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114 out of 178 people found the following review useful:

Silly and over the top

Author: BernardoLima from Portugal
27 February 2010

A personal aide to the U.S. Ambassador in France, James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) has an enviable life in Paris and a beautiful French girlfriend, but his real passion is his side job as a low-level operative for the CIA. All James wants is to become a bona fide agent and see some real action. So when he's offered his first senior-level assignment, he can't believe his good luck - until he meets his new partner, special agent Charlie Wax (John Travolta)...

From Paris With Love is an unrealistic, over-the-top action flick. The plot is extremely silly, the story quite implausible, and the action scenes are absolutely ridiculous not to mention that you can see the twist coming from the beginning.Both Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers deliver good performances and they had good chemistry but at the same time their characters are paper-thin and were poorly written. Something that appalled me was the editing of the film and the transition between some scenes. I thought it was rather choppy and not something I would expect from experienced directors like Luc Besson and Pierre Morel. The film does have its moments and can be quite entertaining at times but if you're expecting something along the lines of Morel's last film, Taken, which was a well thought and realistic action-thriller then you're gonna be extremely disappointed. Recommended for action junkies only.


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85 out of 122 people found the following review useful:

Just about everything in this has been done before, but still damn entertaining

Author: KineticSeoul from United States
12 April 2010

This movie is basically about two guys going around blowing stuff up in Paris. And the plot of them trying to take down a terrorist organization is just there to move the movie along because, even for films like this there has to be some sort of plot. And everything in this is nothing you haven't seen before with the explosions and gun fights and all, but something about the film just makes it pretty damn entertaining. I mean the plot with the by the book dude teaming up with a loose cannon crazy guy has been done before, but the elements of bad ass and witty and fast paced dialogue and maybe some other stuff makes it really entertaining to watch, even if the twist near the end was pretty predictable as the rest of the movie. Jonathan Rhys Meyers who plays a character that plays by the book was pretty boring and he takes up the first few couple of minutes of the movie, but when John Travolta comes in, well lets just say it's one hell of a ride. He basically plays Charlie Wax, a reckless guy that is a bit crazy but always gets things done. Just turn your brain off and enjoy this movie for what it is, not every film has to be smart to be enjoyable.


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103 out of 164 people found the following review useful:

Not the usual John Travolta role.

Author: PWNYCNY from United States
5 February 2010

It's John Travolta like you have never seen him before. Here he is Mister Action, the ultimate Tough Guy, the new Bruce Willis but with more flair. The story itself is not particularly noteworthy. But there is lots of action as Travolta shows everyone who's boss in this action-packed special effects extravaganza. Also there is non-stop violence with Mr. Travolta leading the way. If you like movies with stories that feature nonstop violence, then this movie is for you. If you like John Travolta, this movie is for you. But in terms of the story, don't expect too much from this movie. Remember: it's a commercial product so at some point artistic merit inevitably gives way to the usual dose of special effects that Hollywood spews out like clockwork. Hooray for John Travolta and Hollywood!

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88 out of 137 people found the following review useful:

Action Heaven

Author: itsparsley from United States
12 February 2010

Pierre Morel & Luc Besson delivered one of the best action films of the last decade, Taken. Even people who typically despise the action genre were won over by it. So where do Pierre & Besson head from here? They made the move to appeal solely to the action fan base. From Paris With Love is made for genre fans, not your average movie-goer. The first 20 minutes are spent with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and it feels a little slow. Once John Travolta's character comes into the story the film takes off like a roller-coaster. His charisma gives the film an extra kick and it gives much of the action a new flavor. Once the fun starts it doesn't stop. Whenever you think this film is slowing down it's really getting ready for the next shootout. You're on the edge of your seat until the very end. Actually, one of my two complaints is the end (I won't spoil anything). Let's just say the last 5 minutes feel a little rushed. If you loved going to the theater to see Live Free Or Die Hard, Rambo, & Taken than this is for you.

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75 out of 118 people found the following review useful:


Author: mr-paladin
26 March 2010

Please be gentle, this is my first review.

