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6 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

I'm not sure what all the hype was about...

Author: BeerFairy100
28 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I heard so many people say that this movie was "Frigging scary!" Or "Oh, you're going to pee in your pants!". When I saw it, I was like "Oh, is this it?" Is this that movie that everyone was terrified of? Oh please! Throughout seventy percent of the movie, nothing at happened. When something that was supposed to be scary happened, I just laughed my butt off. Yes, I know that they mentioned that, all the events actually happened. No, I don't even care about it. My advice to anyone that wants to see this is: Don't let anyone fool you! This movie is probably the weakest movie ever put in theatres! I normally don't put any spoilers in my reviews but seeing as it would be too short if I didn't I'll post the two scenes that were probably the scariest compared to most of the film (Which I was also found myself laughing):

1. The girl lies in bed and appears to have fallen down the bed. The girl realizes that she is being dragged by the ghost haunting her, as she slides across the bedroom floor to the hall.

2. That same girl leaves the bedroom, screams, her boyfriend runs after her. The girl returns to the room with a bloody knife. She appears to be possessed, as she sides beside the bed. Rocking back and forth.

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

44 of the 62 Pages of Reviews RATE THIS A 3/10 or LOWER...Real HORROR Fans will find it BORING!!!

Author: RocketeerFlyer from Manchester, England
3 August 2013

So, this film showed up on TV & I watched it....FOOL ME (i'd heard & read some of the hype & reviews at the time but something niggled me about it which is why years later this was my first viewing of it)

I am a HORROR fan & wondered if it was something different & unique? I guess in a way it was but not in a good way although the hand held camera-work had been done before in the slightly better "Blair Witch Project"

This was NOT for me or I would guess true Horror fans, it's slow, boring & not in the least bit frightening.

Now I know this was a low to no budget movie so kudos to the makers for making it and somehow making this a solid hit & probably making themselves tons of money but I just don't get it!!!

In the Cinema maybe it had some kind of collective experience? I think there are 3 sequels to this film!!! and even though i'm a Horror fan I think i'll be leaving those alone.

I shall be sticking with the likes of "The Fog" (Original 1980 version ONLY) which has real style, atmosphere & chills & even though this too had a low budget just look what John Carpenter did with it.

If ever a FOG BANK happens around your area then you simply have to watch "The Fog" Blu-Ray or DVD as it gathers around you...Look outside at around 10 minute intervals & I swear to god it will give you ALL THE CHILLS & SCARES you need...Now that's quiet an experience you won't forget, unlike this!!! And that chance might only come around once in a lifetime but YOU MUST DO IT.

I was lucky enough to be watching "The Fog" on TV whilst a Fog Bank drifted in over our area & I swear to god it's like a scary fun fair ride... Unbelievably Atmospheric & Chilling (Also, I dare you to step outside while it's on but look out...BLAKE is out there somewhere)

Sorry to focus on "The Fog" so much here but that was real classic SCARY movie making this sadly was NOT. Credit must go to the distributors though for marketing this film, it looks like they did a unbelievable job (3 sequels!!! really!!!)

I'm amazed it rates above a 6 and that it got these sequels made (probably because of the profit margins)

My Rating is a 1/10 NOT for the film itself but the fact that it got made by low budget filmmakers and was then actually accepted for cinema release & somehow made tons of money.

The film itself is seriously a 0/10 I never thought i'd rate a film a 0

I'm not one for BANNING films and this has no serious problem scenes (if only) that would disturb anyone but it does have ONE major problem which is....



Oh and I find it amazing a film can rate so high when 44 of the 62 Pages of Reviews actually give this film a rating of 3 out of 10 or less (most of these are 1's and 2's)

That's approx 72% of Reviewers think this is a STINKER...72%!!!

Just 18 of those 62 pages had reviewers that rated it a 4 or higher.

This film gets an Oveall rating of just over 6!!!

But the math is stacked luckily in it's favour It's real average rating is probably around the 3 or 4 as some crazy minority give it a 9 or 10...Who are these people??? I wanna sell them a Movie Idea :-)

True Horror fans AVOID!!!

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

boring film and camera work made me feel sea sick

Author: jaypauldini from United Kingdom
15 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i watched this film with my wife, she loved it. i hated it, it reminded me off quarantine/clover-field, with its exaggerated bad filming style. didn't the camera have 'steady cam', my mobile phone has a steadier camera. i felt physically sick all the way through, why didn't i leave? my wife was enjoying it, so i stayed. I am fed up with this pretend to be made on a camcorder films. the story was very boring, the bits i was able to watch without being sick. who ever compared this film to exorcist, needs their head examined. it was rubbish , no story, no actors, only one scary bit at very end. not worth the wait. don't go and see it. and i was feeling ill for two days afterwards, just like sea sickness. they should have to have signs out by the ticket office telling you it it will make you feel nauseas.

