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Season 1

4 Jun. 2009
I'm an Adult Now
After rescuing a young woman (Kristen Hager) from a fiery car crash, Toby (Craig Olejnik) is troubled by visions of her missing son. Clearly traumatized and frightened by her son's abduction, Toby is unable to get her to share any information. And as his own fears for the child's well-being increase, he realizes he's going to have to act quickly to make sense of the mental dissonance that plagues him.
4 Jun. 2009
Emotional Rescue
After saving a childhood friend from a burning building, Toby (Craig Olejnik) tracks town an arsonist that he believes might be responsible for a series of fires in the city.
11 Jun. 2009
A Voice in the Dark
Toby (Craig Olejnik) encounters a street person who may hold the key to locating a missing girl.
18 Jun. 2009
Some Kinda Love
After meeting a young woman at a nightclub who is later found dead, Toby (Craig Olejnik) is considered the prime suspect and must clear his name.
2 Jul. 2009
Lisa Says
When Toby (Craig Olejnik) saves a teenage boy from a gang beating, he learns that a series of drug store robberies may be linked to the runaway's turbulent past.
9 Jul. 2009
Foggy Notion
After a shooting in Chinatown, Toby (Craig Olejnik) helps a blind woman solve the murder of her brother, who may have been involved in illegal activity.
16 Jul. 2009
Toby (Craig Olejnik) connects with a young faith healer whose miraculous gift has put her life in jeopardy.
23 Jul. 2009
One Way or Another
Toby's (Craig Olejnik) intuition that there may be something more to Detective Charlie Marks (Lisa Marcos) pursuit of a serial rapist brings them closer.
24 Jul. 2009
Inside the Man
Toby (Craig Olejnik) is enlisted by Detective Charlie Marks (Lisa Marcos) to use his telepathic abilities on a traumatized teenager who witnessed the murder of his parents.
3 May 2009
Toby (Craig Olejnik) investigates a missing person case hoping the $100,000 reward will save Oz's (Ennis Esmer) parents from losing their home
Aug. 2009
Beginning to See the Light
When Toby's (Craig Olejnik) patient dies after a hit-and-run, he discovers the man was convicted of embezzling four million dollars and his death wasn't an accident.
17 May 2009
My Sister's Keeper
Toby's (Craig Olejnik) paramedic skills are questioned when, while trying to save the victim's life, he disturbs a crime scene.
24 May 2009
The Journey
Toby (Craig Olejnik) learns that "John Doe" (Gordon Pinsent) an unidentified patient suffering from Alzheimer's could be linked to his past and that his dead mother may be alive.

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