the experimental rock band Faith No More, recently spoke to Rolling Stone about his new black metal project Dead Cross with ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo. At the end of the article, Patton casually mentions that he has
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Revenge Thriller, The Last Draw Of Jack Of Hearts, Reteams Josh Hartnett And Guy Moshe

Bunraku writer and director Guy Moshe is reteaming with actor Josh Hartnett for a new revenge thriller on the horizon titled The Last Draw Of Jack Of Hearts. Production is reportedly commencing in April with Highland Film Group presenting the film this week to buyers at the European Film Market following its presentation at Toronto late last year by Disrupting Influence's Glenn Kendrick Ackermann and Jason Piette when Hartnett was in talks to star. Billed as a neo-noir espionage thriller, Moshe's script will see Hartnett as the leader of a black ops mercenary group who returns to Naples to seek revenge and reunite with the woman he loves after being betrayed by his team and left for dead in Africa. Ackermann and Piette are on...

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Efm: Josh Hartnett to star in thriller 'The Last Draw Of Jack Of Hearts'

  • ScreenDaily
Efm: Josh Hartnett to star in thriller 'The Last Draw Of Jack Of Hearts'
Exclusive: Highland Film Group will commences talks with worldwide buyers in Berlin.

Guy Moshe wrote and will direct The Last Draw Of Jack Of Hearts, a thriller project that reunites him with Hartnett after the 2010 action fantasy Bunraku.

Hartnett will play a former black ops betrayed and left for dead during a covert operation in Africa.

When the expert solider resurfaces in Naples, he seeks revenge and resolves to win back the beautiful and mysterious love of his life.

Matthew G. Zamias and Moshe are producing with Chimera Pictures’ Pedro Tarantino, Disrupting Influence’s Glenn Kendrick Ackermann and Jason Piette and Lituanica Film’s Karolis Malinauskas.

Principal photography is set to commence in April on the thriller, one of several titles on the Highland Film Group slate that Arianne Fraser and Delphine Perrier bring to Berlin.

The Efm roster includes and a likely soft-launch on The Crow Reborn; three thrillers in post – Terminal starring Margot Robbie, [link
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Josh Hartnett in Talks for ’Jack of Hearts’

Josh Hartnett in Talks for ’Jack of Hearts’
Josh Hartnett is in advanced negotiations to re-team with writer-director Guy Moshe (“Bunraku”) for “The Last Draw of Jack of Hearts,” which is billed as a neo-noir espionage thriller.

Disrupting Influence’s Glenn Kendrick Ackermann and Jason Piette have acquired worldwide sales rights to the film. They will introduce it to buyers at the Toronto Intl. Film Festival. Producer Mark Holdom announced Friday that “Jack of Hearts” will initiate principal photography in March in Naples and Lithuania.

It turns on Jack, the leading member of a mercenary outfit who is shot in the back and left for dead. He returns to his former Naples base for revenge, and to re-unite with the woman he loves. But events soon take a violent turn.

“I have spent some wonderful years living in Italy and always dreamed about coming back to do another film there,” Holdom said at the Venice Festival.

He added:
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New Trailer Takes Us Into The Grizzly Maze

If you listen closely, you can almost hear the elevator pitch on this one. It’s like Jaws, right? But, it’s in the forest – with a giant bear, guys with guns, and a token ballsy blonde to keep the ladies happy. Sure, it sounds like Into The Grizzly Maze basically writes itself, but the most cursory of looks at the newly released trailer suggests that this might actually have a very healthy B-movie pulse to it. What else could account for the presence of the legendary Scott Glenn, and Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton?

Directed by David Hackl (Saw V), and written by Guy Moshe (Bunraku) and J.R. Reher (making his feature length debut),the story sees two brothers reconnect with each other during a two day hike through their Alaskan childhood stomping ground. Unfortunately, it seems that their bonding experience coincides with a local bear attack issue,
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Berlin: Olga Kurylenko Joins Jordi Molla in ‘Duelo’

Olga Kurylenko will star opposite Spanish actor Jordi Molla in the thriller “Duelo,” which will mark the English-language directing debut of Molla and Giuseppe Ferlito.

Myriad Pictures is launching sales at the Berlin Film Festival.

Duelo” is produced by Picturesque partners Guy Moshe and Matthew G. Zamias alongside Olga Segura.

