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What a game.

Author: diac228 ( from Orlando, Florida
5 February 2008

I've had some time to reflect and think about all the events that happened from the Super Bowl. To start things off, that was one heck of a game, one of the best games ever played. It was tight, down to the wire; it could have been anybody's ballgame. Both quarterbacks had equal statistics throughout the entire event, both teams had decent defense (most of the time) and both pulled off incredible plays. So why so much controversy? Because the Patriots were supposed to win.

The Patriots were supposed to be perfect. Shut up about the Spycam, I can guarantee you that most/all teams do the exact same thing. However, this Patriots team wasn't just good; they were very good, dangerously good. The 72 Dolphins had never been sweating so much, because the Giants did not have a chance. Everyone knew they didn't have a chance, despite the "close" game against the Patriots towards the end of the season. So what happened? The Patriots team that we all knew did not show up. The Giants did not win the game as much as the Patriots lost it. This is not a Patriots fan speaking either, this was someone so afraid of New England destroying the traces of my beloved 1972 Dolphins team. With the way the Patriots played, any decent team with determination could have butted heads with the Pats, perhaps even winning it all. The Cowboys, Packers, and even Bucs could have beaten the February 2nd Patriots if they were the opposing team. Yet it was the Giants that arrived, and proved that perfection is nowhere near as easy as the Pats made it seem to be.

Everyone bashed on the 72 Dolphins for them being lucky, having an easy schedule, for not competing in a tough league. You can argue all you want but one thing rings true: that 72 Dolphins team is better than your team. To be the better team every game of a season is something that not the 84-85 Bears, the early 90s 49ers, and not the 07 Patriots could accomplish. This is what makes the 1972 Dolphins the best team in NFL history, despite the statistics (By the way, the 72 Dolphins became the Super Bowl-winning, 15-2, 1973 Dolphins—so hush with the fluke talk). If we went by statistics, then the Patriots should have won and did win the Super Bowl. However, this is not the case, this did not happen, and there are multiple reasons why.

For starters, Tom Brady had no protection whatsoever. The offensive line was ultimately destroyed by the Giants defense again and again and again. Tom Brady was already still lingering from an ankle injury, so why not do a better job of giving him time to throw the ball? The Giants defense was good, don't get me wrong, but they were pushing around the Pats' offensive defenders like a sack of pathetic potatoes. Tom Brady overthrew a couple of times, but that was because he was under pressure, under that lingering thought that there was a Giant player about to take him out. Randy Moss didn't get thrown to because he didn't do a decent job in getting open; he failed on his man-to-man matchups with the backcourt of the Giants defense. Defense wins Super Bowls, and that is why the Giants won. The Ravens years ago ripped apart New York because of defense.

The Patriots were a mixed bag with defense. Sometimes they did great, yet other times just collapsed, and the last drive proves this. Why on earth are you blitzing instead of using man-to-man defense in the final moments of the game? Blitzing means potential open players, and the Giants needed a touchdown, not a field goal. It was extremely stupid to not place defensive players deep instead sending a bunch in front to try to take down Eli Manning. The 4th-best defense in the NFL failed to live up to its name, and downgraded the almost-perfect to the almost-mediocre.

Sounds like I am stripping away all the credibility from the Giants, and this isn't the case, but the Giants did not take down an excellent Patriots team, they surprised an extremely confident Patriots team that for some odd reason didn't look like themselves. Eli Manning MVP? He participated in the amazing final drive, but the car and the MVP award should not have been his. Remember, this is the same guy that refused to play for the Chargers—and that alone should disallow him to win anything. You do not become a whiny baby and refuse to play for a certain team, which is disgusting. What if every player drafted did this? Then the teams that never win will continue their failing ways because potentially decent players will flee the scene of failure. I stopped being a fan of Eli Manning because of this, and why I'd rather see him fail from now on. Now, back to the game, give it to David Tyree, who made easily the best catch in the game with his crazy over-the-top catch in the 4th quarter. He should have gotten the keys to that car. We should give that catch a name: I'd personally name it the Helmet Catch.

So the main thing we learned is this: The Patriots aren't perfect and picked the worst time to showcase this. The Giants put up an excellent fight, and deserved the win especially after Tyree's catch. Quoting my dad: "The Giants should win this game because of that play alone."

Congrats Giants, you've won it all, and in a most unexpected fashion. As for the 1972 Dolphins, you still remain the best team the NFL has ever seen. As for the Patriots: better luck next year.

P.S. The commercials weren't as good this year, and the halftime show didn't interest me except for "Free Falling." P.P.S. The best commercial of the Super Bowl was the FedEX commercial with the carrier pigeons.

