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Loco "Goes For Broke"
Jordan Hall15 November 2017
The ladies are returning from a dull party where they find many millionaires are going to Sea Island. Greta (Lori Nelson) works for the quiz show program "Go For Broke" and devises a plan with Mike (Merry Anders) to get Loco (Barbara Eden) with her expertise on comic books on the show. Under pressure to get more interesting contestants, Greta talks up Loco to her boss Perry Leff (Tom Brown, "Judge Priest"). As Mike and Greta prepares Loco for the program they find she becomes nervously blank at the thought of winning money and work to "immunize" her against it. They then find she has claustrophobia and is panicked over the thought of being in the isolation booth on the show. Can she overcome her fears? There is a nice flow to the episode but the comedy was lighter than I expected.
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Barbara Eden once again shines in "The Sea Island Story" ep of "How to Marry a Millionaire"
tavm22 July 2012
"Oil. The black gold. Symbol of sudden wealth. Men have sweated, starved, and even died in the endless search for it." "They were silly, there's a much easier way of getting it." "Oh, really, what's that, lady?" "Marry it." I put the above quotes there because of the irony of them being said in a series starring Barbara Eden-who I believe said some of those quotes-who would reteam with her "I Dream of Jeannie" co-star Larry Hagman in the last season of the original "Dallas". Anyway, here she's Loco Jones who because of her "useless information" concerning everything comics, is persuaded by roommate Greta Hanson (Lori Nelson) to appear on her game show-where she models on-to win $2000 to go to Sea Island. But there are some building blocks to recover from, like Loco's getting tongue-tied when money is mentioned or her claustrophobia concerning the isolation booth...Another funny ep I watched on YouTube with Ms. Eden very much a joy to watch whether doing her facial expressions or almost tripping over occasionally. Really, I highly enjoyed seeing this obscure show on YouTube. A couple more eps are on the site so watch this space under my username for review of those...
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