First of all, Travolta is back! Since Pulp Fiction, where I really enjoyed his play, I always had the feeling that his acting was about skin-deep. What happened in this movie is an invention of a new old-school action hero which would have stood in one line with Willis, Stallone and Schwarzenegger without trying to be one of them. He's powerful, funny and seriously "true" without being ridiculously over-torqued like in Pelham 123 or Face-off.

Basically you need to enjoy old-school action movies to like this. The storyline must have come to the writers mind while brushing his teeth in the morning - It's solid, well grounded, but a little bit too compressed for a 90 min movie. Concerning the speed of this movie, the camera work is fantastic and the cut allows to enjoy the action at it's fullest. (In the last years there were many movies of this type with a cut/camera like a flip-book with missing pages, which made them completely unenjoyable.)

I would like to see more movies of this type in the next years. It's not pretending to be more than what it is: Solid "hero-action" with a proper sidekick.

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42 out of 60 people found the following review useful:

A Fun Way To Spend 90 Minutes.

Author: Matt_Layden from Canada
27 May 2010

A young spy who wants to get bigger and better jobs is partnered with an American hot head with a foul mouth and a love for violence. The mission is to stop some terrorists.

To say I was expecting crap would be an understatement. Travolta's goofy look, a tired clichéd pairing of straight man and crazy partner, senseless action that would try to cram a plot and story in at some point. Yet, after the credits rolled, I sat there with a smile on my face. As far as spy films go, this one takes a more action heavy side. There are some cool and interesting gadgets, but I didn't get any James Bond moment.

Travolta surprised me here too. His character was funny, bad ass at times and knew how to kick some ass. The only downside would be that I just couldn't imagine Travolta doing half of these things. He's a great character and fits perfectly with this film, but it seems a tad miscast for the action sequences. Travolta nails every other part of the role. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the straight man to Travolta's crazy hero. This is nothing new and the film doesn't try to step around this issue. Instead it is upfront about it. It tells you exactly what you are in for when you are introduced to these characters. All it asks is for you, as a viewer, to enjoy the action and thrills this film wants to give you.

The action is non-stop. Of course we are privy to those scenes in between where we need to move the plot along, but the film has shootouts, car chases, foot chases, rocket launchers, etc. It's handled well and I was actually able to see the action on the screen. I was never lost in the film, I knew where I was the whole time and what was being depicted. Again, that one shortfall is that we know Travolta isn't doing these action sequences, it's clearly a stuntman.

With every spy film you know there will be some twist that someone is not who they seem to be. I was able to pick this one out right from the beginning. Again, the plot devices used in From Paris With Love are far from original, we have all seen this film before. So why bother watching it? For the chemistry between the two leads and the action sequences in a beautiful city. The city, we unfortunately, did not see enough of.

I went in with low expectations and came out happy with the end result. I would suggest you do the same.

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32 out of 47 people found the following review useful:

Pretty good for what it is supposed to be

Author: foxx_1 from Germany
6 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't stand it when people start bashing an action comedy (yes, that's what the flick is!!) for being unrealistic or not politically correct!! If you wanted something realistic, then stick to the news channels on TV or the COPS show... and if you wanted a politically correct "information" then... well, just read the mainstream European media where they avoid mentioning the ethnic background of the perpetrators although you should be blind and/or completely ignorant not to notice who they usually are! It was quite a tragic coincidence that few days before I saw the film, two Muslim women from Chechenia blew themselves up in the Moscow subway - a fact that gave a bitter connotation to a twist in the film I would rather not elaborate on. When I go to a film like this, I expect funny dialogs, improbable but entertaining scenes plus a storyline that is not hard to follow - and guess what, all these ingredients were there. Sure, the last part of the story pushed my suspension of disbelief way past its limits and reminded me of comic books for 8 year old boys but hey, nobody's perfect... Definitely fun to watch.

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33 out of 54 people found the following review useful:

Great action making the movie seem short

Author: gqonmars from Niagara Falls, Canada
11 June 2010

Would I watch this movie again? Yes I was not sure what to expect from this movie. But, I decided to watch it. And long and behold, its one which you should not miss if you are into guy movies like me. Lots of action, good lines, fast pace and a bit of a story. What else can a guy ask for? More hot chick scene? Action: Travolta has all the moves and faster then all the bullets which blast by him. He kicks butt and then some.

