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8 Dec. 1967
The Shooting War
Some directors of a football team are rather concerned about supporters imitating the violence and bad feeling on the pitch up in the stands.They want to suspend the 'bad apple' player but its deemed an unpopular move and abandoned...Then a policeman dies in the terraces.
15 Dec. 1967
Son of the City
Welfare worker Carol is attacked in a swimming pool by the attendant George Lease.
22 Dec. 1967
The Appointment
After a headmaster is killed in an accident, Sid Allan (a black teacher) puts in an application for the job, but has second thoughts when a petrol bomb is thrown through his window.
29 Dec. 1967
The Waiting Game
A henpecked trade union leader tries to bully and then bribe a vulnerable housing manager into letting him jump the queue and have a new council flat.
5 Jan. 1968
The Visitors
A good Samaritan who gives a stranded family a lift off the road, finds his life gets complicated when they move in on him.
19 Jan. 1968
Who Pays?
After a scout troupe is tragically mowed down by a truck, responsibility passes around the driver,the poorly sited roadworks and the scout master for allowing his charges on the main road.
26 Jan. 1968
A Question of Priorities
The city's councilors are contemplating removing an old cemetery in order to make way for house building. A reporter warns them that there will be resistance from an unexpected source.
2 Feb. 1968
Love Thy Neighbour
A car sharing scheme to beat the city traffic, goes disastrously wrong when the married men drivers invite a single girl into the scheme as well.

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