Bunraku (2010) Poster


Plot Keywords

revenge bartender
drifter army
uncle nephew relationship prison escape
burned alive yo yo
stabbed to death stabbed in the shoulder
nose pushed into brain spitting blood
hatchet garden
thrown through a window bar fight
woman in bathtub bare chested male
pop up book general
prostitute father daughter relationship
kung fu katana sword
knife car on train tracks
hit with a baseball bat car chase
throat slitting hotel
subtitled scene restaurant
knocked out brothel
hit by a car martial arts
spit in the face brass knuckles
kidnapping knife throwing
stabbed in the head waterfall
beaten to death bar
motorcycle woman punching a man
man punching a woman ambush
corruption voice over narration
kicked in the face police chief
gang piano playing
fistfight medallion
punched in the face cigarette smoking
one word title murder
stabbed in the eye neck breaking
rain circus
storytelling costume
fear of heights axe
absinthe hit with a broom
poker game dripping blood
jumping from a rooftop one against many
bow and arrow mountain
written by director wood chopping
knife fight stabbed in the chest
man with no name sword fight
character repeating someone else's dialogue cousin cousin relationship
flashback death of uncle
electronic cigarette blood splatter
bitten on the arm casino
japanese stabbed in the back
kicked in the chest punched in the nose
train stabbed in the throat
cigar smoking battle
slow motion scene severed finger
gun shaped lighter impalement
card trick taxi
car crash death of father

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