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Andrea Arnold originally wanted an actor of 'Gypsy'/Roma descent for the role of Heathcliff but the 'Gyspy' community of England wasn't very receptive and was unable to find an actor who she felt was appropriate for the role. She then opened the audition to actors between 16 and 21, from Yorkshire, of mixed race, Indian, Pakistani, Bangledeshi or Middle Eastern descent. Newcomer James Howson was eventually cast.
Michael Fassbender was originally cast to portray Heathcliff, but as shooting drew nearer he was replaced by Ed Westwick. After Andrea Arnold was hired to direct, Ed Westwick was 'let go'.
Natalie Portman was originally cast as Catherine Earnshaw. After her departure from the film, Lindsay Lohan campaigned for the role but Abbie Cornish was eventually cast. As filming neared, Cornish was then replaced by Gemma Arterton. When Andrea Arnold was hired to direct, she replaced Gemma Arterton with Kaya Scodelario.
John Maybury was originally hired to direct.
Andrea Arnold did not allow Kaya Scodelario to shave her armpits during filming. As a result, she went three months without shaving.
In a deviation from the book, neither of the two opposing houses, the Earnshaw household and the Linton household, are named in the film. In the book, the former is called Wuthering Heights and the latter is called Thrushcross Grange.
Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority lent various historic items from their museum collection to be used for set dressing: stoneware jars and pottery items, child's cradle, peat barrow, peat spades, oatcake making equipment including thivel, board and cake stand, knitting stick and backcan for carrying milk from the field to the farm house. These items are usually on public display at the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes, Wensleydale.
Casting director Gail Stevens and her team held open calls and wandered the streets of Leeds, Sheffield, York and Bradford looking for likely "Heathcliffs".
The film cuts out all the events after Catherine dies including the birth of Linton, Linton's romance with Cathy and Heathcliff's death.
Henry Cavill was considered for the role of Heathcliff.
Andrea Arnold borrowed a canary from Yorkshire canary breeder Brian Keenan to feature in the film as a pet of the main characters. According to Keenan, "Ms Arnold prefers to film entirely on location and aims for as much local flavour and authenticity as possible. So the obvious choice of canary for Wuthering Heights just had to be a Yorkshire in a genuine show cage - nothing else would do."
The cast and crew were housed in the Kings Head Hotel in Richmond, North Yorkshire (a building erected in 1717 that has housed legendary guests such as Franz Liszt and J.M.W. Turner). The film's wrap party was held at The Old Board Inn, a small pub in the village of Hawes, close to the film set.
Jessica Alba was one of the choices to play Catherine Earnshaw when John Maybury was on board to direct.
Peter Webber was hired to direct after John Maybury left the film. Peter Webber left the film in December 2009 and Andrea Arnold was asked to replace him.
Gail Stevens, Casting Director, found Heathcliff (James Howson) during an open call session in Leeds in March 2010.
Film debut of James Northcote.

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