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Sex & Nudity

  • Two characters have sex in a field at night while a young boy watches. A woman gives birth in a field. Her thighs are seen covered in blood as she screams. We see a dead body in shadows laid out naked on a table as it is washed for burial. A man undresses for bed and his genitalia can briefly be seen in shadows. Characters violently kiss. A man passionately holds and kisses the corpse of his beloved and may perform necrophilia, although this is uncertain as there is no nudity and no explicit thrusting.

Violence & Gore

  • Many scenes of cruelty and/or violence between characters and towards animals. A man knocks a boy down and severely kicks him. Later in the film, the roles are reversed as the boy, now grown, beats the man. A man whips a boy on the back until he bleeds. A girl literally licks his wounds afterwards. A man throws himself against a wall repeatably until his forehead bleeds and he cries out in pain. A man hangs a dog from a gate by its collar, causing the dog to choke and whine in distress. Later a small boy does the same with a dog by hanging it on a tree branch. We see a sheep stabbed in the neck and its blood pool on the ground. We see a rabbit killed by having its neck stretched and broken. A man vomits loudly behind a wall (nothing is seen). A woman scratches another on the arm as she struggles to get free of her grasp. The scratched woman then licks her wound. A boy climbs on top of a girl who has fallen in a mud puddle and holds here there. Many years later, she pushes him over and holds his head down by stepping on it.


  • More than a couple direct uses of 'fuck' and 'nigger' and at least one use of 'cunt'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many scenes of violence, fighting, intimidation, cruelty, abuse (physical, verbal, emotional). A brief but shocking childbirth. A man intensely mourns the death of his beloved.

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