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Season: 1
Year: 2008

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Episode #1.1

28 April 2008

Season 1, Episode 2: Episode #1.2

28 April 2008

Season 1, Episode 3: Episode #1.3

29 April 2008

Season 1, Episode 4: Episode #1.4

30 April 2008

Season 1, Episode 5: Episode #1.5

1 May 2008

Season 1, Episode 6: Episode #1.6

6 May 2008

Season 1, Episode 7: Episode #1.7

26 November 2008

Sarah Hudson ... Beach Girl

Season 1, Episode 8: Episode #1.8

27 November 2008

Season 1, Episode 9: Episode #1.9

1 December 2008

Season 1, Episode 10: Episode #1.10

2 December 2008

Season 1, Episode 11: Episode #1.11

3 December 2008

Mark Duncan ... Thunder
Mike Duncan ... Lighting (as Michael Duncan)

Season 1, Episode 12: Episode #1.12

4 December 2008

Mark Duncan ... Thunder
Mike Duncan ... Lighting (as Michael Duncan)

Season 1, Episode 13: Episode #1.13

8 December 2008

Mark Duncan ... Thunder
Mike Duncan ... Lighting (as Michael Duncan)

Season 1, Episode 14: Episode #1.14

9 December 2008

Mark Duncan ... Thunder
Mike Duncan ... Lighting (as Michael Duncan)

Nick Mercer ... Liam (as Nicholas Mercer)

Season 1, Episode 15: Episode #1.15

16 May 2008

Season 1, Episode 16: Episode #1.16

20 May 2008

Season 1, Episode 17: Episode #1.17

22 May 2008

Season 1, Episode 18: Episode #1.18

23 May 2008

Season 1, Episode 19: Episode #1.19

26 May 2008

Season 1, Episode 20: Episode #1.20

27 May 2008

Season 1, Episode 21: Episode #1.21

29 May 2008

Season 1, Episode 22: Episode #1.22

30 May 2008

Season 1, Episode 23: Episode #1.23

3 June 2008

Season 1, Episode 24: Episode #1.24

5 June 2008

Season 1, Episode 25: Episode #1.25

6 June 2008

Season 1, Episode 26: Episode #1.26

10 June 2008

Season 1, Episode 27: Episode #1.27

12 June 2008

Season 1, Episode 28: Episode #1.28

13 June 2008

Season 1, Episode 29: Episode #1.29

19 June 2008

Season 1, Episode 30: Episode #1.30

20 June 2008

Season 1, Episode 31: Episode #1.31

23 June 2008
Tess realizes that Diane's dinner guest Tony Locke is really Ray Churchill (who killed her husband Philby) and she flees the house under darkness getting Tracy & Jarrod to bring her to the airfield. Subsequently, Diane & Daniel find an email from Jenny Woo to Tess about her travel plans not realizing that Ray has the house tapped. Ray finds Tess at the airfield and fires at her but shoots Tracy instead before he is shot by airfield police. Kirsten pleas with her father to let her leave Manly but to no avail.

Season 1, Episode 32: Episode #1.32

24 June 2008
Ron worries about how he's going to raise money to settle Deborah's law suit. Tracy is critical in hospital and undergoes surgery. Daniel is arrested at the airfield and is found to possess Tess's diamonds. Tess goes into early labour but Bec gives her steroids to reverse it. Zoe hides the diamond she found on Tess's wooden box.

Season 1, Episode 33: Episode #1.33

25 June 2008
Gabby finds out that Kirsten made up her story about Paul assaulting her but Kirsten threatens to tell the authorities about Gabby's relationship with Paul if Gabby tells anyone about it. Paul visits Kirsten and tells her that she's a freak and that no-one will love her. Kirsten then breaks into Gabby's home and puts out a blog from Gabby's laptop about her relationship with Paul. Scheming Justine gets Stavva to put in a dummy bid against another bidder to get a price up and he ends up with a million dollar home which infuriates his dad.

Season 1, Episode 34: Episode #1.34

26 June 2008
Kirsten's malicious email spreads like wildfire leading to school principal, Dennis McGregor, suspending Gabby because of her affair with Paul. Tracy is out of danger in hospital following the shooting. Kirsten's Dad is disgusted with her and so she packs a bag and leaves with Blade and his friends. The police find photographs of Philby and Gabby together suggesting an earlier relationship.

Season 1, Episode 35: Episode #1.35

27 June 2008
D.S. Wilson interrogates Gabby about her relationship with Philby which she admits to as being a mistaken affair which took place when she was twenty-one and ended when he cheated on her. Ron tries to plead with Tess and Deborah to drop the law-suit and settle out of court but Deborah won't budge. She later tells Peta that she is suing Ron & Poppy for $150,000 dollars. Tess speaks to D.S. Wilson about Philby and the diamonds shipment.

Season 1, Episode 36: Episode #1.36

30 June 2008
Lucia and Kirsten are rescued from the clutches of Blade and his gang by Bec and Kyle. Bec injects Blade with an anesthetic so that they can escape. Bec and Kirsten become closer because of incident. After the detectives leave Ray Churchill's bedside an unseen figure goes into Ray's room - Ray awakens and recognises the person. Later Ray's life support is disconnected by the unknown person.

Season 1, Episode 37: Episode #1.37

1 July 2008
Addo sees Justine kissing an unknown guy on the beach and tells Stavva who doesn't believe him. Later when the guy from the auction thanks him for letting him get the house eventually Stavva smells a rat and goes in search of Justine. He finds that she is the girlfriend of Dale Turner who is trying to set up a rival real estate business in Manly to compete with his father Brian. Divers find a watch, which Gabby was seen wearing in a photo, near to where Philby's body was found. They bring in Daniel for questioning as he is seen on CCTV footage at the hospital around the time of Ray Churchill's murder.

Season 1, Episode 38: Episode #1.38

2 July 2008
Gabby is brought in for questioning on the discovery of the watch but she tells Detective Wilson that she gave the watch back to Philby on the night of the reunion. Paul is caught by Gabby selling booze to Year 12 students in order to help his dad out. Poppy hosts a trivia night to try and earn money to help pay Ron's lawsuit. It raises $4,000 but Emily, thinking Addo agreed with her, put the takings plus the rest of the takings from the safe ($17,000) on a horse. Gabby meets the guy from the speed-dating night again but later cannot go through with spending the night with him because she is thinking of Paul.

Season 1, Episode 39: Episode #1.39

3 July 2008
Addo and Emily come clean to Ron about the takings and later listen to the horse race but the 'lucky' horse doesn't win. Emily offers to do Tracy & Zoe's make-up & hair for the wedding but goes overboard on Zoe which doesn't go down well. Ron goes to Deborah to see if he can reason with her on the lawsuit and ends up telling her of his financial difficulties. Later, Deborah offers to buy Ron's business for $500,000. Bec sees Blade in the hospital and finds out that he was beaten up after they escaped and that the hospital know about the anesthetic. Later, Blade turns up at Bec's home and threatens her. Lucia goes to Daniel's home and asks him if he beat up Blade and he tells her he did. Their secret relationship is revealed.

Season 1, Episode 40: Episode #1.40

4 July 2008
Daniel sees Lucia with Kyle and is not happy. Later, Lucia breaks up with Kyle when he finds out she was lying to him about where she was. Lucia then has a stressful day at work and finally cracks and tells Paul about her relationship with Daniel and how she thinks he may have moved Philby's body with her car as she had lost her car keys weeks before. Jarrod asks Tracy to cover for him as an alibi the night of Ray's death. Tess tells Detective Wilson that she was asleep when Deborah says she was in the hospital at the time of Ray Churchill's death. Then a cleaner comes forward saying that he saw Jarrod in the hospital room just before Ray's death. Jarrod tells Detective Wilson that he was there but that there was also someone else. Detective Wilson tells him he will charge him with murder and Tracy with being an accessory if he doesn't reveal who it was.

Season 1, Episode 41: Episode #1.41

7 July 2008
Jarrod tells Detective Wilson that the last person he saw in Ray Churchill's room before he died was Deborah and she is brought in for questioning. Deborah and Jarrod both say that Ray said the word 'Mirage' when they saw him and Deborah suggests to Detective Wilson that perhaps Ray Churchill disconnected his own life support. Pia is worried about Lucia's behaviour and takes (and reads) her diary from her backpack and finds out about Daniel. The police find Ray Churchill's laptop and passport and discover that he didn't kill Philby McManus as he didn't arrive in Australia until the day after Philby's death. Lucia seeks refuge with Daniel when her family tell her not to have anything more to do with Daniel.

Season 1, Episode 42: Episode #1.42

8 July 2008
Blade threatens Bec outside her apartment and tells her to bring him a list of drugs from the hospital but she refuses despite his threats. She later finds that he has broken into her car and has stolen her medical bag and prescription pad. Bec and Kristen go to the Police and tell them about Blade's threats. Lucia disappears and Daniel is questioned as to her whereabouts. Later, Kristen also disappears. Tess tears up the lawsuit and Ron doesn't have to sign the bar over to Deborah. Bec goes looking for Kristen with the police and after the police cannot find her Bec does further looking and finds Blade has abducted her.

Season 1, Episode 43: Episode #1.43

9 July 2008
Blade drugs Bec with drugs from her medical bag. Kirsten manages to escaped and Blade chases her through the woods trying to catch her. Bec eventually comes around and manages to find Kirsten and they both run from Blade. Whilst chasing them Blade falls and hurts his leg which Bec ends up treating. Poppy & Peta argue again over her job with Deborah. At their apartment Poppy is confronted by a man who claims to be Peta's husband.

Season 1, Episode 44: Episode #1.44

10 July 2008
Lucia finally returns home with Daniel and tells them she stayed in a hotel on her own. Poppy becomes very jealous of Marcus. Stavva forgets to send out invites to Jarrod's buck's party. Tess babysits Zoe whilst Tracy is at her hen party and Zoe tells Tess that she kept one of the diamonds from the chest. Next day Tess asks to see Zoe's tiara which has the diamond on it but it has fallen off. Peta tells Tess than Philby's last will has been located and he left $123,000 to Jarrod.

Season 1, Episode 45: Episode #1.45

11 July 2008
Jarrod and Tracy renew their wedding vows in front of all of their friends. Tess debates telling Jarrod about the money after the wedding but Peta urges her to leave it for a few days. Unbeknownst to her Deborah searches Tess's room when she is at the wedding and finds the will. She brings it straight to the attention of Detective Wilson and he turns up at the wedding with the will informing Jarrod of the money that was left to him by Philby and that it would be a powerful motive for murder. Jarrod denies it and during a heated discussion Tracy overhears about Bec and Jarrod the night of the reunion and runs away. Jarrod finds her and tells her nothing happened and they promise to be truthful to each other from now on. Gabby finds she is pregnant - and the father is Paul.

