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  • After yet another fruitless search for the missing Teyla, Sheppard returns to Atlantis, only to find it deserted. Worse yet, the city isn't just abnormally hot, but the entire ocean has completely dried up, leaving a sandy desert! Sheppard then finds a hologram of an aged Dr. McKay, telling him that a solar flare had sent him 48,000 years into the future. Once he learns the demise of Atlantis and everyone on it, and worse yet that the sun in the solar system is dying and he won't survive there much longer, he and the holographic McKay must find a way to send Sheppard home and potentially change all of this.

    - Written by jwhitleymail
  • An exhausted Lt. Col. John Sheppard returns to Atlantis from searching for Teyla only to find it abandoned and in darkness. He also finds that the city is no longer floating on an ocean but is resting a on a dry bed, surrounded by sand dunes. There is however one source of information available to him: the holographic image of a now elderly Dr. Rodney McKay who explains that as Sheppard was using the gate to return to Atlantis, a solar flare caused a malfunction that has hurled him 48,000 years into the future. McKay tells him what happened to everyone after he failed to return and for the most part, it's not good news. McKay himself spent the rest of his life trying to find a way to change the time line and making sure Sheppard not only gets this message but ensuring he can return to his own time period.

    - Written by garykmcd


After another unsuccessful search for Teyla, Sheppard 'gates home to Atlantis to discover that the city is sweltering hot...

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