Molla and Ferlito also wrote the script, which centers on a famous actress whose fiance was viciously attacked and fell into a coma. Years later, she finds herself trapped by her fiance’s attacker.

Segura recently produced “The Truth About Emanuel,” starring Jessica Biel and Kaya Scodelario, as well as Cate Blanchett’s upcoming directorial debut “The Dinner.” Moshe wrote and directed “Holly” and “Bunraku,” which Picturesque also produced.

Kurylenko recently appeared opposite Russell Crowe in “The Water Diviner” and will star along with Morgan Freeman in the upcoming thriller “Momentum.”

Molla will be seen next in Marvel’s “Ant-Man
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Thomas Jane, Billy Bob Thornton Square Off Against One Pissed Off Bear In New Grizzly Trailer!!

I absolutely love horror movies involving pissed off animals. Maybe it’s because we’re so used to loving them in general, that when a horror-ish film comes along that throws a big wrench into that, it makes for some fun entertainment. With that all being said, Saw V director David Hackl is returning behind the helm of the awesome looking Grizzly, which was written by J.R. Reher and Bunraku director Guy Moshe. After checking out the newly released trailer, I’ve gotta say, it looks pretty great, heavy on gore and boasting an impressive lineup of really good actors. Hackl and co. already had me with just saying it was a killer bear movie, but they had to throw The Mist‘s Thomas Jane, X-men‘s James Marsden, and Billy Bob Thornton into the mix, and well..badassery indeed folks. Thornton absolutely killed it as Lorne Malvo on season one of FX’s Fargo,
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Josh Hartnett Says He Turned Down 'Superman Returns' As Well As Playing Spider-Man And Batman

  • The Playlist
This spring Josh Hartnett returns to our collective consciousness in Showtime's "Penny Dreadful," and it has been a long time since we've seen him anything. The past four of five years has seen the actor drift with indies nobody saw ("Stuck Between Stations," "August," "Girl Walks Into A Bar"), genre fare that no one saw ("Bunraku," "I Come With The Rain") and troubled international blockbusters ("Singularity"). But perhaps his career might've been different, if he had made some different choices.  In an interview with Details, the actor is up front about turning down some major roles, including Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns," early in his career. "Spider-Man was something we talked about. Batman was another one. But I somehow knew those roles had potential to define me, and I didn't want that. I didn't want to be labeled as Superman for the rest of my career. I was maybe 22, but I saw the danger,
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Tiff’s 25 Years of Midnight Madness: Best of the Fest #2

Tiff’s Midnight Madness program turned 25 this year, and for two and half decades, the hardworking programers have gathered some of the strangest, most terrifying, wild, intriguing and downright entertaining films from around the world. From dark comedies to Japanese gore-fests and indie horror gems, the Midnight Madness program hasn’t lost its edge as one the leading showcases of genre cinema. In its 25-year history, Midnight Madness has introduced adventurous late-night moviegoers to such cult faves as Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused and Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. But what separates Midnight Madness from, say, Montreal’s three and half week long genre festival Fantasia, is that Tiff selects only ten films to make the cut. In other words, these programmers don’t mess around. Last week I decided that I would post reviews of my personal favourite films that screened in past years. And just like the Tiff programmers,
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Eva Green and Josh Hartnett Sign Up for Showtime’s Penny Dreadful

Wow. Josh Hartnett. Haven’t heard that name in a while. Well you’ll be hearing a little bit more from Mr. Hartnett, because he’s just been cast as the male lead in Showtime’s “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”-esque show “Penny Dreadful”. Hartnett will be joined by the lovely Eva Green (“300: Rise of an Empire”) on the show, from screenwriter John Logan (“Gladiator”) and “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes. The “psycho-sexual horror series” (whatever that means) will premiere on cable network Showtime with an 8-episode first-season, and will find Hartnett playing Ethan Chandler, described as “a man of action and daring who isn’t afraid of violence. He’s charming and brash but there are demons behind his eyes. He’s more complicated than he likes to admit.” The last movie I saw Hartnett in was 2010′s “Bunraku”, which was pretty good, but he hasn’t really done
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'Daredevil' Reboot: Casting David Slade's Man Without Fear

Long ago, in the before time, I put forth five names to replace Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock in a "Daredevil" movie. Fast-forward two years and two months later and, yes, we have a director, but we still do not have a Man Without Fear.