Season 1, Episode 46: Episode #1.46

14 July 2008
Gabby cannot decide on whether to tell Paul about the baby. Addo and Emily sleep together but he avoids his family so that they don't know they are together. Tess asks Jarrod about his fight with Philby at Gabby's BBQ but Tess is skeptical and goes to the police. Emily eventually finds out that Addo is avoiding telling his family about her and walks away from him. Ron tells him the only way to get her back is to make a big declaration on how he feels about her. Jarrod is questioned about the fight at the BBQ and eventually reveals that Philby is Zoe's dad not Jarrod and that is why the money was left to him. He begs Detective Wilson not to tell Tracy that he knows.

Season 1, Episode 47: Episode #1.47

15 July 2008
Jarrod begs Detective Wilson not to tell Tracy that he knows who Zoe's real dad is. Kirsten sees Gabby discarded pregnancy test in the bin and assumes it's Bec's. Bec tells her it's not but refuses to tell her who it belongs to. Later Kirsten sees Gabby crying to Bec in the café, guesses it's Gabby's pregnancy test and tells Paul. Paul confronts Gabby and she confirms it to him. Meanwhile, Kyle given Lucia concert tickets for her 18th birthday party but refuses them. Her parents throw her a surprise party and invite Kyle but she fails to turn up for it instead going to meet Daniel secretly. He buys her a car for her birthday and she takes it for a drive. On his way home from the party Kyle sees them together and is not pleased.

Season 1, Episode 48: Episode #1.48

16 July 2008
Kyle jumps into Lucia's car and drives off with her eventually crashing the car. Daniel gives chase and rescues Lucia and Kyle before leaving as the police arrive. Lucia's parents blame Daniel for the crash but Kyle later owns up and Stephen grounds him for 3 months. Thomas Finer visits Deborah and asks about his retirement package but she refuses to give it to him and shows him the evidence that Peta gathered about him. Kirsten blames Lucia for breaking Kyle's heart. Deborah sends Peta flowers just before she gets a call from Sandra Finer telling her that Thomas tried to take his own life. Peta resigns from the company but then has a fight with Poppy and goes to the bar and gets drunk with Marcus. When Poppy gets home she finds Marcus coming out of Peta's room.

Season 1, Episode 49: Episode #1.49

17 July 2008
Poppy assumes the worst about Peta and Marcus and leaves the flat and goes to Tracy & Jarrod's home. The police turn their attention to the whereabouts of missing local man Angus Tiger McKinon. Peta and Poppy eventually talk and Poppy tells Peta that she doesn't trust Marcus. Tiger calls Jarrod and tells him to meet him immediately. They meet and he demands 5,000 to stay quiet which Jarrod borrows from Ron. Marcus and Peta go to Deborah to get Thomas Finer's settlement and she agrees eventually to give his retirement package. Stavva catches a kid named Josh stealing money from the café, his mother is Emily. Stavva tells her to tell Addo or she'll lose Addo. Marcus invites Peta and Poppy to dinner but Poppy refuses and heads home. She sees Jarrod and Tiger arguing and then shots ring out.

Season 1, Episode 50: Episode #1.50

18 July 2008
After hearing the shots Poppy sees Jarrod run away from the scene. Poppy goes home and tells Gabby and a confrontation with Jarrod and Tracy ensues. Jarrod tells them that he didn't shoot Tiger and that the shots came from another direction and spooked Tiger who fled the scene. Meanwhile, Deborah gives Detective Wilson photos taken of Jarrod & Tiger by her private investigator. He immediately arrests Jarrod. Jarrod tells him that he didn't shoot or harm Tiger and without any proof they have to release him. Elsewhere, Tess is given the access code printout from Philby's laptop but she doesn't know what they mean. Paul confronts Gabby and wants an answer from Gabby about the baby but she asks for space. Detective Wilson discovers evidence from the murder case has been stolen from his office the previous night. The last scene shows an unidentified person opening a safe containing a gun and envelope and putting the stolen evidence in the safe.

Season 1, Episode 51: Episode #1.51

21 July 2008
Gabby, Bec and Poppy plan Tess's baby shower. Poppy suspects something is wrong with Gabby but Gabby tells her she's fine. Addo discovers that Emily's car has been broken into and then sees Josh rifling through her bag. Josh tells Addo who he is. Addo asks her to explain why she didn't trust him enough to tell him about Josh. He tells her he will stick around but Josh is less than enthusiastic. Tess breaks down at the baby shower and Poppy consoles her - she then leaves. Deborah gets aggressive with the rest of the group and demands that they tell her what they know of Philby's death. Paul bursts into Gabby's place and blurts out about the baby. He then tells her he's ready to be a dad.

Season 1, Episode 52: Episode #1.52

22 July 2008
Paul tries to get Gabby to accept that he's serious about being a father. The O'Donnell family try to convince Paul to think about what he's doing. Deborah withdraws funding from Peta's under-privileged children's charity. Kirsten agrees to help Peta with the project and Marcus steps in and funds Peta's program. Addo takes Josh away on Peta's camping trip. After arriving Peta remembers that she left supplies on the boat and Josh offers to go and get them. Peta follows as she forgot other items and sees him take the boat. She jumps on board and he speeds off throwing Peta against the side of the boat and knocking her unconscious.

Season 1, Episode 53: Episode #1.53

23 July 2008
Addo and Marcus discover the boat gone as Josh tries to rouse Peta from her unconscious state. Tess tells Poppy that she suspects that Daniel may be involved in Philby's murder. Josh runs from the moored boat but Addo sees him and makes him tell them where Peta is. Marcus rescues Peta but when Poppy rings to see how she is he hangs up on her. Lucia meets Daniel secretly but Tess sees them and tells Brian and Pia and persuades them to get Lucia to come to the café. They ask about her whereabouts on night of murder. Tess goes to the police about her suspicions. Whilst there Detective Wilson asks her about codes on the laptop and she thinks it might have a reference to Pride & Prejudice. He finds a quote from Pride & Prejudice and it unlocks the password. There he finds an email from Bec to Philby telling him not to come back to the reunion.

Season 1, Episode 54: Episode #1.54

24 July 2008
Detective Taylor and Wilson question Bec about her email to Philby a week before he came back to Australia. Stavva interrupts Daniel and Lucia's get together and takes her home. Kyle tries to get back with Lucia but she tells him to back off. Stephen's ex Angela wants Kyle and Kirsten to visit her in Paris for a few weeks. Kirsten doesn't want to go but Kyle is adamant he wants to leave straight away. Jarrod gets an offer to sell his business for $500,000. Later, Detective Taylor finds that Bec got a parking ticket outside the police station the day the evidence was taken. They bring Jarrod and Bec in for questioning. Bec leaves and tells them next time they speak with her it will be with her lawyer. Jarrod comes to Bec's flat and demands to know the full story. Elsewhere, both Detective decide to reopen Jason's case for clues to Philby's murder.

Season 1, Episode 55: Episode #1.55

25 July 2008
Detective Wilson questions Gabby about Jason Connors accident nine years previously and suggests it might have been murder and Philby was killed because of it. Bec tells Gabby that she spent the night with Jason when she was dating Jarrod and that Philby knew. She sent Philby the email to stop him telling Jarrod. Jarrod lies to Tracy about meeting up with Bec. Daniel asks Lucia to be his alibi for the night of Philby's murder but she refuses and runs away. Tess gets Philby's laptop back and finds plans for a housing development titled 'Wattle Grove' - Lot #36 and tells Deborah about it. Daniel sees the details on the laptop and goes to the lot and starts digging and digs up a skull.

Season 1, Episode 56: Episode #1.56

28 July 2008
Emily & Josh are kicked out of their place and they move in temporarily with Addo, Ron & Paul. But Emily hasn't told them the full story. Peta goes for a job with a firm Marcus worked for. Marcus gives her a glowing reference but phones the firm and tells them something different. Not surprisingly, the interview doesn't go well for Peta. Poppy, Paul & Gabby go visit Jason Connors parents but Jason's parents are hiding something from Gabby. Emily takes a crystal vase from the O'Donnells and pawns it for 75 dollars asking the pawn broker not to sell it until the following day when she can buy it back. Poppy suspects Marcus is behind Peta's divorce not coming through and her not getting the job and she snatches his phone and finds the number of the firm. He confirms eventually that he needs to stay married to Peta and that he wants her to come to Adelaide with him as his wife.

Season 1, Episode 57: Episode #1.57

29 July 2008
Marcus tells Peta and Poppy that his grandfather is dying and if he and Peta don't appear to be still married he will lose his trust fund. Marcus wants to make a deal that she get half of his annual trust fund amount each year for life if they stay married. Peta refuses Marcus's office which doesn't please him. Ron notices the vase is missing and Emily panics but doesn't let Addo know she took it. She goes to the pawn shop again and asks that they hold onto the vase until later. Later, in the bar, Tracy sees a woman with the same vase and buys it back from her. Emily eventually owns up and Addo is displeased with her. Addo and Paul tell her she has a gambling problem and they will help her but she's going to have to admit to her problem. Paul believes himself and Gabby become close again.

Season 1, Episode 58: Episode #1.58

31 July 2008
Ron finally gives Paul and Gabby his blessing on their relationship. Bec has her hearing before the Medical Board and her job is safe but a warning will appear on her record. Tess tells Bec that Deborah is initiating her own investigation into Philby's. Bec meets Jarrod and he tells her she must stick to their story as it's the only way they will get away with it. Detective Wilson orders Constable Webster to follow Bec and Jarrod. Later, it turns out that marked cash given to Philby the night he was murdered was used to pay Bec's parking fine the night items were taken from the police station. She denies that she was there that night and never paid cash for any fine. Under a barrage of questioning from Detective Wilson Bec finally caves in and tells him that she witnessed a murder and she will tell him everything.

Season 1, Episode 59: Episode #1.59

1 August 2008
Detective Wilson asks Bec to relate her murder witness story. She tells him it started at Gabby's 21st birthday party nine years previously and how Jarrod proposed to Bec the same night. She tells how Philby was very agitated that night and shortly after wards how Philby's dad George made a pass at her and Jason Connors and Philby stopped him but after wards Jason wouldn't talk to her about what happened. Later they celebrate Gabby's birthday on a boat and Bec recalls the last time she saw Jason Connors alive he was on the top deck of the boat alone. After the party Bec went to Philby's house and saw him drag his dead father onto tarpaulin. Philby begged her not to go to the police and they concocted a story saying how George ran away - a story Diane believed. Both Philby and Bec left Manly shortly after wards. As Bec is leaving the police station with John Detective Wilson arrests her as they have found the missing evidence in her wardrobe. Bec believes she is being framed.