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My favorite Super Bowl of all time

Author: justin-fencsak from United States
17 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Being a die-hard Giants fan since I was young, I didn't remember when the giants won their first super bowl against Denver back in 1987, but kinda remembered when they defeated Buffalo in 1991. In 2001, I watched in disgust as the G-Men lost to the 5-year old Ravens teams, several months before 9/11 and the Yankees' Game 7 loss to the Arizona D-Backs in the World Series. Nearly seven years later, the Giants went to the Super Bowl for the fourth time, this time against the heavily favored New England Patriots. They met each other before in the regular season, but this time New York pulled one of the greatest sports upsets ever with a 17-14 win. The highlight of the game is the Manning-Tyree pass. A classic.

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What the game is all about

Author: ( from New Jersey
2 March 2008

First let me admit my bias I am a Giants fan, so I would have loved this game if the Giants won 31-0. And honestly The Giants also played in an NFC championship game that was arguably better than this Super Bowl. However when we watch football movies they follow the formula of a plucky underdog team going on a run and overcoming odds to beat an invincible foe and winning the game on a miracle play. In real life it doesn't happen like that the 85 Bears, 89 49ers, and other unbeatable squads won. Yet that was the story of the 2007 NY Giants they followed the movie script.

The Giants faced a Patriots team that won 3 championships this decade and had a record of 18-0. The Giants were a team that was 10-6 and was the 5th seed in the NFC playoffs. Their starting QB was erratic & inconsistent, their star Defensive End almost retired, and their coach was on the hot seat. This was not a team that would defeat a dynasty.

However in one of the greatest runs of all time they would win 3 road games and beat NE. The drive at the end with all the clutch plays are what the NFL is about heart and desire. The NFL's favorite term is Any Given Sunday and the idea that on any given Sunday if you have enough guts,talent, and determination you can win.

In the end the team with the maligned quarterback, the despised head coach, and the special teamer playing wide receiver won the championship. This was not only a legendary because of who won but how they won.

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Eli has come of age and grown up just like big brother Peyton, by winning a Super Bowl trophy!

Author: Danny Blankenship from Petersburg, Virginia
3 February 2008

"Super Bowl XLII" has to certainly rank right up as one of the best games ever played for it's drama, and tough and gritty showing of going down to the end by both teams. The AFC champion New England Patriots had the chance of history in the making to go 19-0 the first ever team to be undefeated if the victory happened over the heavily underdog NFC champion N.Y. Giants. The Giants had been the surprise team of the NFC playoffs a wild card team that won all three road playoff games by riding the arm of Eli and a bruising running game combined with a fearsome pass rush put the Giants over the top. This game would be no different as the Giants started the game aggressive on defense taking away the pass by doubling Randy Moss and blitzing Tom Brady heavy it threw the Pats out of rhythm as the first half was tough and competitive with New England only holding a 7-3 halftime lead, as the Giants D had held them in check. The second half started with both teams going back and fourth only the third quarter was scoreless. Enter the final and blazing fourth quarter for a dramatic finish as Eli put the Giants ahead 10-7 on a TD pass. Yet Giants fans knew the Brady bunch would answer as Tom drove the field as he continued to kill the defense underneath with passes to WR Wes Welker as he finished with 11 catches. As the drive ended he found Moss on a touchdown pass to go ahead 14-10. Really a tribute to Brady who had been hurried and pressured all night from Michael Strahan and the Giants defense which would register 5 sacks on Tom. Now the game was on the shoulders of Eli Manning who showed just as he had all during the playoffs that he had finally arrived and came of age as he was tremendous on the drive finally connecting with Plaxico Burress on a touchdown pass with under a minute left! The upset had been pulled off by big blue one of the biggest in NFL history, Eli was named game MVP with a performance of 19 of 34 with 255 passing yards and two touchdown throws and one interception. Folks another Manning plays in the NFL it's not only Peyton but hail and pass the torch to little brother Eli. Thumbs up too for the great performance from the Giants defense especially the line for the 5 QB sacks on Tom Brady in my opinion the real key piece that helped the Giants to an upset Super Bowl victory.

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Giants spoil Patriots attempt at a perfect season

Author: Maniac-9 from St. Louis, MO
31 January 2012

The Patriots go 16-0 in the regular season and win their first 2 playoff games, them winning the Super Bowl was supposed to be inevitable. No team since the Miami Dolphins had gotten that close to a perfect season. So in other words the Patriots that year are the only team in NFL history to only lose 1 game and not be crowned the Super Bowl champs. Since all other teams to have lost 1 game overall usually lost their game in the regular season prior to then going onto winning the Super Bowl.

The Giants are a team that the Patriots beat in the final game of the regular season but in really close fashion. Truly a Cinderella finish to the season for the Giants of New York.

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