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It is unknown yet the movie keeps getting pushed back.

We are not entirely sure if they died at the end of Cloverfield. For all we know, rocks could have fallen and given them some kind of makeshift cover. We know the camera survives, so it is indeed plausible for Rob and Beth to have survived also.

Also, in an alternate ending from the DVD, Beth can be heard shouting Rob's name after the debris has settled, leading to speculation that they were intended to survive.

Also in the special features the director explains that a military team went in the bridge that collapsed on them and the alternate ending shows a man cleaning a camera.

It was suggested in an interview with director Matt Reeves that another person's perspective may be adopted for the sequel. Case in point, on the Brooklyn Bridge, another man is filming on the other side, and Hud films him for a moment while he films Hud. With things like this in the film, it is possible the sequel could at least have a cameo.

It is currently unknown when/if they will start filming.

J.J. Abrams said " if we used the same style again it may lose its gimmick; but we are not ruling out the fact that we may do it again." This means that Cloverfield 2 might be filmed like a regular Hollywood movie to be able to tell a deeper story.

Of course, it is up in the air. Abrams suggested they may be choosing another new style altogether.

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