Season 1, Episode 60: Episode #1.60

5 August 2008
The police tell Deborah about Bec's allegations that Philby killed his father George but Deborah refutes it saying George just simply ran away. Jarrod goes to see Daniel to see if he knows where Tiger is. After a search of Bec's work locker the gun which was used to shoot at Tiger is found there. Tess overheard Daniel on the phone and after he temporarily leaves the bag he was carrying and goes upstairs Tess checks the contents and is shocked to find the skull that Daniel dug up previously. Deborah arrives home at the same time and when challenged Daniel tells her that Philby told him about the body and where it was buried. Meanwhile, a workman accidentally digs up blood splattered clothes which are brought to the police station as Daniel tracks down Tiger and beats him up. Tiger eventually tells him who killed Philby. Daniel walks away purposefully.

Season 1, Episode 61: Episode #1.61

6 August 2008
The police race to find Tiger and Daniel and also to find Tracy and Jarrod. Jarrod finds a large sum of cash in Tracy's handbag and figures out it was the marked cash that Philby had. Tracy admits she killed Philby because he was going to ruin their lives and had been blackmailing her for years. Jarrod tells her he knew that he wasn't Zoe's dad but it didn't matter. Jarrod asks her about the events of the night Philby died. She tells him she tried to drug him at the party but Addo drank Philby's drink instead and that is why Addo couldn't remember anything. She tells Jarrod she would never have let Addo take the blame. She later managed to slip a drugged drink to Philby when he had a fight with Stavva. After Philby left the party Tracy followed him in Lucia's car and then hit him with a building tool but Philby walked away and she followed him to the golf course where he fell into a waterway. She found the blackmail money on him and took it. She pulled him into Lucia's car and brought him to the point where she dumped his body. Jarrod finds a paid parking ticket in the envelope. Tracy tells him she did it to protect her family. Daniel and the police arrive together at the O'Donnell house. Tracy escapes as Daniel lunges at Jarrod. Jarrod chases her to a cliff point followed by Daniel and the police. She tells Jarrod they can get away with it but Jarrod tells her the police know about Zoe. She tells Jarrod that Philby is not Zoe's dad it was Jason Connors and that she told Jason the night of Gabby's 21st party. When he didn't give her the answer she wanted she pushed him and he fell into the water. Philby saw what happened and wouldn't let her rescue Jason and had been blackmailing her. She now knows that Philby wanted to get rid of Jason because of what he knew about Philby's dad. Jarrod tells her they will face the situation together and reaches for her hand. As she grabs Jarrod's hand she slips off the cliff.

Season 1, Episode 62: Episode #1.62

7 August 2008
Detective Wilson orders the police divers to search the whole area for Tracy. Jarrod tells Peta and Bec that Tracy confessed to the murder of Philby. As the news circulates about Tracy the residents react differently. Lucia goes to Daniel and tells him she loves him. Bec tells Gabby that it would be better if Tracy's body is never found. Later, at the hospital two bodies are brought in, one is Tracy. Bec is on call and tells Constable Webster who brought her in that she cannot help Tracy.

Season 1, Episode 63: Episode #1.63

11 August 2008
Bec, at first, refuses to treat Tracy but because of a shortage of doctors she is forced to. Tracy is later transferred to Theatre. Tess breaks down when she talks with Pia and Brian. Jarrod goes to see Tracy in hospital and finds it hard to speak with her. He tells Gabby later that he never once suspected it was Tracy who killed Philby and cannot believe that Jason was the person he turned out to be. Gabby shows an upset Tess a "breakup rescue kit" that Philby made for her when she was 18. Jarrod goes to see Bec and asks her why she broke up with him 9 years previously. She tells him she didn't sleep with Jason and it was easier to lie to him then so to hide him from the truth. She tells him there is no going back.

Season 1, Episode 64: Episode #1.64

12 August 2008
Dr. Supple reviews Tracy and she tells him she cannot feel her legs. He does a few tests and orders a CT scan. The scan shows a haematoma on the base of Tracy's spine and operating would cause more damage and it's more of a wait and see approach that's needed. The doctor states that it probably happened after the fall and Constable Webster confirms to Jarrod and the doctor that Bec rolled Tracy to check for internal bleeding when she was first brought in. Stephen blames himself for not seeing the real problems surrounding Tracey and wants to go and see her. Gabby, Bec and Poppy go visit Tess and whilst there Bec tells Deborah why they lied to her. Meanwhile, Deborah tells Daniel and Tess that she wants to organize a proper burial for George and has arranged a memorial. Later, Stephen tells Gabby and Bec that Tracy is temporarily paralysed. Elsewhere, Stavva tells his parents that they should go out of their way to be extra nice to Daniel so that Lucia may finally see what Daniel is really like if her family are not against him. Later, as Constable Webster is leaving the station an old paper clipping of an accident which left a boy orphaned falls from his locker. He looks at it wistfully, puts it away and walks from the station.

Season 1, Episode 65: Episode #1.65

13 August 2008
Detective Wilson tells Senior Constable Webster that he's been transferred temporarily to Surry Hills station after he wraps up the Tracy O'Donnell case. After Detective Wilson leaves his office SC Webster calls Police Archives and requests a file from 1978 and asks that it be kept quiet. Det Wilson takes Tracy's statement and appoints Peta as her legal counsel. Bec is suspended again from her job until the full investigation has been completed on Tracy. Stavva, Poppy and Gabby go to see Tracy and hospital and Stavva is extremely angry with her. She tells them that when they have kids they will understand her need to protect her family at any cost. Constable Webster receives the box from Archives marked "Redmond Case 1978" and which he looks through. Elsewhere, Marcus turns up at the bar and tells Poppy that she has to convince Peta to stay married to him or he will release info on Peta which she will not want anyone to know about.

Season 1, Episode 66: Episode #1.66

14 August 2008
Marcus tells Poppy that Peta falsified evidence when she worked with legal aid and Marcus has a copy of this and he will release it and Peta will never work again as a lawyer if Poppy doesn't help him. Daniel goes to dinner with the Jones's but it doesn't get off to a good start as Stavva confronts him on a number of things and it is left to Pia to sort it out. Zoe goes on her own to see Tracy in hospital. Tracy is overjoyed to see her but when Jarrod arrives she asks for him to take Zoe away and for both of them never to come and see her again. Poppy tells Peta what Marcus is up to and later accepts that she will come to Adelaide with him as his wife so that he can get his inheritance but she doesn't want any money from him. Later at the bar Lucia and Stavva are discussing their parents upcoming 30th wedding anniversary and Lucia mentions that the family crest is from Taormina in Sicily. Constable Webster overhears it and remembers seeing the same crest in the evidence box he examined previously. He later speaks to Pia and she confirms that there was an accident the same evening near where she and Brian got married. Elsewhere, Paul asks Gabby to marry him.

Season 1, Episode 67: Episode #1.67

18 August 2008
Gabby agrees to marry Paul but wants to wait a short time until they tell them. Later, she has to tell Tess she cannot be her birthing partner. Jarrod has to tell Zoe about Tracy and finds it very hard to do so. Tess goes into labour and Stavva is there to help her deliver at home. Gabrielle and Paul go for the first ultrasound but get bad news - the pregnancy isn't viable due to genetic abnormalities and she will have to have a termination.

Season 1, Episode 68: Episode #1.68

19 August 2008
Tess gives birth to a baby boy, Darcy, and he is assisted into the world by an emotional Stavva who becomes quite smitten. Gabby talks to Bec about the baby and the termination. Bec arranges a quick procedure. Gabby cannot talk to Paul about the baby. Emily starts looking for a new place to live but lies to Addo about going to an appointment - instead she borrows money from a loan shark. Addo finds out and takes her away to get counseling. Stephen goes to visit Tracy to try and find out why she was so concerned about her marriage three weeks after Philby's murder. Tess asks Stavva to be Darcy's godfather. After he leaves the duty nurse tells Deborah and Tess that Darcy is missing from his cot - he has been taken.

Season 1, Episode 69: Episode #1.69

19 August 2008
Tess, Deborah and the hospital staff search for baby Darcy with little success. Outside the hospital, Tracy is told by Senior Constable Webster that she is being transferred to a secure unit. Tracy spots the baby outside of Unit B and tells SC Webster. He returns the baby to Tess and later speaks again to Pia about her recollection of the accident the night of her wedding. When she goes to assist a customer he takes a sample anniversary card she is designing and a list and leaves. Jarrad tells Pia and Ron that Jason's parents knew about Zoe and want to come and meet her. At the station, SC Webster asks Tracy about Pia Jones and if she knows of anyone who knows of a place called Lotus Point. Tracy tells him that Ron goes there fishing. Bec sees Marcus with a mysterious blonde and tells Peta and Poppy. They take photographs and threaten Marcus back. He eventually leaves and goes back to Adelaide. Bec goes to see Tracy at the police station and tells her she is angry about how Tracy let her be accused of murder. Daniel McManus arrives at the station as Tracy is being transferred and tells her she'll have a really nice welcome from his friends at the prison. As SC Webster prepares to leave he finds the constable who was guarding her unconscious and Tracy has disappeared. Her overturned wheelchair is left behind.

Season 1, Episode 70: Episode #1.70

20 August 2008
Senior Constable Webster starts a search and rescue operation to find Tracy and believes Daniel McManus may have something to do with it. Daniel turns up late to meet Lucia and after Stavva gives him a hard time leaves to go to the police station as he overhears that Tracy has gone missing. The police tell the O'Donnell's that Tracy is missing and they meet in the police station and a heated argument ensues between them, the McManus's and Bec. Bec tells them that Tracy may not have been abducted as she had told Bec she had some feeling in her body when they met earlier. SC Webster questions Daniel about Tracy. Later, an unseen person enters the O'Donnell house at night and takes Zoe's photo album. Paul sets up a table on the beach with a waiter and proposes to Gabby officially asking her to wear his late mother's ring. She accepts but is worried that she is doing the wrong thing. Tess brings Darcy home from the hospital. Tracy's kidnapper is revealed - its Senior Constable Webster. He tells her he understands why she killed Philby and Jason and why he has to hurt the people who killed his parents.

Season 1, Episode 71: Episode #1.71

21 August 2008
Senior Constable Webster continues to keep Tracy captive at Lotus Point. Bec has her hearing before the Medical Council. Jarrod testifies at the closed hearing but it appears to be having no effect until Peta uncovers new evidence via Senior Constable Webster. The police who arrived on the scene of where Tracy was found turned her to get a pulse thus clearing Bec of maliciously harming Tracy and causing her paralysis. Paul tells Gabby that she needs to decide if he is enough for her now that she has lost the baby. Gabby tells him that she doesn't love him enough and she wants him to find someone else. Bec goes to see Jarrod to thank him for defending her. A distraught Jarrod kisses Bec but she stops him and leaves.