Speech and dialogue: There were one liners, yes. But the fast talking Travolta was entertaining and was very complimentary with his co-stars Chemistry and pace: The characters were good with each other. Meyers and wife was good. Made me believe. The action and fast talking move the movie along. From building to building, it was good to have different locations to kill bad guys.

Story and Plot: Its all there in the synopsis, where a guy wants more action and he got it.

Hotties and love scenes: just one simple scene

Ending: Ending is good as I feel like it completed the movie. No real loose ends. (I hate movies where the ending leaves you dissatisfied)

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77 out of 144 people found the following review useful:

The worse film ever made

Author: MisterGill
13 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reading some of the reviews above, I wonder If I mistakenly saw a different film than the one described. Because the film I saw certainly wasn't a "pacey, well-balanced action drama....well worth seeing." The appearance of John Travolta heralded the beginning of a series of completely implausible gunfights against an ill-defined enemy (Chinese-Pakistani-drug-dealing-terrorists or something, I'm still not quite sure). Come to think of it, anyone who wasn't an American with a hand cannon turned out to be evil, or at the very least deserved to be shot for getting in the way.

Travolta's character was completely ridiculous. Meant to be a Top Secret Agent, Travolta acted more like a psychotic member of the Arian Brotherhood than a CIA operative. "But he gets the job done," protested the CIA handler on the Phone to Travolta's rookie partner. I guess murdering half of Paris is a price you have to pay sometimes.

Things go from awful to completely unbelievable as the film reaches a climax. Don't even try to work out why there is a rocket launcher in the Secret Service car or why security at the African Convention is so shockingly bad. There are no answers to these and innumerable other questions. The Rookie (I can't remember his name) has one unanswered question of his own, "Why did they bug my house...something doesn't add up!" You're right there Pal...even the character are finding flaws in the plot! The film ends (mercifully quickly) with the dumbest scene in the movie...I won't ruin it for you.

Please don't go and see this film. Or if you do, take a bag of dog excrement with so you've got something more interesting to look at when, after about ten minutes, you've had enough.

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6 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

One wild ride from beginning to end

Author: david-sarkies from Australia
26 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is literally one wild ride from the beginning to end and leaves little time for you to stop and catch your breath. It is purely an action movie with characters that are in a league of their own (though I wouldn't exactly call them well defined as this is an action movie and not really meant to have any literary value). However, the plot does twist, and events that occur at the beginning of the film suddenly reveal their purpose as the film progresses (such as why James Reece spends half the movie carting a vase full of cocaine around Paris).

One could describe this as a coming of age type film, but it doesn't really work like that. It isn't a teenager being given his first taste of adult life, but rather a young diplomat who really wants to become an undercover operative, and is given a chance to prove his worth. Charlie Wax is probably more stereotypical than not (though I must admit that John Travolta does play his quite well). Wax is a typical operative who does things his own way, and not strictly by the book, but he gets things done. Reece is very much a buy the book type of guy, but he is thrown in with Wax to see that doing things strictly by the book is not the best way of getting things done.

A lot of things are hidden from the viewer at the beginning of the film, and it only starts to be revealed as the film progresses. I won't say too much about the plot because it will destroy the value of a very good film (though I have given a little bit too much away with regards to the vase full of cocaine). In a sense it could be considered a tour of Paris, but not the parts of Paris that your average tourist would visit (and the only part of Paris that I visited that was in the movie was the Eifel Tower, or that is at least what I can remember).

Yes, this is a spy movie, but it is a spy movie full of action. It is not your typical Bourne Identity or James Bond type of spy movie. There are machine gun fights galore, explosions, and car chases. I guess the only thing that makes this film a spy movie is the fact that it has spies in it. I guess that I all I really want to say about this film because any more will simply give too much away. Oh, before I go, they do have the Royale with Cheese in Paris, though it is not a Big Mac (they have them as well).

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