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16 out of 29 people found the following review useful:

Overrated. Anti-climatic. Possibly the worst attempt at a psychological horror/thriller film that I have ever seen.

Author: kimberley nguyen from Australia
7 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having never heard of 'Paranormal Activity' before, I came in expecting nothing from the film, but usually had a soft spot for indie films. My friend, however, was hyped up about the film, raving on about all the previous positive reviews on IMDb. We both came out equally empty, horribly unsatisfied and in awe. We were both shocked as to why we spent 86 minutes on a film that had no element of thrill and was anti- climatic.

If you are a viewer who expects cheap scares, this movie is definitely not for you. You will never see the face of the 'entity'. You will only hear it, see it's movements and it's shadow (that looks like one of an old man). The film works around scaring the audience psychologically. It however, fails to achieve this in any possible way, except for the use of the handy cams, immersing the audience into the same situation as the characters.

One positive feature of film is the suspense that is developed throughout. Your feelings will, however, alternate between experiencing suspense during the night scenes and disappointed as it becomes day time. You are left at the edge of the seat at every night scene, expecting something horrible to happen but it doesn't. The scariest scenes in the film is when Diane wakes up at 3:14 am and stands there for a good 2 hours or so, and when she is pulled out of the bed by the entity. Other than that, it is only the movement of a vase, burning of a Ouija board, closing of a door, and sounds of footsteps which is *supposed* to leave you at the edge of the seat.

The film lacks direction and overall background story behind Diane's possession. Who is this entity that is following her? Why is it following her? The director tries to solve this all by leaving a partially burnt photograph of little Diane. Diane reveals that she has been haunted by the entity for 8 years. But what provoked the entity to possess her now? The photograph of her childhood explains very little about the entity which tells me that it is a failure in the director's part in developing the background story.

The biggest disappointment of all is the ending. After many days of recording their tedious lives, Diane is finally possessed and it is suggested through the non-diegetic sounds that Micah is murdered by his girlfriend. We do not see any blood or killing as the camera is left placed on the tripod in the bedroom. Seconds later, the same fate is suggested of their female friend. After a minute or so, the police enter to find Diane in a shaken state.

Now, I'm the type of person who gets scared very easily to the extent of experiencing sleep paralysis and nightmares of the wicked witch in Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Honestly? After watching this, I felt violated in the way that the director was able to steal away 86 minutes of my time.

To sum it all up, the movie was overrated, anti-climatic, lacked a background story, unrealistic and of course, not scary.

Now if this review didn't change your decision about watching it, go ahead and watch it yourself. I already warned you.

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17 out of 31 people found the following review useful:

Paranormal Theater Success

Author: Benedictus Logodox from United States
7 November 2009

My confessional. Got suckered into seeing this by all the hype. Read many reviews in here and ignored the majority of them that called it lame. Yup. Very lame. Little character development, little ambiance and little effects. OK, this is supposed to be an amateur video and that shows. Production company didn't even spend a few thousand for titles. Not bad for an amateur video, but lousy for a theatrical release. At least one brain-dead protoplasmic moron in here compared it to the Exorcist and even Hitchcock. NO WAY! The people that own this must be laughing all the way to bank that this piece of crap is grossing big. Blair Witch was WAY better than this. B or even C horror movies are better. I had NO, 0, Nada sympathy for the characters and as for running from the theater screaming- it must've been to demand their money back. TV's ghost chasers is probably better. You've been warned...

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18 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

Like Big Brother, but even more dull...

Author: (g-harrington) from United Kingdom
11 December 2009

I just didn't get it - it was like watching Big Brother Live in the middle of the night, but even more dull.

Several reviewers have made comparisons to The Exorcist, but this wasn't even as funny as that old gem of horror comedy. I only laughed once.

I was so bored, I started to wish I could run the entire movie at double speed in order to get it over with. It might have been a little more convincing if the acting wasn't so awfully contrived.

I am not a complete snob. I found Blair Witch Project infinitely more interesting, and even a little scary - it did everything that this film failed at.

The ending was a relief, to be perfectly honest. I just wish I could write more about it, but there are only so many ways to say "booooooooring".