Season 1, Episode 72: Episode #1.72

22 August 2008
After she arrives home from seeing Jarrod Bec asks Stephen to marry her and he agrees and Kirsten gives them her seal of approval also. Deborah is frustrated with the police for taking so long to find Tracy. Tess refuses to let anyone to hold Darcy in case anything happens to him but Stavva manages to persuade her that nothing will happen to him and makes her sleep while he looks after him. Kyle returns home but is angry that Stephen & Bec are getting married. Reynolds comes after Addo and demands the $100,000 he feels is owed to him. Stavva meets a new girl but she turns out to be one of Reynolds staff and Addo is stunned to see them together

Season 1, Episode 73: Episode #1.73

25 August 2008
Addo tells Stavva about Amber and how she set him up for Reynolds. Lucia tells Daniel that she's tired of him keeping secrets and knows that he has sent friends of his to find Tracy. When Stavva goes off to lunch with Amber Lucia asks him to help her out in Bacino. Senior Constable Webster tells Tracy that his plans for getting revenge on Ron O'Donnell is nearing completion and thinks it will be fitting that he dies the same way his parents did - in a car crash. Meanwhile, Ron receives a handwritten note telling him that his deceit will be found out. He takes the note to the police but Sam rips it up when Ron leaves. Later, when he leaves the hideout, Tracy takes his mobile phone and eventually gets through to Bacino but Daniel answers and decides to find Tracy himself. S.C. Webster discovers Tracy on the phone and takes it from her. When Daniel arrives at the cabin S.C. Webster sees an opportunity and arrests Daniel and radios into base that he has found Tracy and her abductor, Daniel. Tracy screams at him that he will never get away with it.

Season 1, Episode 74: Episode #1.74

26 August 2008
Daniel protests his innocence as he is led away from the hideaway cabin. Senior Constable Webster's colleagues question how he found them and he tells them he got a tip off and he reckons that Daniel drugged Tracy also. D.C. Jeremy Piper tells S.C. Webster that he is taking him off the case but Webster manages to persuade him to change his mind. At the hospital S.C. Webster drugs Tracy again as he thinks she's about to tell Jarrod what S.C. Webster has done. Tess asks Peta and Poppy to be joint godmothers to baby Darcy and tells Deborah about her christening plans. Deborah tells her if the O'Donnells, Peta and Poppy will be there then she won't be. Ron receives another cryptic note from Sam this time telling him to meet him the following day. Deborah and her lawyer manage to get Daniel released. When Brian sees Ron's note he looks devastated and goes to see S.C. Webster and tells him that he left the scene of a fatal accident on his wedding night - 30 years previously. Constable Webster is horrified.

Season 1, Episode 75: Episode #1.75

27 August 2008
Brian relates the facts of what he knows about the fatal accident 30 years previously unaware that he talking about Senior Constable Webster's parents. He tells Webster than the couple's car was on the wrong side of the road and he swerved to avoid them but they clipped his bike and ran off the road. He checked their pulses but they were both dead. He found a baby in the back seat and took him to the hospital and every year he sent money to help the baby out. He asks that S.C. Webster postpone any charges until after his 30th wedding anniversary. Bec tries to talk to Kyle but he refuses to tell her why he doesn't want her and Stephen married. Afterwards, Stephen tells Bec that he doesn't want to have any more kids. Gabby tells Bec that she shouldn't marry Stephen if she's not happy. They eventually compromise - that Bec won't want children for a few years. Brian tells S.C. Webster that he plans to tell Pia the truth about the accident but S.C. Webster tells him he should enjoy his family for the few days to the anniversary and he should do something special. Brian tells him that he may renew their vows at Eucalyptus Grove where they first married and Webster agrees and sets his plans to ruin Brian & his family in motion. Elsewhere, Tess mistakenly opens a letter that belongs to Deborah - the last will & testament of her husband George. The will states that his estate be divided equally between his three kids - Deborah and George had a baby before they married and which was taken away from her as she was too young and she never saw the baby again. She tells Tess and Daniel that they will get their equal share of the estate and tears up the will. At Stephen & Bec's engagement party they have a surprise guest - Stephen's ex wife Angela.

Season 1, Episode 76: Episode #1.76

27 August 2008
Angela manages to get invited to Stephen & Bec's engagement dinner. When Bec announces that they are planning on a bigger place so that they can have kids one day Angela tells the gathered guests that it would be impossible leaving it up to Stephen to tell them all that he had a vasectomy. Bec then throws everyone out of her party. Next day, Stephen asks Angela for a divorce which she agrees to but later she rings their solicitor and tells him to hold off on the divorce. Jarrod meets a woman at the bar named Marissa but tells her he's married. Reynolds tells Addo that the only way that Addo can repay his debt is by working for him - selling houses off plans that require renovating, the renovations of which will never happen. Once all sold he will release Addo's debt. Addo gathers loads of his friends together for the apartment show hoping that none of them will show any interest but he hadn't bargained on Olive - she put down a $25,000 deposit for one of the apartments for Poppy and Peta. Addo is shocked.

Season 1, Episode 77: Episode #1.77

28 August 2008
Lucia tells Pia and Brian that she won't go to their anniversary celebrations if she is not allowed to bring Daniel - eventually they agree. S.C. Webster talks with Brian and offers the limousine services of his friend to bring the family to the ceremony. Brian tells him that Lucia & Daniel will be going separately - this does not please Webster as his plan is to kill the entire Jones family. At the detention centre S.C. Webster tells a drugged out Tracy his plans of finally getting his revenge. He bribes the orderly to get hold of Tracy's possessions. The police then produce a search warrant for the McManus's house and he plants Tracy's wedding ring in Daniel's room and detain him. Addo is upset that Olive has put down a deposit on Reynolds dodgy house. Amber tells Stavva and Addo that Reynolds has done the transaction legit so she cannot see a way around it. Tracy gets a message to Gabby & Poppy and they go to see her in the detention centre where she tells them about Sam. Sam turns up at Bacino dressed in a suit telling Brian that his friend cannot drive them so he has offered his services instead. Brian and Pia exchange their vows. Back at the reception venue Gabby, Poppy, Addo and Daniel finally figure out that Webster is trying to kill the Joneses and Daniel finally manages to get through to Lucia but she only gets half the message. Webster hears her conversation and goes back to the limousine and gets his gun.

Season 1, Episode 78: Episode #1.78

1 September 2008
Sam Webster finally tells Brian who he really is - Joe Redmond. He tells him he had a rotten childhood and the money that Brian sent was never given to him. He tells Brian he only became a cop so that he could track him down. Stavva goes to find Brian and when Sam pulls out his gun Stavva tries to wrestles it from him. The gun goes off just as Daniel arrives. Daniel goes to find Stavva, Brian and Sam and manages to knock Sam unconscious just before he fired his gun at Brian and Stavva. D.S. Wilson returns to Manly and Brian relays the story of the accident to him and a shocked Pia. Jarrod asks Peta to represent Tracy in her upcoming trial. Peta has reservations about Tracy and Poppy reminds her that she is godmother to Darcy - the son of the man she married. Pia thanks Daniel for saving them from Sam. Jarrod goes to see Tracy and asks her if she meant to kill Philby and Jason. He tells her if she is sick he wants her to get better. Peta agrees believing that Tracy has psychological issues. Brian goes to see Sam at the police station but he attacks Brian and tells him one day he will pay. Peta tells Tess that she will not be Darcy's godmother as she will be representing Tracy - news that Deborah doesn't like. At the prison Tracy tells Jarrod she wants a divorce because no matter how lenient her prison sentence will be she will still be going to jail and she doesn't want him to put his life on hold for her anymore.

Season 1, Episode 79: Episode #1.79

2 September 2008
Tracy tells Jarrod she hasn't changed her mind about the divorce. Stephen and Peta tell Tracy that they will be asking for a verdict of diminished responsibility and Stephen is going to do therapy sessions with Tracy taking her back to her childhood which she agrees.Angela monitors Bec and decides to put Bec's loyalty to Stephen to the test with the help of Kyle. Bec finds out after Angela makes a pass at Stephen and they both ask Angela to leave. Next morning Bec finds Angela in her home and a tussle ensues which manages to scatter the belongings of Angela's handbag. Pills fall from the bag and as Bec reads what they are for Angela tells her she was only testing how faithful she will be to Stephen and her family as soon she will be the only mother her kids will have.

Season 1, Episode 80: Episode #1.80

3 September 2008
Angela tells Bec that she has Stage 4 ovarian cancer and has stopped radiotherapy and that Kyle knows about the cancer but not Kirsten. Kirsten refuses to have anything to do with Angela. Bec urges her to tell Kirsten and Stephen but she refuses. Amber steals Reynolds PDA & gives it to Addo to try and crack the project that Reynolds is hiding behind. But Reynolds sees Stavva with Amber and orders his heavies to beat Stavva up. Peta and Poppy go and see the property with Addo and he finally tells them the truth about the property. As he tells them about Reynolds and the debt he owes him Reynolds's men spread petrol in the ground floor of the building and set it alight.

Season 1, Episode 81: Episode #1.81

4 September 2008
As Addo tells Peta that he sees no way of getting out of his bind with Reynolds Poppy notices smoke on the stairwell. Amber finds out that Reynolds project is to torch the building and tells Stavva who tells her Addo is at the building. They rush to the building and manage to get them all out in time. Detective Wilson questions Reynolds and is about to let him go because of lack of proof when Amber arrives and produces the PDA. Reynolds offers Peta and Poppy back their deposit as a goodwill gesture. Elsewhere, it's Darcy's christening but Daniel and Deborah are none too welcoming to the O'Donnells. Later, Tess encourages Deborah to find the baby she put up for adoption. Meanwhile, Reynolds is released on bail and he threatens Amber who tries to leave but Addo manages to persuade her to stay. Deborah phones the case worker who looked after the adoption and makes an appointment to see her. The case worker phones Olive Hammond before going to see Deborah and Olive tells her she knew the day would come when Deborah would want to find out and tells her what to say to Deborah. At Deborah's house the case worker tells her that her baby died of SIDS two weeks after it was adopted. Later Olive and the caseworker meet and Olive tells her that if Deborah knew that her baby girl was quite literally living under her nose it would have caused her great heartache.

Season 1, Episode 82: Episode #1.82

5 September 2008
Angela agrees to see an oncology specialist that Bec recommends. Kirsten calls to see Angela at her hotel at the same time that the specialist arrives. Angela leaves and after examining her she falls and is helped up by the specialist. Kirsten sees this but assumes her mother is having an affair and leaves. Later, through Kyle, the reconcile and when Kirsten leaves Angela asks Paul to be Kirsten's date to her semi-formal. Tess suggests to Deborah that they organise a proper burial for Deborah's baby girl and calls Nancy Tuckwell, the caseworker, who then calls Olive. Olive calls to see Deborah and tells her she knew about the baby all along but couldn't tell Deborah. Tracy asks to see Sam Webster to find out what motivated him to do what he did. Bec tells Gabby about the near-kiss with Jarrod and wonders if she is doing the right thing marrying Stephen. Paul decides to leave school and join the Police Academy. Paul tells Kirsten about what Angela did and Kirsten goes to her hotel and they fight. Angela gets a crippling pain in her stomach and falls down as Kirsten leaves the building.

