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Rini: [sees a hologram of Pluto appear to her, gasps] No! Pluto? Pluto, you're back!

Trista: I brought a message for you, Rini, but I'm not really back. I'm only here in your memories, eyes, and I can't hug or touch you.

Rini: Oh, I miss you, Pluto, so much! My best friend Hotaru disappeared too. I don't have anybody left.

Trista: That's not true, little one. You have many friends who care about you. You'll see. You're surrounded by them.

Rini: And Hotaru? Is she safe? What happened?

Trista: I've little time to explain, but Hotaru had two really bad creatures living in her. One was the Heart Snatchers, Mistress 9, who tried to take over our future. The other was Sailor Saturn, the dark Sailor Scout. Thanks to Sailor Moon, Hotaru has been freed and she's return from the past to start over as a little baby.

[Sailor Pluto is about to vanish]

Rini: [gasps] No! Pluto, don't go!

Trista: We'll meet again, little one. In the meantime, you take care.

Rini: Wait! Where are you going?

[Pluto vanishes]

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