You know what's scarier? Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens, 1922.

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22 out of 41 people found the following review useful:

No words to descirbe how horrible this movie is......

Author: realist123 from United States
28 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I usually refrain from writing any sort of comment on any movie, however I feel quite inclined to do so because this is the only scary movie I ever fell asleep on! This movie was an utter failure and to rate it beyond a 1 star make me ponder if I can rely on this site for future guidance. Seriously a 7.5 star overall, you got to be kidding me. Basically this movie is filled with boring dialogues to cover 99% of the movie. When the Ouija board scene came up, I thought to myself, finally maybe the director finally decided to add some suspense, then a few minutes later the boring dialogue and argument began all over again between the 2 idiot couple. Against my good judgement, I kept forcing myself to wake up in hopes that the movie would eventually get good but it never did. Only watch this movie if you really want to waste 1 hour and 30 minutes of your life away.

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23 out of 43 people found the following review useful:

Sorry, not scary at all.

Author: inoshi from United Kingdom
24 November 2009

After all the hype of "not watching this one your own", and "You won't be able to sleep after watching this"....

What rot. It wasn't even that interesting.

Quite sorry I wasted my time. But other people may find it enthralling - some reviewers have already said as much.

I watched it on my own, and I think I'll sleep quite well, thanks.

It's a shame, really: a scary movie without gore is something to strive for. Pity that few achieve it. I honestly felt that this movie didn't go anywhere; didn't entertain; didn't scare even a bit. Like The Blair Witch, it was a bit of a non-event.

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34 out of 65 people found the following review useful:

What you can't see is always scarier than what you can

Author: moviesleuth2
13 January 2010

In his review of "The Blair Witch Project," Roger Ebert said, "The noise in the dark is almost always scarier than what makes the noise in the dark." Indeed, that film terrified audiences 11 years ago by exploiting that fact. Now, Oren Peli has taken the same concept, and made a similar horror flick. And "Paranormal Activity" is a hell of a lot scarier.

Katie and Micah are two roommates who are witnessing some strange occurrences in their home. They decide to buy a video camera to record these occurrences, and that's when the film begins.

Plot is of little matter here. Neither are special effects. The camera is hand-held, but usually it is on a stand or resting (thank God). The actors are very real, which is the point. It doesn't take long before we believe that this is actual footage.

The construction of the film is genius. The occurrences are what in other contexts would be normal sounds, but without a visible source, they become frightening. But what really gets us is that many times we are unsure that anything happened at all. Oren Peli is a genius for making this all work so well. One could divide the film in three parts: slow, creepy then downright scary.

It's not perfect (the beginning isn't very effective, and initially the possible explanations seem downright silly, although once the film gets going, that all changes). However I'm giving it a 10 because it actually scares the hell out of us extremely well, and the tension builds to an ultimate crescendo. And the climax (the original...the alternate ending is pretty weak) is downright terrifying.

This is one film that goes beyond thrills and crosses the line into utter fear.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Horror Hoax

Author: gratiste76 from Switzerland
17 October 2013

I heard so much about Paranormal Activity, the movie that so many listed as the scariest movie ever. There is even few sequels made. I tried to watch it when it was released, but gave up after few minutes. Meanwhile, after huge marketing campaign and all of the boom how scary this movie is I give it a try for a second time. After approx. an hour of watching I could not stand it anymore. There is more lame and dumb scenes in the movie than scary one. Those scary moments are too short and there is more stupid and boring scenes with two for me very repulsive characters than interesting one. Just when I was hooked during night scenes it rejects me to a boring state, an awful daytime scenes. It is like someone puts you in a tension of one genre, and then cut that in a different kind of genre. By that action whole concept falls apart. It is all related but awfully connected. Like some bad amateurish work. Horror at the night scenes, soap opera through daylight. And horror part is not actually that uber scary. Yes, the characters is very repulsive for me, especially the girl. The storyline is not original, it is like repeating well known cliché from many established movies about ghosts. The camera work is awful, yet it is supposed to be kind a footage type. There is also so much unlogical and dumb actions, for example: during the scariest moments those two experience, the male character grabs his camera and tried to record it. I suppose the logical reaction would be panicking and be too scared to grab the camera for recording, even thinking rationally. Nothing realistic. Overall it is very bad movie and I would not recommend it to anyone who are experienced horror fan. For bunch of kids that wants fun and have no experience in movies at all might be good for watching. Otherwise waste of time. I am glad I did not buy this DVD or ticket i the theater I would probably sue them for selling horror hoax.

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