Season 1, Episode 83: Episode #1.83

8 September 2008
Kirsten finally finds out that her mother is dying from cancer but when Angela refuses to have any more treatment as her cancer is at an advanced stage Kirsten accuses her of being selfish for not fighting for her life. Addo begins to fall for Stavva's girlfriend Amber. Stephen interviews Tracy and at the session she asks to see Bec. When Bec comes to see her she tells Bec that she is divorcing Jarrod and if Bec wants Jarrod she must fight for him and she gives her blessing to them. When Bec goes to the club she sees Jarrod and Zoe on one side and Stephen, Kirsten and Kyle on the other and is torn between both and eventually leaves the club.

Season 1, Episode 84: Episode #1.84

9 September 2008
Stavva is worried about Amber when he cannot find her and believes Amber Deborah goes to see Stephen and tells him that he better make sure that Tracy doesn't go free or he will be sorry. Bec is cut both ways in her feelings for Jarrod and Stephen. Tracy's hearing to determine if she is able to stand trial takes place. As the trial committee are ready to give their verdict a vision from the past turns up - the assumed dead Jason Connors.

Season 1, Episode 85: Episode #1.85

10 September 2008
All the friends cannot quite believe that Jason Connors has turned up after being assumed dead nine years previously. D.S. Wilson immediately takes him away to be interviewed and Jason tells him that when he fell overboard the night of Gabby's 21st party he swam to a mooring and fell asleep. When he came too and went ashore he overhead people say he drowned so he saw it as an opportunity to get away and solve all his problems. He asks to see Gabby and he tells her he's been living about two hours away from Manly for the last five years. When Tracy sees Jason she gets very upset and screams to be taken away from Jason all the while telling him that it was his fault that she killed Philby. Later, Jason goes to visit his parents - they are shocked but delighted to see him again. He finally meets his daughter Zoe who is staying with his parents whilst the competency hearing was taking place. Jarrod is not happy at seeing Jason near Zoe. Peta tells Tracy there is a good chance that she won't have to stand trial. Bec goes to see Tracy but this time Tracy tells her that she will probably be released and that she doesn't want Bec to take her up on her previous offer of being with Jarrod.

Season 1, Episode 86: Episode #1.86

11 September 2008
Bec tells Jarrod he and Tracy should get back together. D.S. Wilson tells Tracy she is free to go thanks to Stephen's psychiatric review of Tracy but that she needs to report daily to the police station for two years and any violation of this will see her back in jail. Deborah and Daniel McManus do not take it well that Tracy is released and are shocked when D.S. Wilson tells them Tracy wants to see them all. Tracy tells them she is very sorry about Philby but Deborah tells her that she will make it her mission to see that she rots in hell. She then goes to see Jason and tells him if he doesn't tell Zoe he is her real father she will tell her. Daniel goes to see Stephen and delivers his own 'victim impact statement' by hitting Stephen. When Tracy arrives home she finds hurtful graffiti on the windows. Later, Tracy and Jarrod tell Zoe the truth about Jason being her father as Gabby finds a note from Jason that he's moved away again. Peta calls to see Jarrod and Tracy and tells her that should she gain mobility in her legs again she may have to go to a psychiatric facility as her being incapacitated means she is no danger to the community. Shortly after wards Tracy goes into her room and rises out of her wheelchair - power has returned to her legs.

Season 1, Episode 87: Episode #1.87

12 September 2008
Gabby follows Jason to Seal Rocks and asks him to come back to Manly. He finally decides to come back and tells Tracy and Jarrod that he will respect their wishes on what they want of him and any relationship with Zoe. Bec takes Angela to her chemotherapy session. During a therapy session with Stephen Tracy asks to see Bec. Stavva cannot locate Amber anywhere unaware that she has been meeting up with Addo. She finally contacts Stavva and tells him that she's met someone else. Stavva tells Addo he thinks Amber might have taken up with the wrong person. Addo arranges to meet her and tells her that he cannot see her anymore because of Stavva. She tells him she cannot let him go and kisses him. Unknown to them Stavva sees them together and tackles Addo about it and tells Addo he is no longer a mate of his.

Season 1, Episode 88: Episode #1.88

15 September 2008
Neither Stavva or Addo or willing to forgive each other until Amber finally tells Stavva that Addo rejected her because of his friendship with Stavva. Kirsten and Kyle go to their Year 12 semi-formal. Angela goes to the bar and hits it off with Ron and asks him to lunch the next day. When she tells Kirsten and Kyle - they tell her that Ron's wife died of cancer the previous year. Whilst training at the police academy Paul sees a police report suggesting that Daniel is involved in a car-ring fence operation. He spills coffee over Daniel in Bacino and manages to check Daniel's mobile phone and gets a tip-off which he gives to D.S. Wilson. Paul tells Lucia about Daniel but she ends up telling Daniel. D.S. Wilson and his team raid the warehouse but it's empty as Lucia catches Daniel with a box of keys which he refuses to explain where he got. Stavva gives Addo and Amber his blessing.

Season 1, Episode 89: Episode #1.89

16 September 2008
Tracy continues to have physiotherapy on her pretend paralysis. Stephen and Bec cannot agree on a date to get married and Angela feels she is in the way of their plans and tells them she's considering moving back to Melbourne and asks Kirsten and Kyle to go with her. D.S. Wilson tells Paul to stop interfering in his investigation into Daniel McManus. Deborah tells Lucia to give Daniel a second chance and not report him to the police about the stolen cars as he tells Lucia that this is the last time. Later, he tells Deborah that he is in deep with Fletch and cannot get out of the car-ring fence yet. Deborah warns him to be careful. Bec tells Stephen she doesn't know if she can marry him with all that's happening around her. Meanwhile, Poppy takes Tracy for a walk along the beach and cliffs and they find Zoe's lost kite. Poppy tries to untangle it and when she does she loses her balance and screams for Tracy to help her from falling off the cliff edge.

Season 1, Episode 90: Episode #1.90

17 September 2008
As Poppy screams that she's losing her balance from the cliff edge Tracy finally gives in and runs over and saves Poppy. Poppy is stunned to find out that Tracy can walk. Tracy begs her not to tell anyone as she'll be taken away from her family. Bec tells Stephen that they cannot get married whilst all the problems with Angela abound. Addo and Amber return back to Manly. Poppy tells Tracy that she will keep her secret on two conditions that she keeps taking her medication and that she tells her immediate family. Bec tells Stephen that she'll be there for him but he needs to put Angela and his kids first. As Addo goes to plan a getaway place for himself and Amber he meets Emily again. He panics and suggests they go back to his place to talk and whilst there he discovers that Tracy is missing from her wheelchair. Tracy is walking around in her bedroom and panics that she's about to be discovered.

Season 1, Episode 91: Episode #1.91

18 September 2008
Tracy panics at nearly being discovered by Addo and Emily but improvises quickly. Addo doesn't know how he is going to tell Emily that they are no longer an item. Stephen pleads with Angela to stay in Manly for the kids sake. She suggests to Stephen that he takes Bec away for some pampering but when Bec finds out she doesn't take it too well. Angela and Stephen grow closer as Bec tells Stephen that there is no place for her with him and his family.

Season 1, Episode 92: Episode #1.92

19 September 2008
Gabby and Jason spend the evening together but are interrupted by a tearful Bec who has left Stephen. Stephen follows her to Gabby's but she tells them there's no hope for them. Later he begs Gabby to try and find out what has prompted Bec to take this course. They meet eventually and he tells her he'll give her a few days and if she doesn't see him he, Angela and the kids will move back to Melbourne. Addo is torn between Amber and Emily - each have traits that he loves so he arranges to meet with both of them separately. But he is caught out when Gabby invites Emily to a gathering at the bar for Jason and Amber turns up as well. Fletch approaches Daniel and tells him he needs more cars. Daniel tells him he cannot as he is being watched by the police but Fletch warns him that something will happy to Lucia if he doesn't. He steals a car for Fletch but unknown to him Lucia and Paul follow him and interrupt the exchange of cars. The police arrive and Fletch escapes but Paul is knocked to the ground.

Season 1, Episode 93: Episode #1.93

22 September 2008
D.S. Wilson tells Paul that he is to keep his nose out of his investigation into Daniel and Fletch or his career as a police officer will end. Deborah asks Lucia to lie to D.S. Wilson about Daniel's whereabouts. Poppy cooks for Jarrod and Tracy in order to watch Tracy. Gabby and Jason continue to see more of each other as Zoe continues to ask Tracy about Jason and Jason's parents. Paul goes to see both Lucia and Daniel about why they lied to the police but doesn't get anywhere with them. The following day Poppy, Tracy and Zoe meet Jason and Gabby at the picnic site but Tracy gets upset when Zoe asks probing questions off Jason. D.S. Wilson gets transferred immediately back to Surry Hills and D.C. Jeremy Piper is left in charge of the investigation into Daniel.

Season 1, Episode 94: Episode #1.94

23 September 2008
Stavva feels he's lost his mojo at the same time that he's not happy that Jason is staying in Manly. Tess takes him out for the day and later Deborah asks him to stay for dinner with them. They later kiss but Tess asks him to leave. Poppy tells Tracy that she needs to tell people that she's not paralyzed as Jarrod sells their house for less than it's worth in order to pay for her non-existent physiotherapy bills. Tracy disappears with Zoe and Ron and Jarrod are anxious to find her. Seeing how anxious they are Poppy blurts out that Tracy is no longer paralyzed. Ron finds that Tracy's car has gone just as Tracy walks in. She appears to be in a trance and despite desperate requests from Ron and Jarrod she doesn't know where Zoe is.

Season 1, Episode 95: Episode #1.95

24 September 2008
Tracy maintains she doesn't know where Zoe is and has no idea why everyone is asking why she should be in a wheelchair. Ron and Jarrod believe she's had a breakdown and enlist the police in finding Zoe. When she sees Jason she remembers where and who she is. Poppy tells Tess about Tracy's condition but Deborah and Daniel are sceptical about Tracy's motives. Stephen tries to help Tracy to remember where she left Zoe as Daniel, Stavva, Jason, Jarrod and Ron go looking for her. Daniel finds Zoe and tells Deborah as Stavva and Jason see him with her. When Jarrod goes to Deborah's house she tells him she now will be able to get Tracy charged for a crime - child endangerment. D.C. Piper tells Tracy her bail has been revoked and she will not be leaving prison any time soon. Stavva tells Poppy that he kissed Tess. Bec tells Jarrod that she is very confused at the moment but she is sure of one thing - her feelings for Jarrod. They kiss.

