Paranormal Activity (2007) Poster

Plot Keywords

night entity
house first part
ends with text falling out of bed
scream slamming door
ladder attic
burned photograph fire
ouija board argument
sleepwalking awakened by alarm clock
obscene finger gesture swimming pool
home video style mazda miata
first of series title at the end
murder crucifix
fire place bite mark
dragging a body blood
self mutilation severed arm
tied to a bed exorcism
footsteps footprint
watching someone sleep pull ups
character says i love you beads
loud noise spider
object moves by itself computer
day trading reference to george w. bush
raised middle finger security system
tripod guitar
microphone talking to the camera
character repeating someone else's dialogue looking at one's self in a mirror
film starts with text subjective camera
male underwear bare chested male
audio recording interview
haunting suburb
san diego california no background score
year 2006 raw footage
unsolved mystery handheld camera
no title at beginning no ending
found footage paranormal phenomena
2000s video camera
blockbuster mockumentary
two word title director also cinematographer
written by director f word
nightmare covivant covivant relationship
bolt upright after nightmare premarital sex
low budget film barefoot
video recorder unwed couple living together
uncommitted relationship submissive woman
college student strained relationship
stock character slamming a door
self absorption quarrel
passiveness no opening credits
no ending credits lights turned off
invisible being invisible being makes footprint
filmed paranormal event demon
absence of religion what happened to epilogue
supernatural power powder
photograph minimal cast
fear fast motion scene
boyfriend girlfriend relationship bedroom
tv static trance
torn photograph time lapse photography
psychic possessed human
knife kitchen
haunted house framed photograph
demonic possession fake documentary
independent film actor shares first name with character
surprise ending

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