A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Poster

Plot Keywords

death dream
serial killer revenge
nightmare freddy krueger
serial child killer child killer
child murderer slasher
killing an animal janitor
torture pedophilia
boogeyman sicko
sexual predator perversion
attempted rape human monster
springwood ohio pervert
child rape dark past
pedophile elm street
teenager swimming pool
security camera wrongful imprisonment
death of boyfriend boyfriend girlfriend relationship
high school principal high school
self mutilation teleportation
molotov cocktail boiler room
villain not really dead cliche evil man
plant in title pool of blood
fictional town hand through chest
hand through head stabbed with scissors
pre school paranoia
vigilantism secret
lifting someone into the air disfigurement
surrealism characters killed one by one
ambulance remake of cult favorite
blood splatter open ended
nightmare becomes reality gore
critically bashed hallucination
severed hand hand cut off
falling through the floor stabbed in the eye
eye gouging stabbed in the head
stabbed in the leg car crash
necklace paper cutter
cover up stabbed with a needle
adrenaline cut arm
hospital prescription drugs
bookstore slow motion scene
person on fire burned alive
flashback bare chested male
indoor swimming pool hiding in a closet
gardner child molestation
child molester bloody body of a child
murder video blog
class photograph car accident
bathtub snow
drawing body bag
corpse hanging upside down
impalement stabbed in the back
arrest jail
stabbed with glass blood
stabbed to death stabbed in the chest
covered in blood blood on shirt
looking at one's self in a mirror cut hand
waitress burnt body
burnt face dog
younger version of character mother daughter relationship
father son relationship photograph
cemetery swimmer
stabbed in the throat lucid dream
diner villain played by lead actor
grave side ceremony funeral
throat slitting swimming team
swimming coach swimming
murdered in sleep cell phone
burglar alarm system alarm system
photo album car cigarette lighter
burn scar climbing through a window
repressed memory high school student
ohio killing of child molester
syringe shared dream
dream imagery dream sequence within a dream sequence
bad dream sleep deprivation
falling asleep in class falling asleep
awakened by a phone trying to stay awake
woman in bath bath
epinephrine dream world
reboot of series horror movie remake
terror slasher flick
claw killer
street in title remake
place name in title death of friend
surprise ending

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