Season 1, Episode 96: Episode #1.96

25 September 2008
Jarrod and Bec talk about their feelings for each other as Stephen tells Kyle and Kirsten that he's waiting for Bec to make a decision about their relationship. Bec tells Stephen that they are finished and when he demands an answer as to why she tells him it's Jarrod and she wants to be with him. Bec gets a call from the hospital to tell her Tracy's scans are ready. She tells Tracy that she has a frontal lobe brain tumour which is operable and she may have had the tumour for up to two years. Jarrod is confused about what to do now that he knows Tracy's problem but later tells Bec that he cannot forget her but he has to stay with Tracy for now. Peta tells Tracy that she thinks there is a law precedent that may allow her to have a good chance in court. Stephen and Angela grow closer as she realises that she has little time left.

Season 1, Episode 97: Episode #1.97

26 September 2008
Gabby finds out that Jason likes to paint landscapes and has sold some paintings. Gabby encourages him to have an exhibition which may raise money for him to enjoy his dream of having a charter boat. Deborah is extremely angry that there are so many excuses as to why Tracy did what she did but none to bring back her son. She blames Jason Connors for it all and wants him taught a lesson - that he needs to understand that every choice has a consequence and he made the wrong one. Kirsten meets Cooper on the beach and he asks her out as Kyle finds out that Jarrod and Bec are not an item. Stephen finds out about Bec but refuses to go and talk to her. Angela's specialist tells her that she has to continue her treatment in Sydney and they won't be moving to Melbourne. Angela goes to see Bec and tells her to talk with Stephen as she's tired of him pitying her. Daniel and Deborah tell Jason that they blame him for Tracy's problems. Stephen tells Angela that he's in love with her but she refuses to believe him. Jason goes to check on his paintings in anticipation of his exhibition and finds them ruined.

Season 1, Episode 98: Episode #1.98

29 September 2008
Daniel tries to reassure Lucia that he is finished with Fletch and the car-stealing. Jason and Gabby confront Daniel at his home and accuse him of knifing Jason's paintings - Jason tells him he will pay. Deborah invites Stavva and the Jones to dinner but Stavva declines to go because of his attraction to Tess. Gabby tells Jason to press charges for the damages but he tells her he'd never be able to prove it that it was Daniel who did the damage. Later she finds an old sketchbook with charcoal drawings of herself and tells him that she finally sees what she was too blind to see years earlier and they kiss but Jason backs away. He later tells that he is afraid because of all the things that he has come back to but she convinces him it's the right way to go. During dinner with the Jones's Brian tells them that Sam Webster's trial is coming close and he's glad that the aftermath of a thirty-year secret has been put to rest which only makes Deborah sadder because of her own lost child. Deborah and Tess resolve to find her unmarked grave and give her a proper burial unknown to them that she is still alive. Brian gets community service for his part in the Webster accident. Jason finds an old sketch of Philby and takes it to Deborah as a peace offering but she rejects it and him. Lucia sees Fletch at Bacino and tells him that Daniel will report him to the cops if he doesn't stop harassing them. Fletch goes to see Daniel and thinking that he is going to hurt Daniel Lucia hits him with a wooden box from behind and he collapses.

Season 1, Episode 99: Episode #1.99

30 September 2008
Lucia and Daniel hide Fletch's unconscious body from Tess and Deborah. When they check on him later they find he has disappeared and Daniel knows now that he is back in Fletch's clutches again - Lucia has only made it worse. Jason sees a small boat for sale and wants to do it up. Jason and Gabby decide to tell all their friends that they are now a couple. Gabby decides to tell Jarrod about them first and asks about his aborted relationship with Bec. Jarrod tells her he can't accept Jason into his close circle of friends because of Zoe. Lucia goes to Paul about Daniel and he tells her to go and speak with D.C. Piper at the police station. Daniel sees her at Paul's and tells her that he is trying to get out of doing more jobs for Fletch and he'll figure out how to do it unknown to him that Fletch is hidden from view and listening to them. Gabby puts down a deposit on the boat for Jason and he applies for a boat permit. The permit authorities alert Deborah of this development. Jason asks Jarrod to try and find a compromise for him with Zoe. Paul goes to see D.C. Piper about Daniel and they hatch a plan to get Fletch via Lucia. Jason's boat is stolen and he accuses Daniel of taking it but he denies it. Later Fletch and his heavies tell Daniel that he must steal three cars for free and they will be done - Fletch tells Daniel that he's a liability and he won't be doing business with him after this job. Deborah finds out that Olive and Nancy Tuckwell lied to her about her baby when the grave is exhumed.

Season 1, Episode 100: Episode #1.100

1 October 2008
Olive returns from her trip abroad and Deborah confronts her at the pier and demands to know where her daughter is. Olive tells her it's confidential and will have to speak with the child's parents before disclosing any information. Back at the flat Olive sees Jason and collapses. At the hospital the doctors rule it a case of angina and she must stay in hospital for a while. Deborah visits her and tells her that she will find out where her daughter is. She hires a private investigator who gets Deborah the information she requires. Meanwhile, Poppy, having talked to Olive is positive that she's Deborah's daughter and is in full panic mode. Elsewhere, Jason takes Daniel's car and tells him he'll get it back when he returns his boat which angers Daniel. Deborah goes with the evidence to Olive and tells her that it was a son she had not a daughter and she tells Olive her time is up and she has to tell her who he is.

Season 1, Episode 101: Episode #1.101

2 October 2008
Olive finally tells Deborah (and Poppy) that Jason Connors is her real son but that he is unaware that he is adopted. Jason and Gabby go visit his parents unaware that Daniel is hot on his heels trying to find him after Tess tells Daniel where he has gone. Bec goes to get clothes from the apartment and talks with Stpehen and Angela. Bec suspects there is more to Angela's chemotherapy treatment but Angela refuses to talk to her about it. Deborah returns home and Tess tells her about what she told Daniel. Deborah races to the Connors home and arrives there as Daniel has Jason in a headlock. Deborah blurts out that he's her son which shocks everyone around. Jason is distraught and runs off. Bec asks Stephen to meet her in the bar and she tells him that Angela isn't telling him everything about her treatment. He goes back to the apartment and finds Angela unconscious on the sofa.

Season 1, Episode 102: Episode #1.102

3 October 2008
The doctors tell Stephen and his family that they are still conducting tests on Angela but it appears that her ovarian cancer has spread possibly to her brain. Angela tells them that they need to make the most of the time they have left and asks Stephen if they can stay in Sydney. Kyle gets arrested after being in a fight at school. Bec goes to see him but he tells her to leave them alone. Kyle is mad that Angela won't try and fight her cancer. Addo nearly ruins the chance of Tess and Stavva getting together but when Stavva confronts Tess he realises that it might work out for them. Lucia tells Deborah that Daniel can change but Deborah tells her she is very naive. On her way home she sees Daniel talking with Fletch and knows that Deborah was right all along.

Season 1, Episode 103: Episode #1.103

6 October 2008
Tess and Stavva cannot seem to keep their hands off each other. Tracy is released from hospital under Jarrod's care. Lucia decides to go to the police about Fletch and his involvement with Daniel but asks for Daniel not to be prosecuted. D.C. Jeremy Piper agrees if Daniel's involvement is minimal. Lucia lures Fletch to a meeting place as the police fit her with a concealed wire. She manages to get Fletch to say what is needed but continues to needle him about his activities and Fletch guesses she is taping him. He chases after her but is apprehended by the police but threatens Lucia that he will be out the following day.

Season 1, Episode 104: Episode #1.104

7 October 2008
Pia is none too pleased that Lucia has gotten involved with the Police over Daniel and Fletch. Daniel too isn't happy with Lucia about her doing what she did and yells at her telling her perhaps she should date Paul seeing as she spends so much time with him. But it's D.C. Jeremy Piper that makes him see the error of his ways and tells him that Lucia is too good for him. He goes back to Lucia and tells her he loves her and didn't realize it until he saw how much trouble she went to to help him. But is is all short-lived when Fletch's tugs coming calling to Daniel's home. Tracy's operation on her brain tumor takes place and initial reports say it was a success but when she wakes she doesn't know who Jarrad or Zoe is.

Season 1, Episode 105: Episode #1.105

8 October 2008
Bec decides to do an MRI on Tracy to see if swelling is causing her memory loss but the scans suggest not but that some damage took place during surgery. Jason goes to Deborah and asks her not to tell the O'Donnell's that she is Zoe's grandmother. Tracy goes home but nothing is familiar to her and confused by all the commotion goes for a walk with Zoe where she meets Jason. Zoe introduces Jason to Tracy as her real dad. Lucia finds out that Daniel was beaten up and he refuses to go see a doctor so she brings Bec to see him. He refuses to let her help him. Deborah asks Jason to meet her and tells him that if he wants to fight for Zoe she will support him all the way.

Season 1, Episode 106: Episode #1.106

9 October 2008
Gabby tells Jason to tell Jarrad that he's Deborah's biological son before Deborah does the job for him. He tells Jarrad and he doesn't take it well. Jason tells Deborah that he wants to be part of Zoe's life but he will be happy with whatever access Jarrad and Tracy give him. Tess is having problems with Darcy crying all the time and she takes some of Daniel's painkillers. Tracy goes to lunch with Poppy and Stavva but wonders why everyone is staring at her. Jarrad refuses to tell her the truth but later when he's asleep she logs on to the Internet and finds out the truth that she's a murderer. She goes to the place where Philby died and meets Daniel.

Season 1, Episode 107: Episode #1.107

10 October 2008
Daniel tells Tracy that he's Philby's brother and as he approaches her on the Point she panics and runs. Jarrod discovers that Tracy has found out about her past and finds her running from Daniel. Tracy demands that everyone stop keep secrets from her and decides to go and see Deborah and offer her a deal in which she can see Zoe but not fight for her. Deborah accepts and then tries to get Jason to forgive her. He tells her that Daniel ruined his business and he is in debt and she agrees to pay his loan off. Daniel and Jason also agree to end their hostile dislike of each other. Meanwhile, Jason and Gabby go to Bacino where a blonde named Tamara approaches him and hugs him. Gabby is stunned.

Season 1, Episode 108: Episode #1.108

13 October 2008
Jason introduces Gabby to Tamara. Gabby urges Jason to talk to Tamara and let her know the truth. He tells her that he'd like that they remain friends. Angela, Stephen and the family go to a resort to recuperate but when they get there they find that its booked out. The manager offers them a camping lodge instead and they take it. Tess asks Deborah if she will tell Jason about the will. Deborah says she will do so in time but she's in no rush and the only copy of the will has been destroyed. When she leaves Tess goes to a drawer and withdraws a copy of said document and ponders what to do. Later Stavva goes to attend to a crying Darcy and finds the document on Tess's bed and reads it. Gabby and Tamara meet in the bar and Gabby is surprised that Jason has told her so much about his life in Manly since he came back. Stavva calls Jason and tells him he is a rich man just as Deborah arrives back. Jason is disgusted that she didn't tell him the truth and tells her he wants nothing more to do with her. Stephen and Angela rekindle their relationship but next morning Stephen finds her unconscious outside. When they manage to waken her she begs for them to take her home.