Recently, David Slade said that there is no "Daredevil" update at the moment, with progress moving slowly on the loose adaptation of Frank Miller's "Born Again" arc. To do our small part in speeding things along, I thought we should revisit the idea of casting Murdock for the "Daredevil" reboot. Mostly new names this time around, with one of the old guys hanging on because he's still my personal favorite.

Read on for "Daredevil" casting suggestions, round two!

Armie Hammer

He's 6'5", 220 pounds, and even if there aren't two of him, one will do the trick. Years ago, I was one of those people
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Josh Hartnett Taking Agency Meetings…What Happened To That Guy?

  • Deadline
Josh Hartnett Taking Agency Meetings…What Happened To That Guy?
Josh Hartnett has left CAA, and he has been making the rounds of agencies looking for new representation. Even though they might be unexcited by his recent movies like Bunraku and Girl Walks Into A Bar, the agencies are all over him. Who can blame them? This is a strapping young guy who can act and is only 33. I thought he was going to be a big star when he made Pearl Harbor and especially Black Hawk Down. While occasional films reminded of his potential — how great was Hartnett in 30 Days Of Night, maybe the coolest vampire movie since From Dusk Till Dawn? – for the most part he has leaned toward indie, artsy fare. I can still remember in the early 2000s when Hartnett was offered the Superman role by Warner Bros in a three-picture deal that potentially could have paid him $100 million. He turned it down because he didn
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SXSW 2012: 'Gimme The Loot,' 'Beware Of Mr. Baker' Take Top Honors

  • Moviefone
With the film portion of the South By Southwest Film Festival slowly winding down -- and with those crazy music-only people seemingly turning Austin into a deleted scene from "Southland Tales" -- what better time to give out some festival awards! SXSW did just that on Tuesday night, honoring the graffiti drama "Gimme the Loot" and the rock documentary "Beware of Mr. Baker," about Cream drummer Ginger Baker. Fun! Other winners included Richard Linklater's "Bernie" and even "X-Men: First Class"? Sure thing. Narrative Spotlight, Documentary Spotlight, Emerging Visions, Midnighters, 24 Beats Per Second, SXGlobal and Festival Favorites Audience Awards will be announced separately Saturday, but for now, check out these SXSW winners. Feature Film Jury Awards Documentary Feature Competition Grand Jury Winner: "Beware of Mr. Baker" Director: Jay Bulger Narrative Feature Competition Grand Jury Winner: "Gimme The Loot" Director: Adam Leon Special Jury Recognition for Performance: Jamie Chung - "Eden
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Win a copy of Bunraku on Blu-ray

It's competition time here again at Flickering Myth and we have two Blu-ray copies of director Guy Moshe's martial-arts action epic Bunraku to give away to our readers in our latest exclusive Twitter contest.

Read on for a synopsis and details of how to enter the giveaway...

"In a world without guns, a mysterious drifter (Josh Hartnett; 30 Days of Night) arrives in a strange town terrorised by the ruthless Woodcutter (Ron Perlman; Hellboy) and his army of thugs, headed by the vicious Killer #2 (Kevin McKidd; Grey's Anatomy). The drifter is forced to trust a young samurai (Japanese superstar Gackt) looking to restore his family's honour, and the local bartender (Woody Harrelson; The Hunger Games) with his own secret score to settle, as they team up to destroy the Woodcutter's tyrannical and corrupt regime. Using cutting-edge visuals and breathtaking fight choreography, Bunraku, also starring Demi Moore (Margin Call), is a
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[Now Streaming] Your ‘Safe House,’ ‘The Vow,’ & ‘Phantom Menace’ Alternatives

  • The Film Stage
Each week within this column we strive to pair the latest in theatrical releases to worthwhile titles currently streaming on Netflix Instant Watch. This week we offer alternatives to Safe House, The Vow, & Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D.

Facing off against the Galactic Empire in theaters this weekend are two ill-matched secret agents and a pair of lovers more beautiful than lucky. But if this isn’t enough to satisfying your thirst for action, adventure and romance, you’re in luck as we’ve got some choice titles that are Now Streaming.

Ryan Reynolds is a desk-bound secret agent thrown into the fray when a disgraced ex-operative (Denzel Washington) barges into his safe house, throwing his whole world into free-for-all. Vera Farmiga co-stars.

Craving crime thrillers?

