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W., a biography of President Bush, is fascinating. No other word for it.
You'll be disappointed if you expect famed leftist Oliver Stone to apply a coup de grace to this man.
A measured and thoughtful meditation on a leader who, this terrific movie believes, inadvertently made the world as roiling as his soul.
In the end, W. makes up in immediacy what it lacks in objectivity.
The performances are good (some scarily realistic), and the movie is enjoyable to watch. But as a probing analysis of the 43rd president, it falls short.
Whatever you think of Dubya, he has balls. The movie doesn't.
A surprisingly unsurprising film.
The intrepid one is the outstanding Josh Brolin, who does such a phenomenal job in the title role that he carries every scene he's in to a place of subtlety and integrity far beyond what Stone needs to make his attention-grabbing noise.
In spite of Josh Brolin's heroic efforts, W. is a skin-deep biopic that revels in its antic shallowness.
Unlike the filmmaker's previous stabs at presidential biopic-ing and conspiracy theorizing - "JFK" and "Nixon" - this one doesn't have the luxury of historical perspective.
The Hollywood Reporter
It's a gutsy movie but not necessarily a good one. Its greatest strength is that it wants to talk about what's on our minds right now and not wait for historians.

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