Season 1, Episode 109: Episode #1.109

14 October 2008
Stephen gets Angela home and calls Bec to check her over. Bec diagnoses a chest infection and asks that she go into hospital. Angela refuses saying that there is no point which Kirsten overhears. Bec comforts her and tells her it's what Angela wants. She refuses to take her medication and asks Stephen to help her celebrate the twins 17th birthday early on the beach. Tess tells Stavva about taking the pain medication and how taking it has messed up her sleeping. Stavva offers to look after Tess and let her sleep whilst keeping watch on Darcy. Whilst Tess sleeps Stavva notices a notebook under her pillow and starts to read the contents but Tess wakes up and snatches it from him telling him it belonged to Philip. Bec prescribes strong painkillers for Angela and she later dies in her sleep. Later, Stavva and Tess go to offer their condolences and whilst there Tess steals Angela's prescribed medicine.

Season 1, Episode 110: Episode #1.110

15 October 2008
Gabby is not too pleased to see that Jason's ex Tamara is still hanging around Manly. Jason tells her he has lent her some money as she is broke. Later he gets a call from Tamara telling him that all her belongings have been stolen from her hotel room. Tess takes some of Angela's pills but handles Darcy badly forcing Deborah to take Darcy from her. Tess begins to suspect that something is wrong when she sees Tess and later finds that Angela's medication has been taken. Peta's job hunting isn't going too well. Later, Tess brings Darcy to Bacino where she falls asleep and then to the Bar where Darcy is no problem with everyone else except Tess. Jason and Gabby go shark diving at the aquarium but Tamara later spoils it when she tells all their friends they shark dived in the ocean - this upsets Gabby greatly. Meanwhile, back at the Bar Tamara tells Poppy that she has no money so Poppy tells her there is a job going at the bar and she'd be perfect for the job. Tamara is delighted and smiles to herself as she's sees a way to keep her in Manly for the long term.

Season 1, Episode 111: Episode #1.111

16 October 2008
Tamara continues to wheedle her way into the group of friends irritating Gabby. She organises the Bar's karaoke night which goes down well. Tess continues her downward spiral as she continues to take Angela's prescribes pain medication. Bec is sure Tess has Angela's pills but she cannot prove it. Daniel produces a document for Jason to sign which states that he will have no more claim to the McManus fortune but Tamara urges him not too. Tess turns up at the karaoke night and makes a scene. Gabby tells Jason that she's not comfortable with Tamara hanging around. Meanwhile, Tess arrives home in a delusional state and falls down the stairs knocking herself out.

Season 1, Episode 112: Episode #1.112

17 October 2008
Diane finds Tess at the bottom of the stairs and calls Bec and Stavva as she refuses to go to hospital. Bec is convinced she is on painkillers and asks Stavva to keep watch on her. Jarrad and Zoe help Tracey remember her past but items that she used to like no longer interest her. Stavva goes to soothe Darcy and whilst in Tess's room finds Angela's painkillers and takes them to Bec. Stavva lures Tess away from home and tries to force an intervention with herself and Bec over her drug-taking but she walks out. Stavva goes after her and finds out that she got addicted to pain killers after an accident when she was a teenager. Deborah goes to see Tracy and asks to get an official introduction to her grand-daughter Zoe. Tracy talks to Jarrad and he tells her he doesn't want Deborah having anything to do with Zoe but Tracy overrules him and takes Zoe to see Deborah.

Season 1, Episode 113: Episode #1.113

20 October 2008
Stephen, Kirsten and Kyle return to Manly after Angela's funeral and discuss with Bec about getting a new place to live. Tracy takes Zoe to see Deborah but it incurs the wrath of Jarrad who goes to see Deborah and tells her what he thinks of her and to tell her to stay away from Zoe. Stephen is offered a job in Hobart but his kids have different views on the move with Kyle wanting to leave and Kirsten wanting to stay. Deborah gives Zoe a present of a large dolls house and later asks to make a donation of $10,000 to Zoe's bank account. Later, as Stephen prepares to leave with Kyle they discover that Kirsen is missing and all her belongings have gone.

Season 1, Episode 114: Episode #1.114

21 October 2008
Jarrad rejects Deborah's offer of $10,000 for Zoe and then goes to Jason to tell him to talk to Deborah about her interference as Daniel makes a nuisance of himself by trying to get Jason to sign over his inheritance to Daniel. Jason eventually signs the document and gives it to Deborah but she refuses to take it. Meanwhile, Kirsten talks with Paul on the beach about the loss of her mother and when she goes back to the apartment she refuses to go to Hobart with Stephen and Kyle and asks Bec if she can stay with her and be her 'roomie'. Bec at first refuses and Stephen is adamant that Kirsten move with him. But seeing how upset Kirsten is he agrees to allow her to stay with Bec.

Season 1, Episode 115: Episode #1.115

22 October 2008
Daniel continues to believe that Jason has an ulterior motive when it comes to keeping his share of the McManus fortune. Tracy and Jarrad are at odds over his decision making on Zoe's interaction with Deborah. Gabby decides to have a dinner party and invites Addo as a match up for Tamara but it all goes wrong when Gabby makes an entrée of lobster bisque only to be told by Tamara that Jason is allergic to shellfish and then for Tamara to monopolize the whole conversation at dinner. After dinner, on the pretext of going to the bathroom, Tamara steals an address book from Jason's satchel. Deborah offers Jason the job of running the family marina but he turns it down. Tracy goes behind Jarrad's back to give photos of Zoe to Deborah. Tamara invites Jason to the club which irritates Gabby and she finally has it out with her in a darkened club only to realise that Jason was invited because of a party and everyone there has heard her tirade.

Season 1, Episode 116: Episode #1.116

23 October 2008
Jason is overwhelmed and delighted by Tamara's secret exhibition leaving Gabby with no choice but to apologize. Daniel tells Deborah about Jason's exhibit and whilst there Jason tells her not to interfere in getting dealers. Peta's brother Nate arrives in Manly for a job at the police station and makes an impression on Bec. Bec buys one of Jason's paintings but he mistakenly thinks it was Deborah and rages at her. He later apologies and accepts the job at the marina on a trial basis and on the condition that he has to make it work. Daniel is to show him the ropes but Jason knows he is up to something. Tamara continues to wriggle her way back into Jason's life and makes a pass at Jason which he rebukes. She later tells Addo that she's still got feelings for Jason. Addo tells Jarrad about Tamara not realizing that Gabby and Poppy have overheard him. Gabby reacts badly and tells a tearful Tamara to stay away from her and Jason. Jason reassures Gabby that Tamara's feelings are all one-sided. Elsewhere, Poppy finds a burglar in her house and is knocked unconscious by the person as they make their escape.

Season 1, Episode 117: Episode #1.117

24 October 2008
Stavva, Tess and Addo are walking home and see Tamara come out of Gabby's building. Bec meets Nate again and he invites her out to lunch. Kirsten tells Bec that she doesn't want to go back to school to do her HSC. Jason discovers a knocked out Poppy and calls Bec and he then discovers that some of his papers about the McManus will have been taken and wrongly suspects Daniel. He goes to Daniel's house and Stavva has to separate them from their fight. Stavva tells Daniel that he saw Tamara leave Gabby's place. He confronts Tamara but she denies it and tells him she was only there to return his address book but no-one was there. Nate gets the job at the police station. Elsewhere, Bec has to step up and reprimand Kirsten when she refuses to go to school. Stavva declares his feelings for Tamara and she tells him she'd live to give their relationship a go. Poppy finds a ring and asks Peta about it to which Peta proposes to her - she accepts. Nate and Bec's lunch doesn't go well and he eventually leaves when he gets a call. Bec is called to the police station only to be told that Kirsten was arrested after the police broke up a party. Bec is none too pleased.

Season 1, Episode 118: Episode #1.118

27 October 2008
Kirsten is released from police custody and she talks to Bec about how difficult it has been for her and that is why she has been acting out. Brian is getting in the way of Pia and Stavva at Bacino and Pia doesn't know how to tell him. Nate tells Poppy & Peta that he likes Bec but their lunch date wasn't successful and he doesn't know where it goes from there. Tess tells Deborah about Jason giving the signed document to Daniel which infuriates Daniel. Later Stavva calls around and finds that Tess has the pills she was supposed to get rid of. Unknown to them Daniel hears all their conversation and finds the pills after Stavva leaves. He drops one of them in Tess's tea. Stephen arrives back from Hobart and is furious with Kirsten for acting out and for Bec not calling him. He asks Bec again if she is really ready to be a guardian to Kirsten and her pause angers Kirsten. Tess takes Darcy out unaware that she's been drugged and potentially puts Darcy's life in danger.

Season 1, Episode 119: Episode #1.119

28 October 2008
Stavva discovers Darcy unattended at the beach and after a search finds her slumped on steps. Daniel queries why Deborah is at home instead of being with Darcy and when she tells him that Tess took him instead he starts to panic. Stephen queries whether Bec is able to look after Kirsten with her busy job. When she gets a call about Tess Stephen decides that Kirsten must go back with him to Hobart. Tess accuses Daniel of drugging her and when Stavva confronts him he admits it but later Lucia refuses to believe that Daniel would do it. Deborah tells Daniel he's gone too far. Stavva and his dad have a huge fight and Stavva tells him he's through with working in Bacino. He later speaks to Stephen and comes up with an idea for keeping Kirsten on the straight - he will move in with Bec and Kirsten which will help Bec out. Stephen agrees. Daniel tells Lucia that he is sick of never been able to the best in his mothers eye. Paul calls to see Kirsten and tells her he is happy she is staying in Manly. When Daniel comes home Deborah asks that he and Jason try to make peace with each other but Daniel tells Deborah that she has to choose which son she wants because there's no room for two - when she doesn't respond he throws his keys on the table and walks out.

Season 1, Episode 120: Episode #1.120

29 October 2008
Daniel moves into a new apartment at the hotel and tells Lucia that Deborah will have to beg him to come back. Back at the McManus household Deborah has a different view and is adamant that Daniel learn a lesson for what he's done. Poppy and Peta decide on a wedding two weeks from now but only Poppy's parents will be able to attend. Lucia goes to Deborah to beg her to bring Daniel back but she refuses. Jason decides to go and talk to him but Daniel gives him short shrift. Nate asks Bec out again on a date and she accepts. At dinner Bec probes Nate for information on his past relationships but he is hesitant to discuss it. Poppy is short-staffed at the bar and gets help from Shaun, a diner who she forgot to serve. Jason encounters problems with the drivers for the company and discovers that Daniel paid them cash bonuses every week. But Daniel has set up the drivers so as to push Jason out of the company. The drivers contact Deborah and tell them they are resigning and Deborah realizes that Daniel is behind it and wonders what he will do next. She goes to see Daniel and he demands his share of the company assets if she doesn't get rid of Jason. Back at the bar Shaun takes a call and proceeds to tell the caller than he's got a job with Poppy and his plan is coming together and that Poppy has no idea it was him that broke into her flat.

