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Last week we told you about FX artist/actor Jeff Sisson (Jessicka Rabid, Dozers) bringing out his band Troglodyte (see item here) for a rare performance in Kansas this June. Today the organizers of the American Waste Hardcore And Metal Festival got in touch with Fango to give us the full scoop on the event.

Taking place June 6 & 7 at The Beaumont Club in Kansas City, Mo, tickets are on-sale now through Ticketmaster for the all-ages event. Thrash legends Testament are headlining, along with a couple other friends of Fango, including Lazarus A.D. and Unearth. Check out the latest flyers below, and hit the festival's MySpace page for the full details.
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FX artist's Troglodyte to appear in Kansas City

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After working on the recent indies Jessicka Rabid and Dozers (see exclusive pics here), special FX artist/actor Jeff Sisson has unearthed his "Bigfoot-death metal band" Troglodyte for a rare festival appearance at the American Waste Metal & Hardcore Music Festival in Kansas City, Mo on June 6.

The band was formed in late 2006 by Sisson and C.L. Wilson. Sisson, a special make-up effects artist, created the masks the band wears during their live performances. Drawing musical influences from the likes of Carcass, Obituary and Origin, and hominid-horror movies such as, The Legend Of Boggy Creek, The Pit and Night Of The Demon, the band has craved/slashed out its own niche as the world's first Bigfoot death-metal band. Penning such "classics" as Sasquashed, They Walk Among Us, Beaten & Eaten, Skunk Ape-rape and others. Their music was used in the recent Lola Wallace/Tom Devlin Legend Of Sandsquatch, which was featured prominently in the film's trailer.
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Violent Dozers Trailer Goes Live

Designer drugs can be deadly. Really deadly. You should never put anything made by some chemist in a lab to get you high into your body. Stoners should stick to pot. The munchies never killed anyone.

In the latest film Dozers written and directed by Don Adams and Harry James Picardi, the world starts going to hell because of a drug that turns its users into what appears to be violent cannibals. Dig on the trailer below and look for more on Dozers soon.

- Uncle Creepy

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Zombie film Dozers: Exclusive new trailer, pics, comments

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Indie moviemaker Don Adams gave Fango the exclusive first look at the updated trailer (with additional zombie action) and some photos from Dozers, his latest collaboration with fellow writer/director/producer Harry James Picardi. You can see them all below the cut.

{rokbox size=|650 480| title=|Dozers| album=|dozers|}images/stories/news/dozersnews1.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox size=|435 450| title=|Dozers| album=|dozers|}images/stories/news/dozersnews2.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox size=|650 500| title=|Dozers| album=|dozers|}images/stories/news/dozersnews3.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox size=|650 460| title=|Dozers| album=|dozers|}images/stories/news/dozersnews4.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox size=|450 450| title=|Dozers| album=|dozers|}images/stories/news/dozersnews5.jpg{/rokbox}

Dozers is the third feature on which the duo have teamed on those three key positions, after 2001’s Vengeance Of The Dead and 2002’s Jigsaw; they’ve also edited numerous flicks for Charles Band and David DeCoteau. “A few years ago, our homeless-zombie script Urban Decay was shot [by director Harry Basil] with Dean Cain,
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