Wuthering Heights (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

foster sister yorkshire
hanging dog dead sheep
dead animal harp
goose killing a sheep
barking dog rock wall
fight hair pulling
kicking sheep
dog bite spying
dog attack tossing rocks at a window
pulling hair out cough foreshadows death
new neighbor bird
racial slur bruise
countryside feather
singing spitting on someone
spitting girl dressed as boy
wind storm
heavy rain man crying
orphan rural setting
rural runaway
digging up a grave neighbor
spying on couple having sex watching sex
sex outside climbing through a window
horse belief in the afterlife
belief in hell licking blood
licking someone's body licking
licking wound abuse
blood on shirt blood on back
scars on back scar
tragedy bath
sponge bath male rear nudity
male nudity band
dog border collie
cavalier king charles spaniel snow
grief spaniel
scream maid
brother sister relationship father daughter relationship
family relationships adoption
husband wife relationship hugging
shaving screaming
teenage girl teenage boy
death in childbirth kissing a dead body
childbirth woman in labor
pregnant woman pregnancy
baby boy baby
death of loved one death of wife
caning dead body
dead bird death
rabbit outdoor sex
tea forced baptism
funeral baptism
church belief in the soul
belief in the devil belief in god
little boy african anglo
kiss crying
rain face slap
kiss on the cheek kissing
corporal punishment beating
mud love
forbidden love reunion
period piece interracial relationship
star crossed lovers horse riding
tragic love rabbit trap
sex scene child abuse
male frontal nudity moors
foster family death of father
based on novel

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