Season 1, Episode 121: Episode #1.121

30 October 2008
Kirsten becomes interested in Shaun as he dodges questions about his life in Broome. Deborah worries about what she is going to do about her drivers but Jason tells her he will handle it. He rallies his friends and offers to pay them the going rate if they will move all their deliveries. Tamara comes up with the idea of moving a lot of the deliveries by boat. Gabby is still suspicious of Tamara and Bec wonders about Nate and if she could get serious about him. Shaun finds out from Poppy that the flat is deserted during the day and breaks into the flat again and proceeds to copy the contents of a laptop onto a memory key. Addo and Tamara become closer but she has ulterior motives and sends Addo on a non-existent job to Campbelltown in order to get Jason to help her move into her new apartment. When Gabby finds out what she did she goes around to the apartment and orders Jason to leave with her. Shaun tells his contact that he has found the information he wanted from the laptop as he also asks Kirsten out. Jason begs Gabby to give Tamara the benefit of the doubt and so Gabby heads over to Gabby's new apartment to find the door ajar and Tamara wearing a wedding dress. She finally declares her feelings to Gabby and tells her it's game on.

Season 1, Episode 122: Episode #1.122

3 November 2008
Tamara twists the events of her encounter with Gabby and goes tearful to Jason who is annoyed when an irate Gabby turns up shortly afterwards. Tamara then continues her manipulation of the events and of Gabby to Addo making him wonder if Gabby has really lost her sense of reality. Jason tells Gabby that Tamara may be interested in him but he's not interested in her. Gabby asks that he not see her anymore and he eventually agrees. But Tamara is one ahead of the game and manoevers a job with Jason at the marina with Deborah's blessing. Gabby walks away and tells Jason that he's gotta sort it out. When Jason queries what the job is Deborah tells him that she's got planning permission to develop the marina and construct a hotel & conference centre. Jason is furious that she would destroy the marina and walks away. Daniel turns up at Deborah's asking her if she's made a decision on the shares. Lucia tells Daniel until he sorts out his relationship with his mother she doesn't want to see him again. Tamara and Deborah come up with the idea of making the marina development an eco-friendly project and Deborah brings it to Jason. He likes the idea but Gabby doesn't like the fact that Tamara has got her hooks in again. Daniel sends Deborah a solicitor's letter demanding action on the shares and tells her he's going up the coast for a while until they sort it out. Gabby tells Tamara to back off but Tamara just laughs at her and they get in a fight with both of them falling into the water. Jason sides with Tamara leaving Gabby no option but to break off her relationship with Jason.

Season 1, Episode 123: Episode #1.123

4 November 2008
Nate invites Bec to go and see a live band as he's concerned she's living a very quite life. A distraught Gabby calls around to Bec. She refuses to take Jason back because he won't believe what she says about Tamara. Tess finds Stavva backing away from her and is at a loss to why. Bec tells Gabby about going to a band she hates just to see how it goes with Nate but Stavva tells Nate who quizzes Bec about why she didn't tell him. Tess tells Stavva she's cooking him dinner as they'll be on their own but when Stavva hears that Nate and Bec won't be going out he invites all his friends to a house-warming just as Tess greets him in a sexy negligee. She runs away embarrassed but Stavva manages to get her to join the party where she consumes too much alcohol and gets very drunk. Nate becomes interested in finding out more about her when he learns she has a child. When she leaves the party with Gabby he doesn't appear too happy with her. He turns up the following morning at her house and tells her he's concerned about the welfare of Darcy and calls D.O.C.S.(Department of Community Services) to access her. She is furious.

Season 1, Episode 124: Episode #1.124

5 November 2008
A caseworker from D.O.C.S.(Department of Community Services) arrives to access Tess and Darcy. Tess is beyond angry but Deborah manages to calm her and reasons that talking to them won't hurt. Peta gets a phone-call to say her storage cage in Adelaide has been broken into. Stavva is furious when he finds out what Nate has done and storms around to the police station where he also informs Bec what Nate has done. Bec tells him that he should have contacted people who know Tess first because calling DOCS in and that he really doesn't know her at all. Bec talks to Peta about what Nate did and she tells her that there is a reason for the way he acts stemmed by his ex-girlfriend who was a drug user and who miscarried their child. Bec goes to him but he tells her that his past has nothing to do with his job and the sooner she realizes that the better. Poppy becomes suspicious of Shaun when he never seems to know anyone she mentioned that lived in Broome and then Ron discovers his work references are inaccurate and he cannot pay him or employ him. Tess tells Stavva that she needs more from him that his love for Darcy and if he's not prepared to offer more then she believes the best thing to do would be to go back to England. Tracy invites Deborah to Zoe's birthday party but warns her that she may get a frosty reception from people at it. Peta gets Nate to check out Shaun and discovers that he served time in a federal prison in Adelaide - the same prison where a criminal Peta put away is in and who promised to get back at Peta no matter what. Meanwhile, Shaun and Kirsten go for a drive as Peta and Nate go in search of her. When they get to Bec's they find that they cannot get through to Kirsten and start to panic.

Season 1, Episode 125: Episode #1.125

6 November 2008
Poppy begs Peta to tell Nate the truth about the ex-con that has done time with Shaun but she refuses. Bec tries to get through to Kirsten but she doesn't answer so Poppy decides to ring Shaun and ask him to come back to work but she gives too much away and Shaun hangs up on her. Tess tells Deborah that she's nearly certain that she'll be going back to England so Deborah goes to Stavva and tells him to do whatever he has to do to keep Tess in Australia. Under questioning from Nate Shaun tells Nate about the planted testimony. Nate goes mad with Peta and questions is there any chance her planted testimony could have been found. She tells him no and pleads with him to let Shaun go so that he cannot produce anything should they have got something. Nate lets Shaun go and tells him to leave Manly immediately and he's not to go to Adelaide. Peta tells Poppy she hopes Greg Burnley doesn't get out because he told her he would get her if he ever did. Tess and Stavva have dinner but his clumsy attempts to seduce her fail and they agree to be friends only. Nate visits Bec & Kirsten and tells them that Shaun has left. Tess tells Deborah she has made a decision and she is going back to England and would like her share of the McManus fortune to secure Darcy's future. Deborah is not pleased and desperate decides to go and see Nate and tells him she was lying about Tess's stability and her drug problem and she's concerned about her grandson and Tess's desire to run away with him. This angers Nate and he vows silently to not let it happen.

Season 1, Episode 126: Episode #1.126

7 November 2008
Nate questions Deborah on why she thinks Tess might be at risk. He says that he will contact DOCS again but Deborah asks him not to let Tess know that she's been to see him. Daniel returns to Manly and wants to know if Lucia has made up her mind about their relationship. Daniel also has a visit from Deborah who urges him to reconsider his stance but Daniel has other tricks up his sleeve. Over at the marina Jason and Tamara get a visit from drug squad who have had an anonymous tip that a quantity of pseudo-ephedrines stored on one of the boats. As the police search the marina Tamara discovers a suspicious package and opens it and finds the illegal drugs and decides to flush it. Jason goes to see Daniel but Daniel just laughs it off. Tess tries to discover who reported her to DOCS and checks the house phone and finally gets her answer - Deborah. She tells Deborah what she thinks of her and tells her she is leaving - that night. She asks Stavva to take her to see Philip's grave and then tells Deborah to look after Daniel and Jason or she'll lose them too. Stavva takes her to the airport after a tearful goodbye. At the bar Jason sees a small velvet bag beside Tamara's bag and opens it. He discovers two wedding rings - one with his name on it. He demands to know why she has them.

Season 1, Episode 127: Episode #1.127

10 November 2008
Jason tells Tamara that they have no future and he now believes Gabby. He goes to see Gabby but she tells him it's too late. But much perseverance leads her to a change of mind and she gives Jason a second chance. Tamara tells Addo that its Jason she loves which devastates Addo but he later gets him own back on her in the pub which he tells her what he thinks of her leading her into the arms of a now-single Daniel McManus. Deborah goes to Zoe's birthday party and after talking to Jason resolves to sort out her family life. Deborah and Daniel resolve their differences at Philby & George's graves. Later, Lucia hears from Deborah that Daniel is moving back to the McManus home so she goes to see him in the hotel not knowing that he has company - Tamara.

Season 1, Episode 128: Episode #1.128

11 November 2008
Lucia nearly discovers Tamara in Daniel's bed but Daniel manages to get her out of the hotel room as Tamara hides out in the bathroom. When Daniel comes back to the hotel Tamara tells him she wants her job back at the marina. Daniel agrees to talk to Jason but it gets nowhere. Tracey and Jarrad decide to go to the fertility clinic to get tested to see if they'll have any problems having more kids. Poppy's parents tells Olive that they won't be able to make the wedding which upsets Poppy greatly. Then D.C. Jeremy Piper calls and asks Peta to come to the police station where he asks her about the missing witness statement. She denies it but later Nate tells her the consequences will be much worse if she doesn't tell the truth. Greg Burnley gets a quick hearing and gets released. Jeremy then tells her that the DPP are going to hang her out to dry for witness tampering and the bar association are trying to stop her practicing law. She may even have to go to jail. Tracey and Jarrad find out that they won't be able to have any more kids as Tracey has adhesions blocking her fallopian tubes from her injuries. Tamara seduces Daniel again but later when he is with Lucia she sends him picture text messages. When he contacts her he tells her she picked the wrong person to blackmail. She tells him to get her the job back at the marina and the pictures are his otherwise Lucia will get them. Peta tearfully tells Poppy that she needs time alone and runs off along the beach.

Season 1, Episode 129: Episode #1.129

12 November 2008
Peta arrives back at the flat and tells Poppy she loves her but Peta must go back to Adelaide alone to face charges leaving Poppy devastated. The gang gather at the flat and manage to get Peta to change her mind. Bec and Nate's relationship is not working out and Bec feels they should finish it much to Nate's annoyance. Poppy and Peta have their commitment ceremony. Back at the reception Jason asks Gabby to marry him and he says yes and Nate gets word that Branley is heading to Manly. Daniel opens the door of the McManus home to an unidentified man holding a gun. Gabby tells Bec that she's getting married but Bec begins to cry. She tells Gabby that she's pregnant but the news is not as good as it should be - she is carrying Jarrad's baby. Then a shot rings out and a disheveled Sam Webster appears and tells the crowd they have unfinished business and starts to taunt all of them. Then he demands that all the families line up and each choose one person from each family they are prepared to give up. If they don't he will choose. Then it goes black and a number of shots are heard.

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