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Boxing film: No; Soft Core Sex film: Yes
jimadam20 May 2009
I purchased this film based on the DVD cover art and information on the back. In aggregate we may have 60-90 seconds of lame boxing. The plot is meaningless to the real purpose of a soft core sex film produced by Playboy for their pay channel and for use as an adult film for Showtime or CineMax.

I purchased the DVD at Blockbuster, so the nudity is strictly above the waist. You never have to wait more than a few minutes for the next round of love making. The cast is extremely attractive. Again, the DVD box is exceptionally misleading and it fooled me into thinking I was going to see some hot chick boxing and a crime plot to boot. No No No! I have seen some Playboy films films in the past which tried to have an interesting plot and limit sexual activity to a more reasonable extent.

On the DVD box there is no cast information, director, producer, or any credits whatsoever. Aspect is 1:33 full screen and excellent picture quality. As of today, the rating is 8.2 with 10 votes, which is more deceptive than the DVD box. Trust me, a 4.1 rating is generous and is earned mainly by the super hot women.

It should be noted that sexual films available at Blockbuster are sometimes edited to eliminate all below the waist nudity. So there may be different versions of this "film" available.
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Here's the (initially) misplaced comment
Cristi_Ciopron17 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
TWISTED TEMPTATIONS, a movie not yet as famous as it should be, is an erotica crime movie. Its lead is the truly appealing Charley White, as the private—eye and bartender Maisie Calloway. She was hired by an ex—boxer ,Bronson Cole (some name, isn't it?) to investigate the death of his wife (herself a boxing woman).

Bronson Cole is played by Joey Ray, and the villain, 'Guy Felix', by Nick Manning.

Charley White has a very nice body, and too few nude scenes.

Now to the basics—the victim (Bronson's mistress) has a sex scene (during the initial credits); the blonde boxing girl has five sex scenes, almost each time with another partner (two lesbian scenes; two scenes with 'Felix', one with 'Calloway';--Charley White has two sex scenes, both with 'B. Cole' (one being a dream sequence), and appears naked in another two scenes (a pool scene, and a shower one); --a brunette policewoman has one sex scene (with 'Maisie Calloway''s ex—husband);--and 'Cole' has a sex scene with an Asian woman (that's a double team sex scene).

Six women appear nude in TWISTED TEMPTATIONS ('Maisie', four boxing girls, and a brunette policewoman). The lot is well—assorted :three brunettes; a blonde; an Asian and an Afro—American.

In other roles: Kylie Wyote, Dillan Lauren, Marie Luv, Priscilla Resendiz, and Cherokee.

Charley White is promising and awesomely looking.

Thanks to the knowledgeable IMDb user TimeNTide for pointing to me the real title of this flick.
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