Blitz (2011) Jason Stratham stars as a furious cop who channels his overdrive aggression into tracking down a grisly serial killer.
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Demi Moore Drops Out Of 'Lovelace': What Does This Mean For Her Career?

Demi Moore Drops Out Of 'Lovelace': What Does This Mean For Her Career?
It's been a rough year for Demi Moore. Her highly publicized split with husband Ashton Kutcher following his cheating scandal led to a dramatic weight loss that received plenty of media press. After many months of the public focusing on her impending divorce, it seemed as though things were looking up for the 49-year-old actress when she signed on to the upcoming film "Lovelace," which stars Amanda Seyfried and Peter Saarsgard. But after being hospitalized on Monday for exhaustion and since being checked into rehab, it turns out that she won't be a part of the movie after all.

Moore's representative confirmed to People that she will no longer be playing female rights activist Gloria Steinem in the upcoming movie. This was the only upcoming movie on Moore's slate. So what does this mean for her film career?

It's unclear just how big a part the Steinem role is in "Lovelace.
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Riddick Gets a New Nemesis with Jordi Molla

  • NextMovie
Riddick's a wanted man throughout the galaxy, and the latest bad guy hot on his trail could be the famous Spanish actor Jordi Molla.

Molla would play yet another mercenary hunting down Riddick (Vin Diesel) on that crusty prison planet of Crematoria. As Santana, Molla would head up a group of mercs on the hunt for our eyeball-enhanced ex-con.

Us audiences might be more familiar with Molla's work in the bananas actioner "Bunraku" and the less bananas Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz vehicle "Knight and Day," as well as "Colombiana" and "Blow."

Apparently, there are a lot of folks who want a piece of Riddick in the next installment of the franchise. Yesterday, news broke that "BSG" alum Katee Sackhoff has signed on the dotted line to play a mercenary as well, although it's not clear if she'll be part of Santana's crew or working on her own.

The third movie
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Mike Patton Will ‘Crank’ Up Derek Cianfrance’s ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’

  • The Film Stage
With the Brooklyn-based indie band Grizzly Bear providing the perfect score for Derek Cianfrance‘s drama Blue Valentine, we’ve been eager to get news on who will take care of his crime film The Place Beyond the Pines. It looks like it will get a bit more edge, with the announcement of a composer today via press release.

Faith No More frontman and Mr. Bungle singer Mike Patton has signed on to do the score. No other details provided, but we can look towards his work on Crank: High Voltage, as well as providing songs to films like Black Hawk Down. Patton is also no stranger to other elements of film production, providing narration for last year’s Bunraku and work on I Am Legend. It is a surprising choice, but Cianfrance is said to be a big fan and I look forward to seeing how he fits in here.
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Star Trek Sequel Casting Word

  • Boomtron
Star Trek Sequel Casting Word

Will he? Won’t he? Will he? Won’t he? That has been the song dance we fans of Star Trek have been performing over the latest news that Benicio Del Toro would Not be acting in the highly anticipated sequel. The quite infamous role Del Toro was rumored to be about to play was that of Khan. Director J.J. Abrams has confirmed that Del Toro, The Wolfman actor, is out. Now we have some insight into who may replace him.

Variety suggests two male actors may be next in line for the role of a villain in Star Trek 2. They say Paramount is circling Edgar Ramirez and Jordi Molla.

Ramirez starred in the Golden Globe nominated miniseries, Carlos, as well as Vantage Point, and Ché. Insiders say he is expected to perform a screen test via Skype for J.J. sometime this week.
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Edgar Ramirez is Now Next in Line to Play 'Star Trek' Sequel Villain?

Now that they couldn't get Benicio Del Toro, for whatever reason that fell through, J.J. Abrams is looking elsewhere to cast his villain in the Star Trek sequel, and Variety says he's got two other frontrunners. The primary one is Édgar Ramírez (seen above), a Venezuelan actor on the rise from The Bourne Ultimatum, Vantage Point, Che and Wrath of Titans. The other is Spaniard Jordi Mollà, from Bad Boys II, Bunraku, Colombiana. Unfortunately, like with all casting news on this, nothing is confirmed yet and testing is still underway. But does the focus on ethnicity mean this is still Khan that he's casting for? It has to be, right? Since this news is not confirmed yet, we can't say anyone is cast, but the process is underway to find someone, as they're still aiming to start shooting early next year. In the Vulture post about Del Toro's talks falling through,
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